Strongly condemn CCP’s cruelty and brutality on Hong Kong streets

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    A progression of selfies taking at anti-extradition protests from June 9 to August 31. Note escalation in gear.

    路德请你一定要带话文贵先生,请他求求川普总统别再拖了,夜长梦多快点对CCP动手吧!香港人命关天,CCP是不会停手了,他们杀人杀惯了,这时候的三天长如三月真的不能再拖了,香港人拖不起真的拖不起。(Please pass the message to Wengui and ask President Trump not to delay his actions against the CCP! The Hong Kongers are running out of time!)

  2. Today’s horrible violence in HK is being incited by china’s communist party itself. The mission all-along has been for the ccp to bring the violence to the Good People of Hong Kong. ⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦

    Definitely CCP

    8/31/2019 路安时评:全世界关注港人不惧中共军队大抓捕,再次以宗教名义“大散步”;川普警告中共”3天后看各方面实际情况再做决定“;林郑随…The world has paid its attention! Hong Kongers are not afraid of CCP’s arrests by taking onto the streets for a massive “walk” in the name of God. Trump has warned CCP he will make decisions in three days on the situation of Hong Kong.

  3. OG战友之声 @SaraWei5 6 hours ago

    August 31: Hong Kong police is out of control in the streets! No rule of law!

    Here is an earlier cut of the same scene. does any level of “violence” from any number of unarmed people deserve this much of pain & fear caused by the police? (I did NOT do this screen capture)

    I am speech-less. This is how the Hong Kong Police treat/beat the people of Hong Kong.

    suddenly rushed out of a train and used pepper spray in the platform in Prince Edward Station when protesters were actually leaving.

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