Story behind Steve Bannon’s arrest


Mr. Steve Bannon was arrested on Thursday in Connecticut by agents from the prosecutor’s office and inspectors of the US Postal Service aboard a mega-yacht called Lady May owned by Chinese fugitive billionaire Guo Wengui.

Bannon was charged for his role in an online crowd-funding campaign known as We Build the Wall, which collected more than $US25 million from Trump supporters under the pretence of constructing a barrier preventing people from illegally entering the US.

Bannon appeared in court late the same day and pleaded not guilty to the charges. He said the following day on his podcast War Room -Pandemic, “I’m not going to back down. This is a political hit job.”

US President Donald Trump had not been given a note before the arrest. When asked about the matter after the arrest, the President said at the White House: “I know nothing about the project, other than when I read about it I didn’t like it…I thought that was a project that was being done for showboating reasons; I didn’t know that he was in charge, I didn’t know any of the other people either. But it’s a bit sad. It’s very sad.”

Addressing the story on his show on Thursday night, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs said, “Bannon was arrested this morning, not by the FBI or US Marshals but by inspectors of the US Postal Service while Bannon was cruising aboard a mega yacht, owned by a Chinese billionaire. Yes, you heard that correctly – an elite police unit of the Postal Service. They’re called the US Postal Inspection Service and they had authority to arrest Bannon and they did so … Somehow, the deep state launched agents of the US Postal Service to arrest Mr Bannon.”

“There’s breaking news on Chinese websites said Steve Bannon was arrested. Ten minutes later, BBC reports the same news, and then CNN, FOX, and then it spread to everyone,” said Shane Savitsky on G-TV.

Shane wrote, “It took them only 21 minutes to do these things from writing to editing to publishing the news after the things happened. How efficient China’s propaganda system this time is! Does CCP involve in it? I have no idea. All I know is CCP is mad with joy now. Because Mr. Bannon is one of the most threatening people to CCP. From now on, The U.S. judicial system will drag Bannon into the quagmire of litigation.”

“The Chinese government has learned about the arrest two days before it happened. Even President Trump had no idea about it, ” said Guo Wengui. “The arrest of Mr. Bannon is the last fight launched by the CCP against our whistleblowers’ movement.”

The CCP has plans to take down the US and dominate the world

On his whistle blow on August 7 of 2017, Guo Wengui told about the CCP’s Blue-Gold-Yellow (BGY) Scheme. He claims that in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and overseas countries, CCP officials and their representatives are implementing a BGY plan.

“Blue” means the CCP uses internet censorship and intelligence to control the thought and movements of businesses men and sensitive personnel. “Gold” means the CCP uses money to bribe people and win their support. “Yellow” means the CCP uses sex to seduce people into scandals. Miles claims that the CCP would record with videos the process of BGY as evidence of threats so that those people under the BGY scheme will listen to or support what the CCP has told them.

Guo says the CCP has been very successful to use this scheme on individuals and institutions in the United States who have cooperation with Chinese overseas entities, western Media, and Wall Street. The aim of the CCP is to weaken America, take down America, and kill Americans.

Guo Wengui discussed on War Room-pandemics on April 24, 2020 with Steve Bannon on COVID-19 and he told:

Early in 2007, also in 2011-2012, some CCP intelligence guy found me and said to me, “Miles, I need your help. We have a program. We need investment from Americans. We are creating a P4 lab in Wuhan. I need you to find out banks in France, UK, to donate money, and find some scientists to come here.”

So I know that CCP has officially such a plan. They are prepared to create a biochemical weapon. The only one goal is to take down America. This guy now is still in the CCP’s central committee.

This guy told me, “Miles, we must have a war with America. There is no doubt. We need to be early prepared. How can you find the cheaper, easy, and 100% way to kill America, weaken America, take down America!” They told me about the plan.

So, the coronavirus is not just a SARS-like virus; it is a biochemical weapon created by the CCP and released to the world.

Chinese virologist Dr. Yan Li-meng revealed on War-Room on August 8, “I can tell you the basic thing is the Chinese Communist Party. They don’t want people to know the real origin of this virus. They don’t want you to understand why this virus can be so enhanced to target human, and they tried to let you believe that this is some natural one and also there are still no good drugs.”

The US is now at war with the CCP. It is an unrestricted war, economic warfare, technological warfare, intelligence warfare, media warfare, and now legal warfare. But the US was not fully prepared for that.

President Donald Trump is in danger

They arrested Steve Bannon, but the real target is Donald Trump. Trump knows that China does not want him to win the second term.

“Biden is smoother to deal with, “China’s state-run Global Times said.

“We assess that China prefers that President Trump – whom Beijing sees as unpredictable -does not win reelection,” said William Evanina, director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, in a statement updating the election threat landscape heading into the November election.

“You’ve seen the intelligence reports: China very much wants Joe Biden to win,” Trump said to the press. “That would be very insulting if they wanted me to win.  I don’t think so. ”

For two years of trade talks with Communist China, Donald Trump has been fooled around by Xi Jinping who “promised” him a “great deal”. Repeatedly, Donald Trump has called this dictator a “good friend of mine.”

