The CCP’s ownership of Joe Biden, as revealed by Steve Bannon


Steve Bannon, former chief strategist to President Donald Trump, in his interview with Sky News host Sharri Markson, has revealed Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s scandal with evidence recovered from an abandoned hard drive.

Here is an abstract of the interview:

Sky News host: Steve, thank you so much for your time tonight. The trove of data that’s emerged here is extensive.

It includes Hunter Biden’s text messages, videos, 25,000 photographs, 11,500 emails.

When and how did you first hear about this?

Steve Bannon: This is Mayor Rudy Giuliani. He and his lawyer were approached by the store owner after FBI didn’t come back to him.

You know Mayor Giuliani is the President’s lawyer. His lawyer Bob Costello is a very famous prosecutor in this area, New York City area.

The Mac store owner reached out to Bob Costello since it was abandoned property and gave the hard drive to Rudy.

The Mayor got me involved, as you know, because of my interest and knowledge of the Chinese Communist Party.

The many many emails, many text messages- talk about the deep financial relationship and broad financial relationship of the Biden family with the Chinese Communist Party.

He brought me in for that and then I was able to help strategize with him, the best distribution release mechanism about, you know, how to actually get this information out.

So as people in Australia know from all the infiltration that the Chinese Communist Party did to the elites in Australia, through finance, through the political class, you’re seeing the exact same playbook they ran in Australia is the running in the United States with Biden.

Joe Biden has lied about this for years. And it’s pretty stunning that the information coming out of this hard drive is really shocking the United States.

The Biden family has stolen blood money from hard-working Chinese enslaved by the CCP

Steve Bannon: We know the Biden campaign is watching. There is a lot more to come.

And just remember every time something comes out and you lie about it, or you hide behind the Russian coverage, additional information is going to come out and prove you are liars.

So for Tony Blinken and all you guys, seeing your careers go up in ashes, just remember this evidence, emails, text messages, a lot more to come, and not just from the hard drives, the stuff starts to come all around, affidavits, other things from other news organizations.

You are going to be buried in an avalanche of evidence of your corruption and how you sold out America. You sold out America to the equivalent of the Nazi Party in the 1930s.

That’s what the Chinese Communist Party is. It’s not about China; it’s not about the Chinese people. The Chinese people are totally innocent here, most decent, hard-working people on earth. Is their liberation that’s the defining aspect of the first half of the 21st century.

And you have been complicit in their slavery. You have stolen their money to make yourselves wealthier.

Joe Biden and his family and Blinken and Sullivan and you guys are too caught up in it too. Okay?

You have stolen the money from the hardest working people on earth. They are enslaved by the totalitarian dictatorship. That breaks on the ground house Christians, breaks on the ground Catholic Church, suppresses the Tibetan Buddhists, puts concentration camps with the Muslim Uyghurs.

You have taken blood money. Blood money to go on! And you Hunter Biden to do your drugs and all your depravity, which would all be going to come out in living color, Okay? All going to come out in living color!

That money, sir, was stolen from the Chinese people in slave labor. Remember that – stolen from them!

Source: War-room Pandemic


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