Terry Gou will become the next President of Taiwan, says Miles Kwok


Terry Gou, the billionaire founder of electronics giant Foxconn, has announced he will run for the Taiwan’s presidency, citing divine endorsement from the sea goddess.

Earlier this week Terry told a crowd at a popular Taoist temple in Taipei that he’d received divine inspiration for his political bid.

“Three days ago, Mazu came to me in a dream,” he said, speaking in a local dialect. “Mazu doesn’t want Taiwanese society to be so difficult. Mazu told me to come out and do something.”

He said the goddess had nurtured him from a child to a grown man. “I am Mazu’s godson. I want to do more for Taiwan’s people. I will definitely follow Mazu’s instructions.”

Taiwan’s presidential election is scheduled for January 2020 at a time of heightened tensions with Beijing. Terry said sea goddess Mazu encouraged him to promote peace across the Taiwan Strait.

“If I’m elected, I will represent Kuomintang in the 2020 presidential election to compete,” he said. “If I’m not elected, it means I haven’t worked hard enough. I will then fully support the candidate selected from the party’s primary system.”

Terry Gou is the richest man in Taiwan and very popular in the mainland. He has resigned from his top position in Foxconn when he announced his bid on Wednesday at the Nationalist Party headquarters.

Terry Gou, who stands in the primaries of the Nationalist opposition party, will no doubt be promoting a more China-friendly policy.

Chinese overseas political commentator Mr. Cao Changqing said, “For Terry Gou to run for Taiwan presidency, the Nationalist Party will get itself into a greater mess.”

Miles Kwok said in his whistle blow yesterday that he is sure Terry Gou will become the next president of Taiwan.

Miles said, “Terry Gou is the representative of Taiwan’s business circle. Through Terry Gou, CCP can build a grand union with European and American interests. Terry has been granted an official recognition. By supporting Terry to the Presidency, more Taiwan businessmen will become submissive to the mainland and would cooperate with CCP. By supporting Terry to the Presidency, CCP can unify Taiwan politically after taking down all his opponents in both the Nationalist Party and Democratic Progressive Party.”

Miles held that for CCP to raise Terry Gou to the top job of Taiwan, it is a strategy of “hitting three birds with one stone”. And obviously Terry is the best candidate to win the support of three sides: communist mainland, western business circles, and local Taiwan.

Miles said, “In the past, everything was done within a black box. This time, CCP wants to make things perfectly justifiable for Terry Gou. We can almost tell that Terry Gou is Taiwan’s next president. If the United States did not do anything to drag down Terry Gou, there would be 90% possibility that Terry will be elected. He has no competition.”

Miles revealed that the strength and scope of dissemination in Taiwan by CCP’s BGY and propaganda is out of every one’s expectation. CCP has planned for a long time to put Terry Gou on the top position in Taiwan. “Last September I said that Terry Gou would come out for presidency but nobody seemed to take it seriously. I was not making a prediction. It was a judgment from my intelligence,” Miles added.

Although we have seen some tough words from Tsai Ing-wen in the past year, she has been a weak president as a whole. She will never become an iron woman to confront the communist regime in the mainland.

While other candidates are also weak, Terry Gou might just be the best choice for present day Taiwan. Although politically Terry has the support from CCP, and he might have been a target of CCP’s BGY scheme, he has not totally surrendered to the communist ideology. He is a successful businessman with a global vision; deep in his mind he still honors western democratic and universal values. Safeguarding the freedom and democracy in Taiwan is also in his own interests.

Although Terry Gou has resigned from chairman of his business, he must keep the final key to his wealth. As he still has huge factories and other business interests in mainland China, and local CCP governments have a lot to ask from him, this has put him in an advantageous position in dealing with the communist regime. He has lots of space to move about.

If Terry Gou is tough and firm enough to defend Taiwan’s democratic system, he can be a strong force to influence the other side of the Taiwan Strait. In that case, Terry as Taiwan’s president will become a positive injection into the process of China’s freedom and democracy.

If that is the case, we wish all the best for Terry Gou.

But please bear in mind: Miles Kwok said Terry Gou has been carefully selected by CCP and Taiwan won’t have a good future with Terry as the president.

Let’s wait what Miles Kwok has more to say about him.

By Winnie Troppie


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