Ex-National Security Adviser John Bolton said in his new book that Donald Trump sought help from Xi to win re-election.

But after the coronavirus outbreak and over 150 thousand American deaths, their personal relationship has changed.

“I used to have a very good relationship with him,” Trump told Fox Sports Radio in an interview last Tuesday, citing their Phase One trade deal signed in early 2020. “I had a great relationship with President Xi. I like him, but I don’t feel the same way now.”

Trump said that the fallout from the outbreak was worse than the conflict over trade. “This is a thousand times the trade deal what happened with all of the death and … the world had to shut down. It’s a disgrace,” he told Fox.

The CCP  in a conspiracy has used its hidden forces in the U.S. to collude with the deep state to take down Donald Trump.

According to the Guardian, the “deep state” is supposedly a conglomeration of bureaucrats and law enforcement agents that exist to thwart Trump’s agenda. Bannon enthusiastically propagated the theory when he was Trump’s campaign manager in the 2016 election and then a senior adviser in the White House.

In Deep State: Trump, the FBI and the Rule of Law by James B Stewart, published last October, Bannon said the “deep state conspiracy theory is for nut cases”, because “America isn’t Turkey or Egypt”.

Bannon also described to the journalist Michael Wolff, for his book Siege: Trump Under Fire, advice he gave to a ghostwriter working on Trump’s Enemies: How the Deep State is Undermining the Presidency, a book by Trump aides Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie.

For over three years, exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui has accused key members of the Chinese Communist Party leadership of corruption and sex scandals. He also revealed to the world the plans of the CCP to take down America and dominate the world.

According to Hawaii News on August 20, in a criminal complaint filed this week, 45-year-old Nickie Mali Lum Davis and several mainland political fundraisers are being accused of using their clout to illegally to influence the Trump administration in exchange for $8 million.

Davis’ partners were not charged but the complaint says one of them is former Republican National Committee deputy Finance Chair Elliott Broidy.

The case involves major global powers, the US, China, Malaysia, North Korea with lobbyists taking money to deport exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui under the instruction of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Ludepress reported.

A legal document released in Hawaii on August 17 by the Justice Department states,

“PRC National A was a dissident of the PRC, living in the United States on a temporary visa. The government of the PRC, including PRC Minister A and the President of the PRC, were seeking of the removal of PRC National A from the United States back to the PRC.”

For two years Guo Wengui (or PRC National A) has cooperated with the FBI in investigating related cases. Documents with the FBI showed that Xi Jinping mentioned the repatriation of Guo Wengui when he met with President Trump at the Mar-a-Lago Estate in April 2017.

President Trump has kept his alerts and did not go into Xi’s trap to deport Guo Wengui.

Guo Wengui has woven a huge net to trap the CCP

For three and a half years, Guo Wengui has been fighting the CCP leadership also in unrestricted warfare and made himself the focus of the world.

Since he started to reveal the corruption and scandals of the CCP leadership, especially President Xi Jinping and Vice-president Wang Qishan, Guo Wengui has been under numerous death threats from the Communist Regime.

It is a miracle that Guo Wengui not only survived those fights but becomes stronger and stronger by winning the support of the Chinese people. More and more westerners have come to know him and also stand by his side to take down the CCP. Guo established the New Federal State of China on June 4th 2020 together with warrior friends of his Whistleblowers’ Movement.

With his strong intelligence network built into the heart of the CCP leadership, in addition to his own mega financial capabilities, Guo Wengui has laid down a widespread network across the globe to trap the corrupt CCP officials and their supporters in the western world.

In three years, Guo has awoken the western world to face the threats from Communist China and successfully won the forces of justice and righteousness to join his front. With the COVID-19 outbreak in particular, Guo has successfully convinced the west that the CCP does not represent China or the Chinese people.

Guo has great patience. In his Seven Principles, he insists on “not acting against President Xi” and this has pushed Xi into actions of eliminating most of Guo’s enemies within the CCP, including Sun Lijun and Meng Jianzhu.

As part of Guo’s tactics, international pressure and condemnation have encouraged more intense fights within the CCP leadership. One example on August 13th, a political riot targeting President Xi occurred in Shanghai. Although the coup attempt failed, the fight between Xi Jinping and former Vice-president Zeng Qinghong is still in progress.

Overseas, CCP’s supporters in the United States are also feeling the pain as the US Justice Department is endorsing Guo’s whistle-blow in legal actions against those “deep state” people in Capitol Hill, in the Democrats, in the media, and especially in Wall Street.

The recent arrest of Mr. Bannon showed that Guo and his American friends are fighting a war within the US legal system. The recently-released document from the Justice Department tells about this fight.

This will not only relate to the detention of many CCP lobbyists in the US who have been working to remove Guo Wengui and undermine Donald Trump’s presidency but also relate to legal actions to be taken on Xi Jinping and other high-ranking officials of the Chinese Communist Party.

The huge net has been spread across the world for three years and now it’s time to collect the fish.

By Cloudy Seagail

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