Europe protests find the wrong people to blame as Covid-19 resurges

Demonstrators in Milan protesting against the government’s reimposition of a tight lockdown.

Europe faces more lockdowns as a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has swept most parts of the continent and protestors are boiling over with rage at more coronavirus lockdown rules and at politicians who flout them to respect the rule of law.

According to Johns Hopkins University data, there have now been more than 1.2 million known cases in France, 1.09 million cases in Spain, nearly 898,000 in Britain, almost 543,000 in Italy, and more than 457,000 in Germany.

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to push for a “lockdown light” while the country could hit 20,000 new cases a day by the end of the week, Economy Minister Peter Altmaier warned on Tuesday.

“We are dealing with exponential growth,” Altmaier said, ahead of a COAG-style meeting between Chancellor Angela Merkel and the 16 state premiers on Wednesday to discuss further lockdown measures, such as a period of business closures.

Stupid Merkel is still seeking fairness in investments as EU leaders have urged Brussels to look into reducing dependence on China. She should have learned that it’s like requesting a skin from a tiger when she hopes to clinch a “reciprocal” deal with the dictatorship in Beijing.

In France, “the coronavirus is spreading even faster than it did during the first phase of the pandemic”, a French government adviser said. “COVID-19 patients occupy nearly half of all of France’s 5000 intensive care beds and its well-regarded health system has been showing increasing signs of strain.”

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said the French people would have to “prepare for difficult decisions”, on a day when the country clocked 33,417 new cases and reached almost 50 percent capacity in its intensive care wards.

French President Emmanuel Macron is holding emergency governmental meetings to weigh up tougher measures, which will be announced on Wednesday evening. The 523 deaths on Tuesday represented the highest daily toll since April.

Stupid Macron has been a good friend of Xi Jinping and he surely wouldn’t say anything like “to hold the Communist regime accountable” for all the coronavirus-related sufferings brought to the French people.

No wonder Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said yesterday Macron had “lost his way” over his attitude towards Muslims and “Macron needs treatment on a mental level”.

In the United Kingdom, more than 8million people are now living under the highest Tier 3 rules, while the devolved nations of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have even tougher lockdowns, according to Daily Mail.

Britain recorded its highest COVID-19 death count since late May on Tuesday, notching up 377 fatalities, which lifted the overall toll to more than 45,000. But most people are frustrated with the lockdowns.

“I can buy a Babycham, but not baby milk,” complained one shopper, highlighting the nonsense.

In yet more bad news, a study from London’s Imperial College came to light suggesting the proportion of British people with COVID-19 antibodies declined from 6 percent in June to 4.4 percent in September.

“These data suggest the possibility of decreasing population immunity and increased risk of reinfection as detectable antibodies decline in the population,” the paper said.

Instead of focusing on the pandemic and fighting the disease that he himself was infected with, Prime Minister Boris Johnson distracted the world with the topic of climate change.

Without any guts of a man to hold the CCP regime accountable, Stupid Johnson today even tells Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison it’s time for “bold action” on climate change.

In other parts of Europe, the picture was also looking grim as a string of countries reported record increases. Leaders of these governments are also weak to trace the origin of the pandemic and find better solutions than just “lockdowns” to save their people from suffering.

Belgium, one of the worst-hit countries, had its foreign minister Sophie Wilmes taken into intensive care this week. Its government tightened restrictions on social contacts on Friday and banned fans from sports matches.

Spain passed the one million case milestone earlier this week and two regions – Castilla and Leon and Valencia – urged the central government to impose night-time curfews quickly to stem the spread.

Poland, another of a string of countries to report record daily case increases, said it would close restaurants and bars for two weeks and limit public gatherings to five people.

In the Netherlands, a COVID-19 patient was flown from Flevohospital in Almere to a German intensive care unit on Friday, the first such international airlift since the global pandemic first threatened to swamp Dutch hospitals in the spring.

Russia’s daily tally of new COVID-19 infections surged to a record high of 17,347 on Monday as the Kremlin warned the pandemic was beginning to take a greater toll outside Moscow.

With 1,531,224 infections, the country of about 145 million people has recorded the world’s fourth-largest COVID-19 caseload – after the US, India, and Brazil.

More than 42.9 million people are reported to have been infected by the coronavirus globally and 1,151,929 have died, according to a Reuters tally.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is self-isolating after coming into contact with an individual infected with coronavirus, the state-run TASS news agency cited the Foreign Ministry as saying Tuesday.

According to the Moscow Times, Russia has reinstated a nationwide mask mandate starting Wednesday and has recommended that restaurants and bars close between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Whoever gets closer to the Communist Regime of China suffers the most. The situation in Russia is getting worse after Vladimir Putin signaled to deepen ties between Moscow and Beijing with a possible Russia-China military alliance.

As the coronavirus crisis drags on and the future looks grim, the mood in Europe is turning ugly. Tempers are fraying. Frustration is at the boiling point.

Thousands of people have taken to the streets in Italy and Spain to protest coronavirus lockdown rules, according to local media.

Even Germany, where the public is renowned for its obedience to authority, is experiencing unrest.

Protesters have clashed with police in northern Italy, as demonstrations erupted across the country Monday night over government restrictions.

The most serious occurred in Milan and Turin, where demonstrators committed arson, vandalized public transport, looted shops, and attacked the police with stones and petrol bombs.

But these protesters have found the wrong target. Firm evidence has told that the Chinese Communist Party created the coronavirus and deliberately released it to the world, thus causing over a million deaths and over 40 million infections, in addition to a complete shutdown of the world’s economy.

Coronavirus is not just a virus in medical terms; it’s a biological weapon that was created in a lab to kill humans.

For this, the Chinese Communist Party is to blame and its leadership must be held accountable.

The New Federal State of China has repeatedly told the world that the coronavirus crisis won’t end until the Communist Party of China is taken down. The whole of Europe must be awakened to this truth and united in a fight against the evil regime.

By Winnie Troppie


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