The CCP regime dares not even mention the name of New Federal State of China


The Chinese Communist Party looks united, strong and powerful that it can suppress the whole nation for freedom and democracy and threaten the world with evil schemes like 3F and BGY, but it does not has the guts even to mention the name of Guo Wengui or Miles Guo, and the name of New Federal State of China.

Last Wednesday, Chinese top diplomat Yang Jiechi met with US secretary of state Mike Pompeo in Hawaii. Among the topics they discussed including India and North Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, disinformation and espionage, the key issue actually was their concern of how to deal with the newly established Federal State of China that represents the future of China.

The CCP dares to declare Mike Pompeo the “greatest enemy of mankind”, and make Donald Trump submissive to an empty trade deal and a void promise of helping him to a second term of presidency.

The CCP dares to detain and charge two Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor for retaliation of the detention of former Huawei Chief Financial Executive Meng Wanzhou.

The CCP dares to threaten Australia with tariffs on its exports, students to its universities, in addition to continuous cyberattacks at its government organizations,  institutions, infrastructures, and the military.

The CCP dares to punish the EU by trade practices and cutting investments as trade with China is vital to the European economy.

The CCP dares to escalate the tension with India in spite of more deaths in the border disputes.

The CCP dares to send fighter planes over the space of Taiwan 7 times in a month in a provocation that might ignite a regional war across the Taiwan Strait.

The CCP dares to implement a national security law in Hong Kong to violate the Joint Declaration and One Country Two System principle and bring about death to Hong Kong’s freedom and democracy.

The CCP dares to become the common enemy of mankind and do anything they can to protect their hidden wealth and their illegitimate children in the west.

But the CCP would never dare to open the internet and let 1.4 billion Chinese know the truth.

The CCP would never dare to mention this man “Guo Wengui” or “Miles Kwok” in their newspapers and propaganda campaigns. They even dare not call him a “traitor” or “criminal”.

The CCP would never dare to mention this name of “New Federal State of China” in its public speeches and media. They even dare not declare it an “illegitimate government” or “a terrorist organization”.

The CCP knows these names are their nightmare.

The CCP knows when 1.4 billion Chinese learn about these names, and start to figure out the truth, it is their nightmare.

The CCP knows the day the 1.4 billion Chinese know the truth is the day the CCP regime shall vanish.

By Cloudy Seagail


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