Sure success for Hong Kong as President Trump taking on Communist China in a tougher stance


With the shocking address to the 74th UN General Assembly and the impeachment investigation launched by the Democrats, President Donald Trump will become more determined and focused in his fight against communism and the Chinese Communist Party regime.

CCP killer Guo Wengui said the CCP is the black-hand behind the impeachment linked to Joe Biden’s scandals, and what’s happening in Washington and at the UN Headquarters these two days are great news for Hong Kong.

Guo said the following during his routine live broadcast yesterday:

It’s impossible to stop Hong Kong now! It’s impossible for Hong Kong people to stop!

Now there is de facto martial law enforced and 16 people have died. Next there must be an official martial law declared. Then more people will die.

The CCP will burn buildings; there may be another train derailment; there may be other incidents that cause more deaths or even an entire family is murdered. The CCP must create some events like these. There will be rapes as well.

The Hong Kong police association or the Hong Kong lawyers association will come out and say, “Fuck! We are not going to do this. We quit!” as darker days are sure to come. However, the CCP will go after them as well!

This time, President Trump has only one choice: to side with Hong Kong and side with the CCP. His only option is to side with Hong Kong! What do you think he will do next? Is he just standing there doing nothing?  U.S. political intervention in Hong Kong is a sure thing, in addition to maintaining the power of coercion in the South China Sea, and strengthening U.S. military presence there. This is President Trump’s only option!

And economic sanctions on Chinese government officials must follow, besides cancellation of the agreement on Hong Kong’s status as a Free Trade Zone. And then U.S. military forces will be deployed around the surrounding waters.

It’s like when I come to your house, Lude, and see you beating your kids, but you don’t let me intervene with this. I’ve got a bunch of guns right in front of your house, infrared into your forehead.

So, do you still get the mood to spank your kids? How do you know I am not going to shoot? Of course, I don’t shoot but all the infrared rays are on you!

The success of the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement comes after five o’clock today. I can tell you: it will be 100% success for the Hong Kong people! Hong Kong will get what it wants.

After five o’clock today, President Trump must be made the most influential president in American history and America will welcome a much healthier future.

This will make the communists more an enemy of the United States! Hong Kong’s democracy campaign will be the biggest beneficiary!

Translation by staff

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