The CCP is doing everything it can to save its doom; but can it be saved?


With a vicious mind, the dictators in Beijing are telling the world that a vaccine for the CCP virus is ready for use now.

CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping has said his country’s vaccines would be a “global public good” and would be made available to all nations.

According to ABC, one vaccine under development by the pharmaceutical firm CanSino and the People’s Liberation Army has already been cleared for use by the nation’s military personnel.

However, questions have also been raised about the quality of Chinese-produced vaccines, in the face of multiple scandals in the country’s vaccine manufacturing industry in the past decade.

Firm evidence has shown that the CCP created the coronavirus and released it deliberately to the world. It makes sense that China were to become the first country to develop an effective vaccine.

But as the CCP is still covering up the truth with lies, who dare to use its vaccines without fears of falling into a second disaster? Most nations would rather wait when there are 168 vaccine candidates that have started trials, according to WHO data released this week.

For the first time in its history, the CCP regime has felt the most lonely when no country in the world would give its trust. Under both domestic and international condemnation, the CCP leadership is trying all means to save its legitimacy to represent its 1.4 billion population whom now looks hard to feed.

Earlier this week, Xi Jinping urged the nation to stop wasting food, as the coronavirus pandemic and serious flooding last month have led to a rise in food prices.

In response, regional catering groups have urged customers to order one dish fewer than the number of diners at a table — an attempt to overturn the ingrained cultural habit of ordering extra food for group meals.

Signs were displayed in the beef restaurant reading “be thrifty and diligent, promote empty plates” and “operation empty plate” — referring to the nationwide campaign — according to photos published in local media.

There is a story today in the news that a restaurant in Changsha city has apologised for encouraging diners to weigh themselves and then order food accordingly.

It is reported that the beef restaurant placed two large scales at its entrance this week, asking diners to enter their measurements into an app that would then suggest menu items accordingly.

Although the CCP leadership advocates the thrift and diligence, none of the high-ranking officials and their family members will restrain from their indulgence and extravagance in their daily lives.

There is no doubt that China is facing a serious food shortage with the pandemics, the floods, the locust swarms, in addition to scandals of corruption in the country’s granaries. For instance, the price of pork in the country has risen by 80% in the past three months, local media reported.

Beijing is looking for solutions from South America. Argentina’s Foreign Minister Felipe Solá is heading the negotiations with China to “increase exports by $25bn a year” as he has tweeted this week.

Chinese and Argentinian officials are hammering out a framework to turn Argentina into a pork powerhouse with the installation of 25 hog farms of about 12,500 sows each to supply China’s growing appetite for pork.

But this plan to turbocharge Argentina’s hog industry is generating unprecedented resistance among its supposed beneficiaries – the Argentinian general public.

According to the Guardian, nearly 400,000 people have signed petitions opposing the move. “We never had such a huge response before,” said environmental lawyer Enrique Viale, one of the group who banded together last month to challenge the government’s initiative. His petition currently has 200,000 signatures; another on has almost 120,000 additional signatures, and three separate petitions on the same platform have clocked up another 55,000 between them.

When Xi Jinping has become the enemy of the world, it is very difficult to find someone willing to lend a helping hand.

When the whole of Europe has woken up to face the threats from Communist China, Xi Jinping found himself only a single friend, the last dictator in the continent, to shake his hands with.

In a telephone call to Lukashenko of Belarus on Monday, President Xi offered congratulations “on behalf of the Chinese government, the Chinese people, and in my own name”, Xinhua reported.

When Belarus’s relationship with Putin of Russia is tense, Xi said he was ready to work with Lukashenko to “jointly push forward China-Belarus comprehensive strategic partnership and expand mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries in various fields”.

The EU has said in a press release that it considers the results in Belarus “to have been falsified and therefore does not accept the results of the election.”

“It would send a very troubling message to EU member states – who are united in the response on Belarus – if China continues to lend Lukashenko support,” an EU official says.

Today, US President Donald Trump no longer calls President Xi “a good friend of mine.” Instead, Trump said last week, “I don’t feel the same way now, and I haven’t spoken to him in a long time.”

Donald Trump said he was upset about what President Xi has done in Hong Kong, besides other things.

Speaking to Fox News this week Trump said: “Once China got aggressive and took it over, I took everything back. Everything’s back now. And it will fail.”

Hong Kong will fail, as same as Xi Jinping will fail. When Xi has no guts to fight back against the U.S. Sanctions, the only thing he can do is becoming more brutal in Hong Kong and threaten Taiwan.

After the arrest and later release of Jimmy Lai, pro-democracy activists have warned that China is carrying out a political purge in Hong Kong and say they fear more arrests are coming.

On Monday morning, as US Health Minister Alex Azar toured the Taiwanese capital of Taipei, several Chinese fighter jets briefly crossed over the de facto maritime border that separates the island from mainland China.

Later, the Chinese military held large-scale drills in waters close to Taiwan, touted in Beijing’s state media as a “warning” to those seeking the island’s independence.

As a response yesterday, a strike group led by the USS Ronald Reagan conducted flight operations and high-end maritime stability operations and exercises near the Taiwan Strait.

“Integration with our joint partners is essential to ensuring joint force responsiveness and lethality, and maintaining a free and open Indo-Pacific,” said Joshua Fagan, US Navy Commander and Task Force 70 air operations officer aboard USS Ronald Reagan.

These days, Xi Jinping is busy confronting a severe internal struggle within the Communist Party; He is facing more coup attempts to take his life whether he is at home in Zhongnanhai and Beidaihe Summer Resort or having overseas visits to South Korea and Pakistan.

And in the US, we are expecting more sanctions from the Trump administration. Whether the Republicans or the Democrats are elected into the White House, no one will stop the joint efforts to take down the Chinese Communist Party in China.

The CCP is like a tumor in its last stage. It must be removed and be eliminated from the great land of China.

With all its crimes to the world and brutality to the Chinese people, The CCP dictatorship will never save itself from its doom and it may die off itself with its deterioration day after day even without external forces.

By Cloudy Seagail


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