Terrifying moment the surface of a busy highway bridge shakes up and down like waves


The frightening moment on a bridge with heavy traffic moving up and down like waves in high winds has taken the breaths of many drivers traveling on it.

Shocking footage shows the Humen Bridge, which spans across the Pearl River in southern Chinese province Guangdong, shaking dramatically while being jam-packed by cars.

Video footage showed the surface of the bridge moving up and down while long queues of cars were passing at about one o’clock on Tuesday afternoon.

Many drivers have described the experience as “terrifying”.

Local authorities shut down the bridge at 3:32pm local time following the incident. Police said the structure wobbled after being hit by whirlwinds, an official statement said.

Humen Bridge, completed in 1997, consists of two main spans – a suspension bridge section and a segmental concrete section.

The bridge connects the Nansha District of Guangzhou to Humen Town of Dongguan. Completed in 1997, the suspension bridge has a main span of 888 meters, and the segmental concrete section’s main span of 237 meters is among the longest such spans in the world.

Every year, about 400 million vehicles will use that bridge that costs 40 yuan (US$7) per passage, and the CCP government collects 16 billion yuan annually. The bridge is to contribute nearly 600 billion yuan to the government in a contract of 32 years.

According to statistics, construction of the bridge costs 3 billion yuan. You can see the profit margin here is 200 times. It is a much better business than selling drugs, ammunition, or robbery.

This is why the CCP regime has tried all means to seize the power so that it can continue to make such huge profits.

By Winnie Troppie


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