The Americans have been awakened to the call for taking down the Chinese Communist Regime


Dear friends! You may not have noticed what is happening right now in Wall Street, Washington and Hollywood, and in New York.

Countless people from the media of the United States have been awakened from a big dream. They have felt a nightmare for cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for decades.

They have made lots of money with the cooperation, but now they don’t feel good about that. They don’t feel safe either in their own homeland. They are much uneasy with their conscience.

They may know more about the CCP than we do. Their eyes were covered by greed for money.

This is why these Americans have reacted so quick to the crisis in Hong Kong.

I am not a God or spirit; I am not a prophet either. Yesterday and the day before, I have said a lot about them, about what’s happening about them. I have sat down with many of them, one by one, face to face; therefore I can feel how they feel.

I have given them the facts, showed them the truth of information about the CCP.

Like yesterday afternoon, I said to an American friend, “There has never been a better opportunity in American history that you can eliminate the CCP. Without the CCP’s 19th Congress, you could not find a chance. Without the legislative amendment to the Constitution at the 19th Congress, you would not have the chance. Without the appearance of Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan, you would not have the chance. Without their expansion overseas and fake currency and fake economy in the past decades, or their ambition to replace the United States, you would not have the chance.”

Now God has given the United States the biggest gift. Every American is excited with the news.

Some celebrity that we see everyday on U.S. television said to me that he is rubbing his fists and wiping his palms daily, ready to sacrifice everything of his in wrestling with the CCP by taking advantage of the Hong Kong crisis.

This wrestling is war and an important battle.

People like this friend mainly come from three circles: pure politicians with missions, pure financiers with investments, and pure intellectuals with ideological faiths.

Historically, people from these three circles have seldom come to any consensus. But this time, they have come together for the same purpose.

Over the past few weeks, the courageous Hong Kong people have made the whole world believe that “Asia is very important; Hong Kong is very important; Taiwan is very important”.

In the past, people thought that the problems in Xinjiang and Tibet had nothing to do with what was happening in Hong Kong. Now they know that things are all linked together.

Dear warrior friends, the greatest contribution of our Expose Revolution is to have the Americans awakened, and to have the world awakened.

Our Expose Revolution is undergoing fermentation every minute. Like last night, when Vice-premier Liu He made a phone call to Washington, Americans from all walks of life have joined hands into a united force.

In the past, lots of Americans would be divided in issues about China. But this time, they all have stood in solidarity.

Why? This time, the Americans will not allow any single person to let the CCP escape from its doom. Absolutely impossible!

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff

Many more PLA military vehicles entering Hong Kong, shocking local residents.


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