The CCP is a paper tiger, says Miles Guo


In response to last week’s visit to Taiwan by the highest-ranking U.S. State Department official in over 40 years, China’s state-run media warned Taiwan’s president that a violation of its Anti-Secession Law could lead to a war that would see her “wiped out.”

At the same time, almost 40 times, Chinese warplanes crossed the sensitive median line across the narrow strait that separates the mainland and the self-governing island on Friday and Saturday.

On Sept. 19, the Global Times posted a hostile warning on Twitter. In the post, it admonished Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen for “playing with fire” by pledging deeper ties with the U.S.

The CCP threatened that “If any act of her provocation violates the Anti-Secession Law of China, a war will be set off and Tsai will be wiped out.”

“What we are seeing now is not just a situation across the Taiwan Strait, but a regional situation. China’s recent military activities, especially in the past few days, clearly constitute a threat of force, which is part of their verbal attacks and military threats,” President Tsai told reporters Sunday.

From Sept. 17 to Sept. 19, U.S. Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment Keith Krach and his delegation visited Taiwan to attend the memorial service of late President Lee Teng-hui, meeting with top officials, including President Tsai Ing-wen, during a dinner at the Official Residence on Sept. 18.

Yesterday, China released a propaganda video showing nuclear-capable bombers carrying out a simulated attack on what appears to be the US Andersen Air Force Base on the Pacific island of Guam.

Dramatic footage with solemn music released by the Chinese military shows H-6 bombers taking off from a desert base as pilots fired off ballistic missiles at an unidentified seaside runway, triggering a massive explosion.

The video, which has been viewed nearly five million times on Chinese Twitter-like Weibo, has also been mocked by web users for apparently using clips of Hollywood blockbusters, including Transformers and The Rock.

CCP killer Miles Guo, when in a War Room interview, asked by former White House Strategist Steve Bannon how he sees the PLA’s provocation across the Taiwan Strait, said the CCP is nothing but a paper tiger.

Miles Guo said for decades the CCP regime has threatened to liberate Taiwan by force, but it has never dared to cross the “red line” and actually taken its troops onto the island.

Miles told that the missiles on display during the military parade in Beijing on the CCP’s 70th years anniversary were all fake. “My intelligence within the PLA has told me those newly shown weapons were all empty inside. They were put on display only to threaten the ignorant people of the world.”

Steve Bannon said, “There’s an editorial in the propaganda section of the Global Times today says: Pompeo sent Keith Krach, the Under Secretary for development of Taiwan. America, you’re playing with fire.  America, we’re going to start strafing. We’re going to start sending military aircraft over there. Do not believe for one second that you are just going to get a free pass in this. Miles Guo, what’s your people know about the CCP, the highest level cadre is thinking about Taiwan right now?”

Miles Guo said, “Sir, you must know that the CCP is 100% paper tiger. Ok, paper tiger! It’s 100%. Don’t listen to their talk. It’s totally shit, ok? It’s threatening not to buy Boeing, not to buy your agricultural products. It’s a totally lie. They just have one reason: They want to take down President Trump so he won’t win the election. The CCP has only one target. Don’t let them move your eyes. They don’t have any capability, any action in Taiwan. Only if America gave up Taiwan, they can go to invade Taiwan. If Americans are still there, they have no capability even for one hour in Taiwan. Also Hong Kong!”

“After 2001, the west gave the CCP the right to enter WTO and hold the 2008 Olympic Games. CCP’s GDP went from 1.3 trillion US dollars to 14 trillion in 20 years. They have enough money to buy weapons now. But from day one, they have never wanted to change its system. They know they are communists and the coronavirus is the low cost but effective weapon they found to wipe out the free and democratic world. They want to use this coronavirus to enslave the American people. The CCP has confidence because the Americans have given them that confidence. They have the confidence to kidnap and control its 1.4 billion Chinese people. Now they want to do the same against the American people.” Miles Guo said in his live broadcast.

Miles said that by economically “decoupling” from the CCP regime, the CCP regime would collapse in 30 days. But the Americans do not have the courage to do so. “They do not have the courage to face the facts,” Miles added.

Miles has offered three solutions to the problem: first, 350 million Americans must unite with the 1.4 billion Chinese to take down the five families of the CCP leadership and not to worry about Wall Street. Second, US social media like Youtube Google, Twitter, Facebook must return the Americans the right to truth and freedom. Third, the US must decouple from China and stop injecting US dollars and technology to the CCP regime and help the Chinese tear down the Great Firewall.

Miles said the only solution is for Americans to work with ordinary Chinese to take down the CCP. America and the west have no other choices.

Mr. Steve Bannon said on Saturday’s War-Room, “I want to go back to Dr. Yan. I was on Tucker last night, the other night, talking about this. What happened to Dr. Yan is kind of a preview, I think, what’s going to happen here and this is the power of the social media platforms. We’ve already had the United States government…we will get into a second about Wechat and Tiktok. That decision coming tomorrow, the decision of the Supreme Court, I think, this weekend is going to be all news, all the time. It’s just insane.”

