Thank you America: The first shot to eliminate the Chinese Communist Party


Dear warrior friends! President Trump has signed the Hong Kong bill into law today.

This Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act paves the way for freedom and democracy in Greater China.

President Donald Trump has made the greatest decision to alter the fate of humanity by writing this bill into law.

Senator Macro Rubio, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others, all together over 400 U.S. Senators will have their names written into history as the greatest men and women on earth.

This is unprecedented in American history in terms of speed, difficulty, and challenge in the wrestling behind this legislation. I am telling you, warrior friends, any of these points in the process of legislation would have shocked you!

Imagine the strength of the evil forces in the U.S. controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)! Many senators had been influenced by lobbyists with relations to the CCP. Too many of them had gone through the process under severe pressure. Over and over again, they have overcome those difficulties. They finally kept away from those temptations. And I am not joking here.

Dear warrior friends! President Trump has given us such a tremendous gift on this Thanks-giving Day. I seem to have heard of the rejoicing cheers and applauding voices by the banks of the Hong Kong harbor, as well as the cries of happiness of the Hong Kong people.

They must be expressing their greatest thanks to President Trump and the great United States of America, as well as to all the Senators in the Congress!

This bill relates to the life and death of so many people, and to their fate too. And just imagine: 1.4 billion Chinese people have almost become the walking dead!

This bill is the first shot fired by the US government to eliminate the CCP!

This Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act opens the first shot of the whole humanity to eliminate the CCP!

This Hong Kong bill is a license granted to our Expose Revolution as well as Hong Kong people to fight against the CCP with arms!

This bill is a nightmare for all those in the United States and beyond who have colluded and continue to collude with the CCP!

In legal terms, with this bill, the whole population of this world can say that the CCP is a running mouse in the streets and everyone has the right to kill it!

Look at Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee after the district council election. If she dares to live any longer, her life should be in total disgrace. The same with Junius Ho Kwan-yiu!

The CCP has come to its doom. And I am warning the Little Pinks overseas supporting the CCP! Don’t overdo your performances! You shall have unbearable consequences defaming Hong Kongers, scolding Hong Kongers, humiliating Hong Kongers, threatening Hong Kongers, and confusing people of what is right or wrong!

Take a careful look at the contents of the Hong Kong bill. I was the first person on earth to promote this bill. Study related laws in the US and form your understanding.

At 3:30 pm this afternoon, some organizations and associations in America will start their actions in support of this Hong Kong bill. Dear friends! The significance of this bill is tremendous! In Lude’s words, “This is a nuclear bomb!”

Dear warrior friends! We highly value this bill and we are really happy about its passage! But friends! Please remember, our fight is not yet over. Hong Kong people are still suffering. 1.4 billion Chinese people are still suffering. The threats are still head of us.

We still have about 200 days to our new National Day on June 4th of 2020. We still need to work hard with determination.

Dear warrior friends! Our rejoice shall only last 24 hours. Tomorrow, we shall dress up early and continue to spread the truth about the Hong Kong crisis. This is not a victory for the whole nation. As we are coming near the goal of the Himalayas, we shall go through more dangers. We still need to keep calm.

We can celebrate only after the CCP has been eliminated, only after the Great Firewall has been taken down, only after all Chinese people are free from fears, and only after all Chinese people have joined hands in rejoice with the rest of the world.

By then, I must have a grand party for a week in New York for celebrations, and to welcome our warrior friends from across the world. Maybe in Central Park. We shall then sing, dance, drink, and do whatever we like. This day is also the Thanks-giving Day when we Chinese are expressing our sincere thanks to the great Americans!

This day will come soon!

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by Cloudy Seagail

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