The CCP can never be trusted; Don’t run into their traps, says Guo Wengui


Dear warrior friends! Today is October 13, Wengui is having a live broadcast here on the sea.

When I woke up in the morning, I received many messages. Please remember: when God closes one door, he must open more doors for you.

Yesterday in Hong Kong, many things happened and you know it was another important day in Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement.

The day before, many people said fewer Hong Kongers have shown up in the streets, Hong Kong people are submissive and going to give up. What Hong Kongers have demonstrated yesterday shows that they have not been submissive, they have not given up. That is why they have won the international support.

Many people like us have stood with Hong Kong. We are not seeking a single dollar there, nor a job position, nor a single piece of land. But we still are standing with them, because they are worthy of our full support and sacrifice.

Dear friends, last night, four o’clock early morning, many friends sent me some confusing messages. I want to make some of the things clear.

First, I want to stress again:, the Rule of Law Fund or the Rule of Law Society has no donation activities in Hong Kong. Those people who raised donations in Hong Kong in the name of the Rule of Law Fund, the Rule of Law Society or our Expose Revolution are all cheaters. Please do not run into their traps. I once again stress that the Rule of Law Fund or the Rule of Law Society does not have any donation in Hong Kong or other places. All information related to donation is listed on the top of And that is the only channel. Those cheaters are the same as the CCP who always plays its tricks to confuse what is right or wrong and create disputes among people. Please do not go into their traps.

Secondly, please remember: I have told that these several days, the CCP will start a series of attacks on our warrior friends. And this is the same to stir up disputes, create rumors, redirect public attention, raise awareness so as to defame our warrior friends. And please do not run into their traps.

And please remember: from the first day of my whistle blow, I have told you that “false is false, right is right”. Please do not help with their plans. They have come in with evil purposes. Let the bullets fly for some moments and let them perform fully before Wengui takes actions.

Those bullets have hit back to their faces, as we have seen these days, and when they do evil, when they spread false information, we will have the chances to hit back.

Dear friends! Don’t hurry. Don’t be distracted or confused. We have only one aim, one purpose: spread the truth about the Hong Kong crisis!

Thirdly, I want to stress, many friends have seen another thing in the society of rumors as said in the messages of some warrior friends that the so-called “Group of Fighters” in Hong Kong need our support. I want to stress again, we never support any violence. That’s why we are anti-CCP as the CCP is an organization of violence, a mafia-like terrorist organization. What has happened yesterday once again proves that the so-called police force in Hong Kong is made up of army troops from the mainland. They are a group of violence. We are against all kinds of violence, in particular violence in CCP style.

Warrior friends, please do not run into their traps. They have been trying to lead many of our friends into those traps, defaming them while seeking public attention. They want to group us into the so-called swirls of “supporting terrorism”. Please do not go into their traps.

Fourth, I want to stress a another thing. Two days ago, the news that President Trump was said to have signed a 50 billion dollar deal with the CCP has caused many voices of anti-Trump. This is actually another trap planned by the CCP. Please go and check the comments of followers under Donald Trump’s Twitter account. Many of the followers are new faces, scolding and defaming Donald Trump in their comments. I told you a week ago that the CCP has a complete plan to use their quiet force to distract our attention and drive us into the opposite side to counter President Trump, Senator Rubio, and other American friends who have supported our Expose Revolution. Compared to Wengui’s wisdom, the CCP’s tricks are nothing but a bit of dog farts.

I am telling the CCP here: You are too low! Can you play something a bit higher?

Two days ago, Xi Jinping went to India and he has now arrived in Greece, next stop Japan. Some mainland people sent me detailed information about Xi Jinping’s itinerary: who to meet, where to go, etc …Absolutely true! Absolutely true! But please remember, and this is what I want to stress too: why have they sent me these top secrets about Xi Jinping’s activities? They told that there were two fighter jets, two Boeing 747 with plane numbers, names of his accompanying officials, the hotels and his activities in India, his activities in Greece, and his activities in Japan. This information has never been publicized by the Foreign Ministry, but they sent them to me.

Warrior friends, what do you think I would do with the information? If Luther or Little Brother Xisi got the information, they might have disclosed them immediately. But that’s a danger. This is not information; this is poison! I have understood the CCP in the greatest depth. They want me to put this information onto First, they claim Guo Wengui unlawfully possesses confidential information of state secrets.Second, if you dare to disclose them, who would be responsible for incidents related to Xi Jinping’s vehicles and planes? Guo Wengui must be their first target.

Warrior friends, when I saw the information, I deleted them instantly and I almost destroyed my cell phone. I know too much about the CCP’s tricks. They are good at framing, fabricating and telling lies.

Years ago the State Security Ministry had a meeting where a few enterprises were invited for donations to the so-called State Fair-trade Association. Some bosses donated five million, some donated more, and all of them raised their hands. Jack Ma said, “I want to donate 20 million”. Those CCP leaders gave him an ugly look. Lastly, some boss said, “I want to donate 100 million”. Those leaders were happy with smiles. Finally they looked at me, and I said, “I do not have money. I still need loans for my projects. I will donate some years later.”

