Terry Gou’s running for Taiwan Presidency is the work of CCP and would be disastrous for Taiwanese people, says Miles Kwok

Miles Kwok and Steven Bannon, joint whistle blow

In his whistle blow earlier today with former White House strategist Steven Bannon, Miles Kwok said giant Foxconn Founder Terry Gou is the only and best choice for Taiwan presidency selected by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and also the person that would bring about disasters to the Taiwanese people.

Miles Kwok said that Terry Gou has maintained a friendly relationship with President Xi Jinping, Wang Qishan and former President Jiang Zemin. He thus becomes the best choice for the CCP leadership as his future presidency accords to CCP’s strategy in many industries, including high-tech, manufacturing and the military.

Miles told that from his close relationship with CCP’s intelligence leaders and several of Terry Gou’s best girl friends, he had learned many years ago that Terry Gou had the intention to run for presidency, and the CCP has been giving a supporting hand.

Miles said President Xi had talked with Terry Gou at least two times in Beijing, one time half an hour, another time two hours, expressing his firm support to overcome any difficulties. “This totally erased Terry Gou’s hesitation. But the US intelligence knows almost nothing about that,” he added.

Miles said Terry Gou will have no competitors in Taiwan from both the Nationalist Party and the Democratic Progressive Party. All other candidates including present President Tsai Ing-wen will be taken down easily.

Miles said for Terry Gou to lead Taiwan, it is the same with the CCP ruling over the island country. That could be a disaster for Taiwanese people.

Miles tells a story of Terry Gou’s presidential bid. “When I met with a top CCP leader years ago, he suddenly asked me to leave, saying he was going to meet an important guest. Soon I came to know the guest was Terry Gou. An insider told me that Terry Gou was the person CCP has chosen and nurtured to become Taiwan’s next president.”

Miles said when Terry Gou’s factory in Shenzen was in great trouble having some employees committing suicide by jumping off the buildings, Terry and the CCP decided to move his factory to Zhengzhou. In a short time of just months, a huge operation to move the facilities and equipment was completed. The Party Secretary of Henan province directed the process and the People’s Liberation Army took part in the transportation and setting up of the new plant in Zhengzhou. A special work team from intelligence department of the CCP Central Committee and the Public Security Ministry was supervising the process. This was a special treatment that no other businessmen would have.

“There is only one power that has made that happen. That’s the political power from the top CCP leadership,” said Miles.

Miles said it is now very difficult for the United States to change the situation. Still, the U.S. must stand up to safeguard Taiwan’s democracy because it relates to the fate of the whole mankind.

Mikes said, “the United States is a gathering place of the world’s elites and the center of civilizations. Because of this, a strong America can lead the world to a better future.”

During the joint whistle blow, Miles Kwok has asked Steven Bannon to talk about the trade war and the Mueller Report. He praised Mr. Bannon as a great politician with a world vision and asked him to do more to influence Trump’s administration in the trade talks.

Miles said, “I hope there is a very fruitful result from the meeting between President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Abe to resume the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. I hope President Trump could be more creative in this respect.”

“I have said it many times and I want to repeat that until today no people in the western world including the United States have seen through the threats of CCP to the world or have taken them seriously. No one in the world has ever determined to find out solutions to deal with these threats.”

“There is a warning sign here.I hope that world politicians could open their eyes wide to look into the dark clouds already flowing over their heads so that the world won’t live under their shadow.”

Why the Japanese Prime Minister has come so urgently to meet President Trump? The key issue in their talk must be Taiwan, Terry Gou and security around the north, east and south China seas.

Miles said that the trade talks between China and the US would never come to any significant result without the US pressing China to take down the Great Firewall in a structural change. He has urged Mr. Bannon to pass the message to Donald Trump and his negotiation team.

With a great love for the Chinese people, Mr. Bannon is very pleased to work with Miles Kwok and has been doing all he can to bring about freedom and democracy to the Chinese people.

Mr Bannon said, “I can’t wait for the day that with my love for the Chinese people, 1.4 billion Chinese get to vote and elect their House of Representatives and the House of Congress that oversees the CCP like Congress oversees the executive branch of our government. That would be a day of tremendous joy. I think everybody in the United States including myself would like to see that happen in China. And that would be the day for beginning of freedom for the Chinese people.”

Today’s dialogue between Steven Bannon and Miles Kwok is so important that it will have a profound impact on Taiwan’s future and that it has cut through CCP’s strategy and ruined its plan to rule the world.

Everything is just beginning.

By Cloudy Seagail


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