The 3rd China International Import Expo hosted by idiots


Chinese dictator Xi Jinping delivers a keynote speech via video at the opening ceremony of the third China International Import Expo (CIIE) held in Shanghai on Nov. 4.

What we see in Shanghai today is that many flagship stores along the country’s most busy shopping street – Nanjing Road – are closing down. This has never happened since Shanghai was opened as a port city.

At a time when the pandemic adds more uncertainties and challenges to the global economy, convening the import expo offline as scheduled sheds light on China’s major strategic achievements in containing COVID-19 as well as its economic resilience, the CCP-run state media Xinhua has said.

Today, the Global Times in an English-language article confirms the government’s suspensions on seven types of Australian exports, including wine and lobsters, sugar, coal, copper ore and concentrate, barley, and timber.

It is a total slap on the face of Xi when he said yesterday China stands ready to sign high-standard free trade agreements with more countries and will work with related countries to promote high-quality Belt and Road cooperation and build a community with a shared future for mankind.

The Australian government has urged China to “play by the rules” and keep its commitments as the countries have a Free Trade Agreement in place.

According to the ABC, the Australian Government is now consulting with exporters across a range of commodities about a potential appeal to the barley ruling at the World Trade Organisation.

While the world is paying full attention to the US presidential election, dictator Xi is happy to go on with his one-man show.

“China is the world’s largest market with the greatest potential,” Xi made the comments on Wednesday in his video appearance. “The overwhelming trend for countries to move towards openness and co-operation remains unchanged.”

Xi went on to say that “All countries need to come together to jointly tackle risks and challenges, strengthen cooperation and communication and embrace greater openness,” while pledging to pursue more free trade agreements.

Xi Jinping must be mentally ill or just an idiot to have called for a more co-operative approach to international trade when he imposed such a sweep retaliation on Australian exports only because the Scott Morrison government requested an independent inquiry into the origin of coronavirus that has killed more than one million people in the world.

And it is absolutely absurd that China continues to hold such a ridiculous Import Expo at such a time of Covid pandemic to attract world exporters to China.

Xi has lost the trust of the world. No matter how beautiful words he speaks, few people would follow his illusions.

By Winnie Troppie


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