Taiwan President’s stop in New York is the victory of democracy, says Guo Wengui


Dear friends, our little President from Taiwan Tsai Ying-wen has arrived in New York. You have seen the confronting parties at the entrance of Hyatt Hotel: evil against democracy. One is a leader selected by the people of Taiwan; another is a mafia-like Chinese Communist Party denounced by the whole world. CCP has raised a gang of running dogs in the United States, holding US passports. They are headed by Liang Guanjun, a mafia head from Fujian province, singing the CCP’s national anthem, and calling “Down with USA! Down with Taiwan! Down with Tsai Ying-wen!”

They are calling for one China. If there is one China, it shall be Republic of China elected by the people, not the People’s Republic of China controlled by CCP.

Please remember, friends! Apparently they are having active performances today, working for that little money and dog meals from the CCP. CCP’s dog food is never enough; these gangsters like Liang Guanjun will end in disasters.

As far as I know, FBI and land security officers are watching closely upstairs the building opposite the Central Train Station. Besides FBI and CIA officials, my security team also has an office in the building stored with heavy ammunition.

President Tsai Ying-wen has selected a good place to stay as the place in Manhattan houses the core departments of US anti-terrorism forces. They are investigating these running dogs raised by CCP in America and I am very pleased to see these things happening there. The U.S police can have easy evidence of their violations. This is also a gift sent to us by God. The U.S government will help us clear this noisy rubbish.

The stop-over of President Tsai in New York causes great controversy in the U.S government these days, as I was told. We have to admit that there are disputes among the Trump administration. As a matter of fact, many people including myself have proposed for President Tsai to visit Washington, which is only one hour flight from New York. The three Shanghai Joint Communiques are dead now, right? The base for keeping the three Joint Communiques has long been destroyed. Why can’t President Tsai pay a visit to Washington?

In recent days, President Trump is very upset as we have seen in his tweet. I have told you, friends, that Osaka G20 is a huge gift to us. A deal is better than no deal. Trump publicly said that he was let down by CCP who failed to keep its commitment to buy U.S products. This is the first time in two years the President has expressed his anger so directly on social media.

These days, U.S. officials asked me about Zhong Shan, the Commerce Minister who is coming for negotiations with the US government. I have said Peter Navarro and Lighthizer will confront a hard-liner from the CCP. I will tell more about this Zhong Shan at a proper time.

Responsibly, I am telling you that Osaka G20 has brought about internal fights and disharmony with the Trump administration. State Secretary Mike Pompeo is surely the most unhappy. Many others are furious. Some of our warrior friends even want to have President Tsai to deliver a speech at the Congress. President Tsai is passive with her policies; we are pushing her ahead from behind.

At the G20 summit, CCP once again deceived America. Some hawks think the US government must consider escalating its pressure in the issue of Taiwan and Hong Kong. The hawks and doves argued within the White House about canceling the status of Hong Kong as the Free Trade Zone. In the end, the White House chose a low tone to arrange a meeting between Vice President Mike Pence and Hong Kong’s businessman Jimmy Lai. This has made the hard-liners very angry. I guess some hawks will resign from Trump’s administration.

We have three issues here: President Tsai’s visit to the US; the demonstrations in Hong Kong; and tariffs to be added on Chinese imports of 325 billion dollars. In addition to plea for cancellation of Hong Kong’s Free Trade Zone status and continuing sanctions to Huawei and other Chinese tech companies, the resignations of U.S. top officials from the White House will make headlines in the coming days. These are the direct consequences of the Osaka G20 which I labeled the turning point in our revolution. Isn’t that important?

CCP officials are liars. But they are stupid. If they have kept the promise to purchase U.S soybeans and other agricultural products, the attitude of Washington doves will work in their favor. Now Donald Trump is not happy; U.S farmers are not happy; both the Washington hawks and doves are not happy. It’s pity that there is not a single talented person within the CCP leadership. All they do everyday is to tell more lies. The stupidity and arrogance of the CCP is fully exposed.

Taiwan is a beautiful place, a human paradise with freedom and democracy. But Taiwanese lack courage and the spirit of fighting for justice. Recently we have seen Terry Gou cry over setbacks confronting his opponents Han Guoyu and Ke Wenzhe in the election campaign. He is an old man close to seventy now. He is in no place fit for a presidency with his morale. He was crying in front of a picture of a tiger. That means his days are over now. It also means CCP does not fully understand Taiwan.

Today, President Tsai’s stop over in New York is the victorious result of our Expose Revolution. It seems Ms. Tsai Ying-wen may make a good president for Taiwan. She is well-educated. Other people are fighting for presidency; she does not fight. But in the end, she may come up again as the winner.

By Guo Wengui
Translated and edited by staff


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