I said to them further, “After my Pangu Plaza is constructed, I will donate some of the buildings. But now I am not able to; I can’t make the decision as I am only one of the shareholders.”

Can you guess what the Minister responded? He said, “All of you! If we want any of you to disappear, to take you onto the streets, or to check out your sins of origin, I can just do it right here with a piece of paper! And I am telling you now, if we want to get rid of somebody, there is nothing we cannot achieve!” That was a meeting in 2007. Dear friends! Think of it!

In 2007, they dared to threat the private entrepreneurs as such. They would easily get rid of anyone, name them a crime and persecute them. Now they want to frame me into their trap by sending me the information of top secrets. Dear friends! What are they planning? What do they want us to do with that information? Blow up the planes? That’s impossible. Then why do they want us to possess those secret documents? No one else in the world knows about the information, not even the Foreign Ministry. Why have they let Wengui know that? My response is to delete the information.

Next you are going to see Mr. Xi Jinping in India, in Greece, in Japan and then may be stopping over in two other countries. They are playing a game with us, friends.

Both the CCP and its resistance forces within the country know fully the power of our Expose Revolution that no one can stop. They risk using all the national resources to defame us. And then you will see some journalists in trouble because of interviewing Guo Wengui or something like this.

They will do the same as to defame me of raping, sexual inability, lies, deceptions, and other crimes, or maybe of terrorism. Dear friends, please do not run into their traps.

When I did my morning exercise, I watched Luther’s live broadcast. Luther had other friends Rick, Mr. Jiang and An Hong to join his broadcast separately. They have made the CCP very angry with farts. Rick is a technical person, good in English, and with a beautiful voice. We have lots of talented people among our warrior friends. They should have all come to me, instead of Luther. But this is a very exciting thing.

And look at those heroes on the streets of Hong Kong, those fighters with eyesight of determination, young and old. God wants the CCP to end. It is God’s wishes there!

I challenge the CCP: continue with your evils! 50 billion dollars of soybeans? It is only a joke -not only the Americans think that. If the CCP is truly that powerful, why care about the 5% increase in tariffs? It looks like my warrior friends are asking for one cent from me. 5% added to 300 billion in tariffs, how much could that be? You can make up the figures. One billion a year? And they are going to purchase 50 billion dollars of soybean from the U.S.? That is ridiculous.

All they do are just lies. Do you think it possible for them to open the financial markets with a trillion dollars? They only want to steal your money, steal your intellectual property, right?

They would think: Americans stupid! Americans are very naive. No! The Americans are neither stupid nor naive. We can see this is a funny game.

We will see what is happening these two days in Capitol Hill with President Trump saying yes to the agreement. I am tell you again and again, friends, never run into the traps of the CCP. They have no other options. Next they will kill our kids, 100 percent! Evil prisons, evil concentration camps, 100 percent! Killing at MTR train station, 100 percent! You must be very careful, dear Hong Kong friends! I am giving you another warning. Don’t ever run into their traps of violence.

Sixth, I am telling you, friends, you must believe that the vote in the U.S. Congress is fundamental. The key is in the Congress, I repeat. If the Congress did not pass the bill, the fate and future of Hong Kongers could be completely different. And I am telling you too, this temporary agreement has angered many from the quiet forces. To them, the threat from the CCP on Americans cannot be accepted. More quiet Senators from both parties in the Congress would stand up. This is good things for Hong Kongers. You must remember: The result will soon come. The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act must be passed; the status of Hong Kong as a Free Trade Zone must be re-written; and Hong Kong government officials must be sanctioned. I assure you! I assure you!

There are some other things I cannot tell you today, friends, but you must remember that they relate to the Party, the Government, the Military, culture and beliefs, religions, etc. In China, the party is the government; the government is the law enforcement. Hong Kongers! If you kneel down today, you will die in a miserable way; all our heroes shall have died in vain!

We must let the world know about the disasters and humanitarian crisis in Hong Kong. It is no longer a matter of the law. It is no longer the Five Demands. It is a humanitarian crisis. So, number six, our Hong Kong friends must hold on. The winning place is now in the U.S. Congress.

Seventh, after the U.S. Congress passes the bill, Europe, America, and the rest of the world will have “an unimaginable voice”, as one of our most pro-CCP friends has said. In the end, the whole world will be united in the fight against the CCP, holding up slogans the same as ours in the Expose Revolution. The whole world will know that only by eliminating the CCP, human race can have a future. Only by eliminating the CCP can all the problems be solved. By then, Hong Kong will belong to the world!

This is the end of today’s broadcast. Now please join me in praying for the well-being of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang, 1.4 billion Chinese, and people of the world!

Everything is just beginning!

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


  1. Well said! I support you guys. But do you know that many people are suffering from CCP in mainland China? You guys should spread the protests out to mainland China, turning down the communist rule. You have supporters here. Let’s go big.


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