“But, here’s what I think the American people don’t fully understand yet and we would love to help us walk through this, Miles. This happened to you. You came to America several years ago, and I knew about you before in the White House before I ever met you. And then in meeting you, one thing I noticed is that you were saying things about the Chinese Communist Party, but you were particularly not just doing it for the Chinese people, you were warning America that there is an all-out war by the senior cadres of the Chinese Communist Party against the United States of America. And it’s by technology, it’s by economics, it’s by infiltration, it’s about influence-peddling. But most importantly you were saying, hey, the social media, you get pulled down on Youtube, you get cancelled on Twitter, this is back in 2016, 2017. Then we see Dr. Yan come forward, this brave heroic world hero. And she talks about the process of what happened in Beijing, in Wuhan, about what the CCP knew and when they knew it, and the cover-up. But she also is a brilliant doctor that does the analysis and puts it out for the world to see. Twitter, she has the biggest rise in Twitter, from no followers to 59,000, and then she’s pulled down. And then Tucker Carlson has the biggest show he’s ever had internationally, in China particularly, Australia, all over, and Facebook pulled that down. So, in this CCP’s attack against America, Miles, what can you tell us the American social media? Are they in cahoots with the CCP? Tell the American people, what is up with these American companies that look like running dogs for the Chinese Communist Party?”

Miles Guo remarked, “I think the social media in the world is not the No.2 or No.3 power, it is now and in the future No. 1 power in the world. For example, CCP in the 15 years… its inside, every time, important meetings, they talked about this. This is not secret, you see. In the future, the power is based on 5 weapons. Number one weapon is social media. Number two weapon is economy. Number three weapon is American dollar. It’s very important. Number four is biological weapon and chemical weapon. Number five is propaganda.”

“So now you look at America, sir. The number one weapon is social media, Twitter, Facebook, Google.  You look at Zuckerberg and Twitter, is under the Chinese spy control. So, number one, the world’s social media weapon is fully controlled by CCP in America. Number two, economy, Wall Street is fully controlled by CCP. The dollar, the currency is fully…the key the CCP is trying to take down America. Now it’s not in full control. Hollywood, propaganda is fully controlled by CCP. Number five biological weapon and chemical weapon is now used in the entire world. Sir, you need to know, of the five weapons, 4 weapons are under the control of America. Everything is set in America. Now you look at the CCP. They do everything to hack the world, attack the world, use the 5 weapons not from China, but from America. ”

“So, if you look at all the reasons, fundamentally, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, DC. So every time you talk about CCP, you talk about China, you need to ask the fundamental reason that is from where, from here-Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, DC. Another side, social media held a big part. You look at Dr. Yan, that’s crazy. You look at Tucker, we all Chinese love him, like the show. Fox was very courageous to interview her. Just try to help people learn more the truth. Even if you say her talk is lie, is fake, please show evidence. But America’s number one power, because of the Constitution, the First Right Amendment, that everybody has the right for free speech. But Facebook and Twitter, also Google, some areas are hacked, they took down her speech. The Tucker Show shocked me, but I knew that definitely can happen because the CCP doesn’t want Americans to know the truth. Social media, America’s Twitter, Google, Youtube and Facebook don’t want you to know the truth. Behind is some other black reason; another reason is they were driven by profits. So this is why America has now gone into disasters.”

Steve Bannon asked: “With all the weapons in the world, Miles, nuclear weapons, military armies, aircrafts, space; how can the CCP pick…why do they pick social media as their Number One weapon of choice?”

Miles Guo answered, “Sir, you know we’ve talked about this before. It’s really upset. America looks like it’s losing control. You look before, nine months ago, we were together talking about this coronavirus. No social media talked anything about it. Even when we sent to the public and tried to use Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, they immediately took us down, right? Then we go back to two years ago, we talked about HNA, we talked about Tiktok, Wechat, they immediately took us down. Then three years ago I talked about HNA, how people died and got murdered and killed, that inside CCP, they have BGY and 3F program, every time when we tried to use the social media, they took me down. That was three years ago. If America had listened to me in the press conference in Washington D.C., I said ‘America must be careful, and the western world too; the CCP black cloud is coming into your country. They try to weaken America, unstablize America and kill Americans’ – if the social media had followed America’s rule of the law to give me free speech, the American government can make more people wake up. Maybe earlier it can stop things from happening. Maybe today there would be no coronavirus. But Facebook, social media, Twitter, in three years, more than ten times, they took down my Twitter account. In one day, more than 50,000 people followed me; only one week, 400,000 people followed me. They immediately took down my Twitter account. And Youtube, they stopped my broadcast. And Facebook, only 20 hours, immediately they took down my Facebook account.”

By Winnie Troppie


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