The CCP is quietly plundering private enterprises in China


Hello, brothers and sisters! March 17. Today is March 17. Time flies. This morning, I went to bed at almost 7 o’clock. My God. But once I laid down, I slept for almost 3 hours. Feeling so good.

Brothers and sisters, now you can see, these communist bandits are really crazy, really crazy. To what extent are they going after the entrepreneurs in the country? Yesterday, in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, at least 30 private entrepreneurs were arrested. All were accused of being involved in the so-called business fraud, financial instrument fraud. The truth is that there can’t be any fraud because according to the standard of the CCP, no fraud is impossible. Because the CCP is a group of gangsters. They set the rules: if you are rich, you must have committed fraud, unless they allow you and protect you; in that case, you will be fine, even if you killed someone. This is the gangsters’ rule. Under this circumstance, Chinese private entrepreneurs are hopeless.  Have you seen what happened to all the commercial banks in mainland China recently? Is there a good end for any of them?

Now, not only in the north, northeast, northwest, [but] southwest, southeast, and Guangdong, there is quiet plunder of private enterprises. Last night, I talked with people who are shareholders of at least five domestic commercial banks that I had worked with before. You see, our Zhongyuan Bank in Zhengzhou was snatched away by one of the CCP’s Princelings. I’ll get back to this later, to tell you all the truth. At this very moment, some people are still plotting to obtain shares of Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Bank with Henan Yuda. These people are still doing that.  These communists would trade their life for money, even trade their father and mother, these bastards.

Brothers and sisters, you can see things from these phone conversations. Over these phone calls, these several commercial banks told me, “Brother Seven, any commercial banks, right now,” he said, “so to speak, the bad debt rate is over 70%, no less than 70%.”  He continued, “Then, why are some of us still alive now and some others are not? If you can find a big boss and bribe him, whoever has a strong enough background [in the CCP], then you can survive but you have to keep giving him money. Whenever you have no more money to give, or they need to take you as a sacrifice, or the person who backed you loses power, then you are finished.” He said, “Now we can’t escape [China] even if we want to.” Till then, I realized that even the so-called shareholders of commercial banks, and the so-called people with large loans, had been put on the board control list for two or three years. Gosh. This [CCP] is really a gangster party. So they said, “Brother Seven, what you said during our private meeting a couple of days ago is absolutely right, which we’ve told many people within our network. I can tell you Brother Seven, 100% of them want to invest in the G series. What you have said is absolutely right: People in mainland China do not dare to do so. They really don’t. This is a problem.”

He said, “Firstly, 90% of them dare not do so. The reason could be that there was no way to wire the money out.” Afraid to be caught, right? He continues, “Second, people really don’t have money or can’t get money out. We can’t withdraw money from banks. So difficult, Brother Seven. We cannot, really cannot.” “Thirdly, you mentioned that people didn’t believe you,” he said, “Probably only overseas folks didn’t believe you. None of our fellow fighters in the financial sector doubted it.” He continued, “Things about you, we all knew it too well.” He said, “If there is an outlet for money to escape, Brother Seven, it wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that even the odd dollars from the ten trillion-plus dollars overseas or the trillions of dollars in the mainland would smash your G series.”

I said to him, “Do you know just in the last 70 hours, how much money has the bank received?  Yesterday it was 180 [investors who have transferred the money], this morning it was more than 2,900. Do you know how much money has been received in total? Do you know how much money the three big financial institutions have put in?” I told them the answer briefly, but I can’t tell you guys here. They were shocked, and I said not a single share belonged to Brother Seven right now.  Brother Seven doesn’t hold any company because I am on the global risk control list, hence can’t have any shares of any assets.

That being said, I asked, “If the CCP’s Hong Kong dollar is over and Hong Kong becomes a dead port, an empty port, how much do you think the G series would be worth? Or if the CCP starts a war against Taiwan, or if the CCP is going to be finished, how much would the G series be worth?” All these Chinese folks in the financial sector are smart people. So let’s think about it, what does it imply?

Initially, I wanted to buy the No.1 digital currency exchange company in Japan. My offer of 200 million was almost accepted, then a Japanese DM company came out with an offer of 450 million. Then out came China’s Huobi, which offered 500 million – twice more – to counter their offer. Why? Because the CCP knows it very well that the next era will be about the digital currency, virtual economy, internet economy, biotechnology, and the aerospace economy – an entirely new era is coming. Whoever is ahead of time and seizes the market will secure their position in the world and be lifted to an unimaginable level, as long as you don’t make big mistakes. It will be like the birth of Google, Facebook, and other big tech companies in the old days.

That’s why in mainland China, according to them, “We don’t have anyone who doesn’t watch GTV. There are a bunch of people in mainland China who routinely download GTV programs and share them with all the insiders to watch”. So the number of views of our GTV 100% does not include those from mainland China. You can check it through any third party, so it does not include domestic data even though the domestic data can account for more than 90% of the total views, right? First, people in mainland China download it to watch. Second, a lot of our GTV programs are too long, so they are selective in what to watch.

He said especially during the pandemic, the GTV programs were viewed by all kinds of people in China, of course, there is the distinction between the upper, middle and lower-class people, but really, all of them went to watch GTV, as long as they had a little money, the access to the internet, or a little ability or power. Our Laobaixing or the deplorable are poor, with no means, ability, or money to watch because you need a VPN to break the firewall. This is how the whole of Chinese is like now. They’re like a bunch of sheep waiting to be slaughtered, being penned inside a valley and blocked on both sides, being thrown a couple of cabbages and radishes, and some hay too, for you to eat first.  Then soon someone will come over and rub your wool, right? Can I shear it now, right? This one can be eaten, this one is pregnant, and this one just gave birth, right?  Next time let’s kill this one or that one. Basically, this is the fate [of the Chinese people].

The CCP has reached an unprecedented level of absolute control over the economy, your freedom of speech, your freedom of movement, the distribution of your own wealth, and your future fate. This kind of absolute control is way beyond what we can imagine, so the fellow fighters abroad are really a lucky bunch.

In the cities, the CCP tries to show the false prosperity in the street but conceals the real collapsing inside the economy. [The CCP’s] “fake, giant, and empty” and throwing cash everywhere, causing all kinds of cancers in its domestic economy that are destined to erupt, expanding to the world in an attempt to conquer everyone, and creating a virus which leads to internal fears have made everyone to wait for the other boot to drop on the floor, wondering when the war will start and when those old bastards in the Zhongnan Pit will die. Everyone is waiting for these to happen. No one feels safe across China; no one feels hopeful for the future, and no one thinks that tomorrow will be better than today.

I made a lot of phone calls last night. One of my three satellite phones failed me several times because the call time was too long. Brothers and sisters, the CCP is really over, absolutely over.  The entire Communist Party is leading the Chinese people to disaster. The only thing we can do is to prevent them from taking away or hurting too many of our people. It also relies on our Chinese compatriots themselves to wake up. The time is up.

By Miles Guo
Translators:一花一世界, Isaiah4031


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