The CCP has put Chinese into a most dangerous situation


I just came home, just returned. It is true. I went to a few places. Oh my gosh, the muscles and bones of the U.S. have really been hurt by the virus. Yet, I can also tell that these people hate China and the CCP so much that some of them cannot differentiate Chinese from CCP by saying, “Chinese hurt us.” I said, “It is not Chinese. It is the CCP.” However, are you able to tell everyone who thinks like this?”

The CCP indeed put the Chinese into a most dangerous situation. It is really scary. Whether they are doctors or nurses, the so-called scientists or biologists, it’s not possible for them to have any good impression of the Chinese now. Think about this. If the New Federal State of China (NFSC) did not exist, how dangerous the world would become for the Chinese people? Without the support of the NFSC, how horrible the world would be for Chinese people? Under the world’s current situation, why are you still behaving like a blind fool? Do you have any children? Do you expect a future? Do you think the earth is exclusively yours? When everyone on the earth hates you, how can you still survive? Ignorant! Terrible!

Just now, one of our fellow fighters said, “Brother Seven, you said that one thing never changes in the world is that the sun is always rising. Sometimes, the sun will not rise when it is a cloudy day.” This is because you are not standing in the right place. You need to stay in a place where there is sunlight. The sun rises every day. It is not the case that the sun doesn’t rise. It is because you stand in the wrong place. Just like now, if you stand with the CCP, then you are on the wrong side. Therefore, you will never see the sun rising. Is this right, brothers, and sisters? Please cherish the beautiful sky that our Whistleblower Movement and the NFSC have created for the Chinese people. Please cherish them! Thank you!

Translated by Himalaya Rose Garden Team from Miles Guo’s live-broadcast

2021, The Chinese Communist Party Will Die

CCP has ruled the land of China for more than 70 years, and its sins are so deep that recently its imperial nature has been completely exposed beyond doubt, and Mr. Miles, with his wisdom and knowledge of the CCP, is the leader who has brought CCP to its complete demise.

After reading today’s joint communiqué of the Group of Seven on the Hong Kong issue, I am delighted to write a little about my own feelings.

In the face of the upcoming domestic surge of everything and the future horror, as a people of New Federal State of China, I feel a lot of emotions.

As the CCP virus ravages the world, central banks print money on purpose at full capacity, then three problems are created:

  1. The CCP virus disrupts global production and trade activities, constraining supply and directly driving commodity prices skyrocketing.
  2. The anti-epidemic has led to a further decline in production supply in various countries.
  3. The global unanchored printing of money has led to a significant devaluation of paper money.

The above factors lead to an acceleration in inflation, which then drives interest rates higher. Yet the world’s ability to cope with rising interest rates today is extremely weak. How will the U.S. government cope with the huge interest rates rolling in in the future as U.S. debt yields rise to 3% through the current round of $1.9 trillion bailout package mentioned by Mr. Miles the day before yesterday’s Getter? Unlike the subprime crisis of 2008, today’s U.S. debt ratio is nearly 140%, with the inevitable result of severe inflation.

Mr. Miles is justified in predicting that the U.S. economy will be hit hard in the coming months! It is believed that the fundamental path to future financial preservation is G-series investments and commodities such as gold, silver and oil.

Because of the CCP virus, 2020 is destined to be the most important year in human history. Because 2020.6.4, this year will also be the most important year for us, people of New Federal State of China!

The year 2021 is likely to be even more tumultuous than 2020. The deep impact of the rampant CCP virus on human society will be profoundly evident, and the tests of life for us will continue in 2021, and of course, the excitement belonging to our people of the New Federal State of China will continue!

In 2021, following Mr. Miles, we will march side by side on the road to extinguish the commonwealth, and the New Federal State of China will embrace 2021 with honesty and perseverance. It is the devout and firm faith that is the most amazing and greatest power of the New Federal State of China!

2021, the Chinese Communist Party will die!

  • Author: 时光漫步
  • Editor: 蚂蚁兄弟


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