The CCP is the wolf and snake; it becomes mad when revived.


We are all familiar with the following folktale since childhood:

A villager, one frosty day in the depth of winter, found a snake under a hedge almost dead with the cold.

Having pity on the poor creature, he brought it home and laid it on the hearth near the fire.

Revived by the heat, it reared itself up, and with dreadful hissings flew at the wife and children of its benefactor.

The man, hearing their cries, rushed in, and with a mattock, which he brought in his hand, soon cut the snake in pieces.

“Vile wretch!” said he; “Is this the reward you make to him who saved your life? Die, as you deserve; but a single death is too good for you.”

Similarly, we have another ancient Chinese tale as follows:

Zhao Jianzi was hunting in the Eastern Mountains when he met a wolf on the road, standing upright and howling. He shot the wolf with an arrow, and the wolf screamed and fled. He drove the cart after it.

At that time, Dong Guo was passing by on his donkey. The wolf suddenly came to him and begged in tears, “Sir, please save me. If I can get ahead in the future, I will repay your kindness sincerely.”

The kind-hearted Dong Guo took his bag out of the back of the donkey, emptied the bag, and slowly put the wolf into the bag. The wolf curled up his limbs and asked Dong Guo to tie himself up with a rope. The wolf twisted and held his breath like a snake.

Soon Zhao Jianzi arrived and asked Dong Guo if he saw a wounded wolf. Dong Guo said no. Zhao Jianzi did not find the wolf and left very angrily.

The wolf estimated that Zhao Jianzi was far away, so he said in the bag: “Let me out of the bag and untie the rope that binds me, I have to go!” Dong Guo let out the wolf.

The wolf roared and said to his rescuer: “I am very hungry. Without food, I will eventually die. Since you are a benevolent person, let me eat you and save my life.” So the wolf opened its sharp teeth and moved his sharp claws to attack Dong Guo. 

Dong Guo hurriedly wrestled with his hands, rebelled while retreating, hiding behind the donkey, and said: “The wolf has let me down!” The wolf said, “I didn’t want to let you down, but today I am too hungry. I must eat you!”

The two held each other for a long time until Dong Guo saw an old man walking over with a stick from a distance. With joy, he greeted the old man and asked for help!

The old man asked why. The old man knocked the wolf with his stick and said, “Even tigers and wolves have the love for their children. But you’ve betrayed a benevolent person as such!”

The wolf said: “Dong Guo saved me. But he had tied my feet and locked me in a bag, making me hard to breathe. How could I not eat him?”

The old man said, “This is not convincing. This bag is so small, how can it hold you? Could you show me one more time how you can be tied in that small bag?”

The wolf did what he was told, and let Dong Guo tie it up again and put it into the bag.

The old man wasted no time to stab the wolf with a dagger. And together they finally killed the wolf.

With the stories, I am going to tell you that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the wolf and snake. It has the nature to kill and to deceive.

Now the CCP is badly hurt in an unrestricted war with the United States.

The civilized west shall never be too kind to warm the wicked in its arms.

By Cloudy Seagail

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