The arrest of Shandong High Court chief means Wang Qishan is in deep trouble


According to China’s state-run media on Monday, Li Yong, Deputy Director of Shandong Provincial People’s Court, was dismissed under disciplinary investigation.

CCP killer Guo Wengui said about Li Yong’s arrest in his live-broadcast early today:

The Shandong High Court chief Li Yong was detained. This is good news for us.

Who is Li Yong? Let me tell you something about him.

If we take a look at his resume, Li Yong is quite an important figure. Li Yong is 100% a vassal official submissive to Vice President Wang Qishan.

Years ago in Shandong province, in the court case of CCP leader Bo Xilai, Li Yong was in charge. Besides Bo Xilai, Li Yong also directed the cases of several other high ranking officials.

I know Li Yong fairly well as we had connections. Like other major CCP leaders, Li Yong is a rogue with a special interest in sexually harassing women of all ages. Wherever he went for meals, his eyes were never away from the butts and breasts of female attendees. He is nothing but a thug with sexual partiality.

Li Yong has maintained a close relationship with Wang Qishan as well as Wang’s secretary Zhou Liang. They met together for sexual pleasure with female students and beauties.

When he sat at the High Court judging the case of Bo Xilai, he made his appearance as a theft himself, his behaviors being those of criminals.

This week Li Yong was detained. Many of his subordinates were also detained at the same time.

To speak the truth, Li Yong used to be a target of mine for inciting revolts within the CCP leadership. In 2017, he shared some secret information with me about corruption of the Special Cases Group of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. He also told me lots of things about Wang Qishan.

But today he was arrested. What does this mean, friends?

It signifies that Wang Qishan is truly in deep trouble.

Let’s just wait and see!

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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