Tanks and military vehicles are being used against protesters in Wuhan


There is a massive protest in Wuhan China going on right now, sparked by the construction of a waste incinerator. Tens of thousands of protesters have marched on the street and the China government has been trying to censor all the information and use the military to suppress the crowd.

Tens of thousands of people have turned out onto the streets of Wuhan in protest that has lasted for a week or so.

Mass demonstrations in Wuhan streets cracked down by heavy police force on July 5.

Video of armed police abusing an elderly woman protesting in the streets of Wuhan.

Shocking video footage of tanks heading into the streets of Wuhan where armed police and military troops already marching on to conquer the city from protesters.

More armed police and troops have been seen sent to the streets of Wuhan for a violent crackdown on July 5.

Major protests are being widely reported in Wuhan, China as residents demonstrate against the construction of a waste-to-energy plant, as reported now by western media.

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