The CCP is collapsing. Hawaii is their nightmare, says Miles Kwok


Warrior friends,

This afternoon, I will be meeting with three to four entities at the state level, to discuss how the New Federal State of China shall unite with the west to eliminate the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Brothers and sisters, you may have no idea what is happening right now in this world. You may not even have the mind to imagine.

But I am giving a warning, friends. If you have money in China, move it out. If you can leave China, leave the country. If you can leave Hong Kong, please leave as well.

Everything with the Chinese Communist Party will vanish like the smoke and ashes. The CCP regime is collapsing now.

The past 70 years has been a nightmare. We, Chinese people, shall all wake up now.

Dear brothers and sisters, you really don’t know what is happening right now. I don’t want to see your reactions like what it was three years ago when I started my whistle-blow, thinking that it was something far away on the other side of the earth.

I am telling you now, this is something within your catch.

Don’t ever again let your ignorance and mind of luck destroy the life of your family and yourselves.

Hawaii is a nightmare of the CCP, absolutely. Right at this moment, Washington, New York, Belgium, Moscow, and Japan are making preparations for the coming of a new China without the CCP, how they are going to have diplomatic relations with a new government.

Just a moment ago when I started to tell about this, a friend in Washington shouted at me, “Miles! Please keep this a secret! Too early to say this!”

I said to him, “OK! I am holding it back. I am not going to say any more now!”

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff



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