Thank-you message from Miles Kwok to warrior friends mourning for his mother


Dear warrior friends,

We have collected daily the messages from warrior friends to mourn for the death of Mr. Kwok’s mother or in her memory on and other social media and arrange them well for Mr. Miles Kwok. Every time he heard about these messages, he shed tears of sadness.

Mr. Kwok and his family will continue to mourn for the old mother according to Chinese traditions for Three Seven Days, Four Seven Days, Five Seven Days, Seven Seven Days and One Hundred Days. Mr. Kwok has asked me to deliver his sincere thanks and gratitude to all warrior friends. The funeral of Mr. Kwok’s mother has just ended in fullness. The old mother had chosen to leave her beloved family on February the second of the lunar calendar on which “the dragon lifts his head”. It was also the March 8th International Women’s Day. At 7:17 in the morning, she chose to leave behind the worries and memories and pass away in peace, in the most beautiful and perfect way, not to disturb others.

Although the old mother died of persecution of the Communist Party of China (CCP), she was lucky compared to Madam Yang Gailan. She was lucky compared to the mothers and fathers of millions of families who had been persecuted by the CCP in its political campaigns such as “anti-corruption with corruption, or anti-corruption by evil crimes”. Mr. Kwok has always valued his mother’s death in the same balance with the deaths of others, with a view to strengthen the efforts in his fights and his determination to take down the CCP. In future, the only thing Mr. Kwok can report to his mother as a reward is the realization of the rule of law and religious freedom in China.

The past is the past, and the best memory to the old mother is how to face the present and the future. The old mother has won the wishes and prayers from millions of warrior friends, the gratitude and greatness hard to be expressed in words. Mr. Kwok will fight to the end with his warrior friends until the realization of the Himalayas, the realization of an era in which no parents or families shall have fear, no parents shall pass away in worries or thinking of their children.

Dear warrior friends, we won’t live in a world in which only the parents of state traitors live with weird longevity by organ transplantation while sacrificing the lives of many ordinary people; a world in which our parents and family die young of fear, threats or worries and have their photos hung up on the walls. I hope that my family tragedy will bring about changes to all warrior friends so that they treat their parents with filial piety, with respect, with more accompany, so that each parent shall be healthy and happy in their old age. We don’t want to see you weep, blame yourself or become helpless when looking at the hung-up photos of your dead parents.

Mr. Kwok would like to ask the favor of warrior friends to take good care of themselves and their parents, making sure that they are safe before taking part in the fight towards the Himalayas. In our fight against the CCP and to realize our mission, we must first protect our parents and family, unite in our efforts and be firm in our determination. From today on, please keep away from any discussion on the death of Mr. Kwok’s mother on social media. The best memory and respect to the old mother is to continue fighting the CCP that had caused her to die of worries and fear. Mothers of all Chinese shall never again undergo such tragedy and fear.

Attention from the warrior friends has raised Mr. Kwok and his family with honor of gratitude hard to explain in words. Dear warrior friends! To respect the privacy of the old mother and her long-cherished humble life-style as an ordinary person, and to satisfy the requests of her family, please stop all memorial activities of mourning from today on. And please accept the honorable respect from Mr. Kwok and his family by Three Kowtows and Nine Bows!

Everything is just beginning!

By Wang Yanping on behalf of Miles Kwok

Translation by staff


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