Taiwan President should make her stance clear against CCP, said Guo Wengui


Let us continue to talk about Taiwan. I want to tell how I feel about President Tsai Ying-wen after she stopped over in New York. These years in Taiwan, she has been doing plainly right, nothing very good or very bad; or at least she has not been so bad as to sell out Taiwan as Carrie Lam has sold out Hong Kong.

Behind, too many people including Mr. Bannon and our warrior friends have created the best atmosphere for her visit here. I should say that she has made herself remarkable in three aspects: a remarkable political performer, a remarkable English-speaking politician, and a remarkable Asian politician with good understanding of the American culture.

But at the same time, she is ignorant also in three areas. First, she has no political vision; she is completely ignorant of the political significance of her visit. Second, she has no sense of any mission; she does not know how important this visit was to the Taiwanese people. She should have known that this stop-over was not for herself, but for Taiwan and the Taiwanese people. Third, she is not capable as a politician to have good control over the crisis.

This is an era of the social media. She has not been able to take advantage of that. In Taiwan, except for Eastern Television, no other media had any positive coverage about her visit. And across the world, almost no Chinese media reported on her visit. Besides a group of people beating the drums, nothing has been done for her publicity work. That visit was completely a low-level election campaign.

It was just too low! Too Low! Too Low! As far as I can tell, Terry Gou would make a much better president than Tsai Ying-wen! Why? If Terry Gou was elected, or Han Guoyu or Ke Wenzhe, at least we had a clear idea that they are going to sell out Taiwan. At least we are given a clear answer, like Carrie Lam who is selling out Hong Kong. When people know that she is selling out Hong Kong with the extradition bill, they walk out onto the streets for protests! Thus the people of Hong Kong find the truth under huge threats; they have found the way out.

If Terry Gou, Han Guoyu, or Ke Wenzhe was elected, the way out for Taiwan is something like Hong Kong where there is a phenomenal wrestling. Whenever there is great confrontations, there will be great hope and great opportunities. Of course, there will also be great danger.

If Tsai Ying-wen is re-elected, she won’t sell off Taiwan; but she won’t help Taiwan much either. A great politician leads the people towards greatness, towards beautiful life, towards faith and hope. A professional villain-like politician is pushed forward by waves of the people and finally becomes a beneficiary on board the ship. A villain politician is a corrupt politician like the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that causes the people disasters.

The visit by President Tsai to New York, in my opinion, was a disaster for Taiwan. She is totally ignorant of the danger she is facing. She has been encircled by the CCP; all around her were CCP’s red flags. No media in Taiwan has reported on her historic visit to the United States. She was not able to awaken the Taiwanese people of the threats they are facing. Instead she was showing off her language abilities.

You know Tsai Ying-wen literally means “Tsai’s English”. She was showing off her English. English cannot help Taiwan. Taiwan needs a great politician with true courage and wisdom. This time, the Americans has given you a great chance, but you have wasted it. Take a closer look at the Taiwan media; they continue to have those small talks. They have not done anything serious. This great chance has been wasted.

You look at this! This is the first time the Americans has called you President. You know those senators has referred to Taiwan as a country. Ok? Taiwan is independent. And they want to take the President of Taiwan to Washington D.C. But this time there is no media there looking at this. It is a disaster.

What should I say to you, friends? Tsai Ying-Wen has no idea that the strength of Taiwan-born citizens in America is a great force to support Taiwan’s freedom and democracy, to make Taiwan more secure. She shall not make this strength the resource for her 2020 presidential election. In that case, she will make herself a low-grade politician. I have been very upset with her performance this time.

If Tsai is to be re-elected, we will see that she is going to waste another four years. In another four years when she cannot do anything good, Taiwan will end in destruction. Even if we take down the CCP, its remaining forces will be strong enough to drive Taiwan into chaos. When she wasted this chance, she won’t be given a second one.

If former presidents Lee Deng-hui or Chen Shui-bian was given the chance, can you imagine what they could do with that? They could have turned the world over! This time in New York, Tsai Ying-wen was safe to say anything against the CCP because CCP does not have the resources for a counter-attack. But everything was over. She had missed the chance!

Please remember, the political life of Tsai Ying-wen is over now. Soon she will cry as Terry Gou, and she will regret for this. She has made New York the place for her presidential campaign, not the place to fight for the future of Taiwan. It was a disaster, a huge disaster! She is not forgivable; those people were not here to help with your presidential campaign!

The Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam is a bad woman, but she is courageous, ready for fight. If Carrie Lam had not taken the side of the CCP, she would do a great job for Hong Kong. She is far more capable than President Tsai.

Mr. Bannon, I really want to seek your opinions on this. This has been a great change for Americans to call her President Tsai. They said Taiwan is an independent country and wanted to invite her to Washington for a speech. I think the U.S. will have more policies out to help Taiwan with its security and rule of law. Many of my friends from the military also told me that American submarines are routinely patrolling the Taiwan waters and U.S. has the plan to send air-craft carriers to the Asia-Pacific as a regular policy. Do you think the U.S. military and its representative office in Taiwan will upgrade its security protection for Taiwan? And what president Tsai should do next to response to U.S actions?

Instead of giving us the answer. Mr. Bannon has kicked back the question to me. Well, in my opinion, President Tsai at least can do two things. First, Tsai Ying-wen should announce that Taiwanese people firmly stand against the CCP. Whenever CCP is in power in the mainland, Taiwan will not have any cooperation with the mainland government. Coupled with this stance, Taiwan should start a series of new policies and rules in economics, media, border security and mainland-related investments. Taiwan should no long allow the CCP government to kidnap its economy, its media and its politics, which is now the fact. President Tsai should make the announcement here in America. Taiwan companies are now helping Huawei and 80% of Huawei’s technology comes from Taiwan companies, like TSMC who is importing parts for Huawei and prolonging Huawei’s life. Taiwan has many traitors that are helping the CCP technically, financially, and with their media. President Tsai should tell about this in the U.S., right, at the Congress. This is very important.

Second, Tsai Ying-wen must be clear that she is not coming to New York for herself. She is here for Taiwan and Taiwanese people who are under CCP’s threats, whose democratic values are now under serious persecution and threats from the CCP. She should speak out how bad the CCP is, and Taiwan is in danger! What’s happening in Hong Kong has let Taiwanese feel more fears and danger. Therefore, she must make the announcement in New York: “Taiwan rebuffs One Country Two System! Taiwan rebuffs the 1992 Consensus! Taiwan rebuffs the CCP! ” She should demand the release of Taiwanese kidnapped in the mainland, including Li Mingzhe detained in the mainland. She should announce that starting from today Taiwan is open for Hong Kong people as a refuge and will give Hong Kong people their full support. Please know, to support Hong Kong is to protest Taiwan. These are simple actions and I think President Tsai should do these right away.

By Guo Wengui
Translated and edited by staff


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