The CCP’s madness is our best opportunity, says Miles Guo


Brothers and sisters, talking about the competition, what we are now afraid of the most is that the CCP stops making noise and goes soft, then we will be screwed because it will take another eight to ten years to destroy the CCP. Now as long as the CCP continues attacking the U.S. dollar, engaging in its Belt and Road Initiative, controlling the Strait of Malacca, bombing ships in the Suez Canal and the Strait of Hormuz, making troubles in Djibouti, and increasing its import of Angola’s oil, and doing everything possible to threaten Japan and India’s oil supply in the Strait of Malacca, trying every means to attack Britain, BGY America and threaten American politicians, we then won’t need to do anything other than just waiting here.

So, you just wait. Remember this carefully, if you don’t hear the news of the CCP’s victory or the  kind of videos that we just played, or the fake orgasm sounds of those CCP’s Little Pinks, it will be impossible to take down the CCP. Once you find that the CCP stops having good news, then that means the CCP is over, truly over. But now as long as the CCP’s neck is still stiff, we then still have a chance. But if its neck becomes soft, we will be over.

Now it seems to everyone that the CCP’s economy is so good. [The CCP says,] “We account for more than half of the world’s richest people, better than the United States. And we have foreign ministers of 6 countries coming to China to kowtow to us. American imperialism is not qualified to judge us. We can now launch a war not only in space but also on the earth. We have F-20s, we have laser cannons, and we also have the coronavirus, right? We have Little Pinks, we have a Chinese army of 500 million soldiers.” Oh, my! 500 million! Where did they find the 500 million people? Oh, my God! How do they come here? By crawling or being carried by others? With 500 million soldiers sweeping the entire earth and possibly stopping by the moon to drink some wine, the CCP is too awesome! Just let it feel good because, without this, we can’t win.

Everyone should take a close look at the path that Hitler took between 1932 and 1944 – the Olympic Games, large-scale sports events, filmmaking, large-scale propaganda, nationalism, nationalizing private companies, state capitalism, and building airports. And what’s more, he allied with Japan. Think about this. If he didn’t ally with Japan, how could we have today’s world [the victory of WWII]?

Germany allying with Japan is just like the CCP allying with Russia right now, also with Iran. Wow! So crazy! Everything is so alike. When Germany attacked Europe, its people exulted and patriotism reached its peak. Their food and clothes all looked very decent. When they fought Russia, they put the best weapons in the front but used horses and oxen for their supply transportation in the back. The same thing happened when they fought France – when they arrived in Paris, horses, and oxen were still hulling supply. Well, Hitler claimed that he was going to develop space weapons – so similar [to the CCP]!

All the WWII experts, scientists, and military experts that I have asked questions to basically gave me the same answer. If Hitler retreated and suddenly halted the invasion at that time, the world would be a completely different place because there would be no country, including the United States that would dare to fight against Germany directly. If Hitler did not fight Moscow, he would not be destroyed.

So now you see the madness of the CCP, [which is like Hitler] attacking Paris, Britain, as well as Moscow. If Hitler didn’t tear up the entire “Versailles Agreement” between March 5, 1935 and March 6, 1936, and didn’t cross the Rhine, and completely wipe out Paris with an army of 100,000 to 500,000 soldiers, Hitler wouldn’t die like that.

This is what you have seen today. I have many business friends in mainland China, who always say this: “Look, Miles, so many rich people in this world are Chinese and from Beijing.” But let’s take a closer look and look at the essence of this thing – They do not produce a dollar’s value, and everything is a bubble. Remember that everything that the Chinese people possess right now is made by the Chinese slaves, that is, the productivity and wealth deprived of the 1.4 billion Chinese people, and besides, it is inflated [like bubbles]. It has nothing to do with the whole nation being strong and the people being prosperous.

After you have seen the essence of these things, please then look at Hong Kong. We know that in the past few months, Hong Kong and mainland China had hundreds of billions of dollars flowing out to Canada and Europe, and Hong Kong’s society is almost on the verge of collapse. Besides, Hong Kong’s situation will be completely duplicated to Taiwan, and in the end, the CCP will definitely attack Taiwan. So when the CCP attacks Taiwan, it will be like Hitler attacking Britain, and that as soon as the United States intervened, Hitler went to fight Moscow. Similarly, the CCP will attack the United States or Japan, then it will be finished!

What your Brother Miles is trying to say today is that you should look at the CCP’s self-confidence and madness today objectively and calmly because it presents the best opportunity for our Whistleblower Movement.

By Miles Guo
Translated by Isaiah4031
Edited by staff


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