Take Down the CCP: global protests organized by the New Federal State of China


On October 1, The New Federal State of China launched Anti-CCP Peaceful Protests around the world! Starting from New Zealand with the rising sun, the protests are taking place in Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, and the United States.

The Chinese Communist Party claims October 1 as “the National Day”, symbolic of its 7 decades of “democratic dictatorship” with a malign regime. The enslaved Chinese people are waking up and saying “No” to it.

Chinese citizens started their eight-day golden holiday on Thursday for the so-called National Day and traditional Mid-Autumn Festival.

Amid regular epidemic control, hundreds of millions of Chinese will be traveling for family reunions or leisure staycations, encouraged by the government to drive the recovery of the falling economy due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

The New Federal State of China, founded on June 4, 2020 by Mr. Miles Guo and witnessed by former White House Chief Strategist Mr. Steve Bannon and fellow Chinese warrior friends, is seeking the truth for the world while fighting for democracy, freedom, and the rule of law for the Chinese nation.

“We people of the New Federal State of China add glory to China wherever they go,” said Miles Guo to his fellow warrior friends, “Therefore you must behave yourselves as you represent the new image of a new China.”

Miles Guo said he is absolutely sure that this October 1, 2020 will be the last “National Day” of China under the CCP dictatorship.

“You are an inspiration to everybody in the world. People are fighting the worst totalitarian dictatorship in the world. You are out there, exposing yourselves; your bravery, courage, you have the support of the entire world now,” Steve Bannon said to the protesting friends. “All I say is keep doing it. The CCP is going to fall and they are going to fall because of your action.”

On this special day, we have also seen our allies in the western world have stood up to confront the Communist dictatorship. They are taking action!

US House Republicans released the China Task Force Report on Wednesday, to assess the threat of the Chinese Community Party and come up with legislative solutions on how to combat the risks.

“This report is the blueprint for bipartisan actions Congress and the Administration can take now to address the greatest national and economic security challenge of this generation,” the task force report says.

Miles Guo meets protesting warrior friends in New York on October 1, 2020.

Miles Guo and Steve Bannon speaks to protesting warrior friends in the world.

Protests at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Protests in San Francisco, USA

Protests in London, UK.

Protests live broadcast in Canada.

Protests in Japan.

Protests in New Zealand.

Live broadcasting global protests to take down the CCP.

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