Taiwan Elections:How and why CCP has applied its BGY scheme?


Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen announced her resignation as head of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) after the party suffered massive losses in Saturday’s “nine-in-one” local elections.

The result is the reflection of DPP’s corruption, wrongdoings of its officials and their ignorance of public wellbeing. It is also the result of President Tsai’s lack of ideology, lack of abilities and lack of determination, and of course the result or the success of CCP’s BGY threats.

This is the defeat for the Party and an individual, but a victory for freedom and democracy. It paves the way for more political transparency and allows for peaceful turnover of powers. It proves once again that Taiwan is now a more mature democracy and can be a model for all Chinese.

Today we are going to look into what BGY is and how it has been applied in Taiwan.

Earlier remarks by exiled billionaire Miles Kwok

I want to tell you a story about Taiwan. Once I sat down for a meal with officials of Liaison Office of the People’s Liberation Army General Political Department, at a time when Chen Shui-bian and Lian Zhan were competing for presidency, I asked them who would win the elections.

They told me Lian Zhan would win the election, but out of their expectations, Chen Shui-bian won. These officials were very disappointed when I saw them again days after the result was out.

After the meal, one of the officials told me privately, that he admired Chen Shui-bian as he had played his tactics beautifully under the table, and that CCP also plays its tactics under the table more beautifully. But they were amazed for Chen Shui-bian’s victory after the CCP has spread such strong intelligence network in Taiwan by way of BGY.

Years later, this official, who was highly promoted, met again with me for meal. This time it was Ma Ying-jeou in competition with Chen Shui-bian. I asked the same question who would win.

This official told, “We have no problem to let Ma Ying-jeou win this time. We have total control. 100%. He must reaffirm the 1992 Consensus; the political and economic relationship between the mainland and Taiwan will be even closer. Our Big Carrot Policy will be effectively implemented.”

I asked him what else Ma Ying-jeou would do. He told me that he must put Chen Shui-bian into jail. I asked him why and how?

This official told, “We have told Ma to do so; he must do it….Miles, I am telling you. We have control over Ma Ying-jeou’s private life for many years. He dares not act against us, absolutely not. He will do whatever what we want him to do. Every movement of Ma Ying-jeou is within our eyesight. The movements of his two daughters are also within our eyesight. We have a way like cutting through his throat by one sword shoot.”

When he told me in detail about this, I fully understood what he meant by “cutting through his throat by one sword shoot, and I was fully convinced that Ma was 100% under their control”.

We can see later during Ma Ying-jeou’s presidency, the CCP’s plan has been put into full practice in Taiwan and proved to be very successful. And Ma Ying-jeou did send Chen Shui-bain into prison.

(Miles’ remarks on another video) Some days later I shall talk about a historical event about Taiwan. Now I’d like to tell the Taiwanese that on October 4, there might have been liberation for all Taiwanese, only one minute difference if a fundamental decision had not been taken away. That decision decides the fate of Taiwan, and I will reveal it in near future. Once again the Nationalist Party strangled a golden opportunity for Taiwan. Because of opposition from a small number of people from the Nationalist Party, the proposal was finally rejected.

Remarks by political commentator Cao Changqing

(November 10) First, I think, as a political figure, Ma Ying-jeou is playing with the numbers. Today he is saying “three NOs”; tomorrow he will say “New three NOs”. His ideology is the same as the Chinese Communist Party: three steps, three new initiatives, three cores, etc.

He has nothing new. What he says is the same as yesterday when he was president: reunification. He says, “we don’t reject unification”. Today, before this election, he is telling his idea for reunification.

Let’s give an example. When the Nazis trampled Europe, ready to attack Poland, should the people of Poland hold talks with the enemy for a friendly cooperation? Today is the same with Ma Ying-joeu. He is again sending his message to Beijing, hoping for their support for the Nationalist candidates.

Without the CCP support, the Nationalist Party should have long collapsed in Taiwan, or totally vanished.

When he says Taiwan is not going to use military force against mainland China, see what he is telling. Taiwan has no ability or possibility to use military against the other side. Especially after 1996 when we have democratic elections, no one has the desire to fight the mainland with arms. That was a false claim.

If you are talking about reunification today, you are selling Taiwan away. Because the other side of the strait is a totalitarian regime; do you want Taiwan to be part of totalitarianism? Does anyone pursuing the values of freedom and democracy agree to unification with an autocratic government, and be part of the Five Star Red Flag? That is impossible.

(November 26) This time the Nationalist Party has not won the elections. It was the Democratic Progressive Party who has beaten itself down. It’s the DPP’s policies and refusal to reforms that have brought themselves down. Their thought and policies to maintain the traditions of the Nationalist Party have dragged themselves down.

This is a sensational vote, a vote to penalize the DPP, asking for their reform and changes, saying NO to their arrogance. This is not recognition of the Nationalist Party; we must be clear about this.

This year 2018 the DPP has lost, but many members of the Party do not think of it a bad thing. It calls for a real reform within the Party, to elect a new leader with courage, the right ideology and capabilities. Then in 2020 presidential election, the Greens can have the chance to keep themselves in power.

If Tsai Ing-wen continues to hold the party leadership and go on with her policies, the Greens would definitely lose the presidential election in two years.

To review the defeat, it was not for the reason of age, whether to reform or not, or other. In my opinion, three things they must change: First, ideology; second, determination; third, abilities. The focus is President Tsai Ing-wen…She must leave and give way to a more appropriate leader.

What is the CCP’s BGY scheme?

On his whistle blow on August 7 of 2017, Miles Kwok told about the CCP’s Blue-Gold-Yellow (BGY) Scheme. He claims that in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and overseas countries, CCP officials and their representatives are implementing a BGY plan.

“Blue” means the CCP uses internet censorship and intelligence to control the thought and movements of businesses men and sensitive personnel. “Gold” means the CCP uses money to bribe people and win their support. “Yellow” means the CCP uses sex to seduce people into scandals. Miles claims that the CCP would record with videos the process of BGY as evidence of threats so that those people under the BGY scheme will listen to or support what the CCP has told them.

Miles says the CCP has been very successful to use this scheme on individuals and institutions who have cooperation with Chinese entities, including western Media and Wall Street financiers.

He says that the western world shall wake up to this and be careful with doing business with China.

Some people say that communist China is the bigger winner in last weekend’s Taiwan election. It is their victory by BGY.

We think this is for the long run the victory of the Chinese people as they have more understanding of the nature of the CCP and what it means by freedom and democracy.

By Cao Changqing and staff writer


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