Stories behind the G20 dinner meeting that most people won’t know


Today, let’s talk something about the dinner meeting at the G20 summit between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping.

I am telling you stories that I have heard from other sources; you do not have to believe me, just go and verify the facts.

Days before and after the G20 summit I was in Washington meeting US officials from different departments; I am going to tell two stories that have some sort of relation with the G20 dinner meeting.

Zhou Xin, a journalist of South China Morning Post, has full coverage on the G20 meetings; he was among the busiest reporters writing about related topics.

Before going for the summit, President Trump urgently summoned his trade advisor Peter Navarro who was then still in Malibu, California. Navarro was finally on board the flight for Argentina together with the President.

That was on the 29th of November. Soon after Donald Trump made his phone call for Peter Navarro, South China Morning Post reported that “Peter Navarro would be on the same flight with President Donald Trump for the summit in Argentina”.

Before this, South China Morning Post had three articles telling that Peter Navarro had been sidelined from Trump’s negotiation team. Robert Righthizer was asked on 27th if he knew that Peter Navarro was not attending the summit, and Righthizer said “bullshit! Impossible!” It was until the very last minute that Donald Trump made that phone call for Navarro’s attendance.

But before any arrangement was made for Navarro to join the president, South China Morning Post was quick enough to tell the story. That was truly amazing!

Friends! Please think, who owns South China Morning Post? What is its background with Chinese Communist Party (CCP)? What close connections they have with the White House? If you are not convinced, let me tell you another story.

During the G20 summit in Argentina, one hour before the dinner, or even earlier on the 27th or 28th , the reporter Zhou Xin already knew about what would happen during the dinner meeting.

One hour before the dinner, Zhou Xin already had an article published on the result of the meeting, 100% correct on the terms, and 100% the same wording as Chinese Foreign Ministry and its minister Wang Yi: “Xi and Trump agree to trade truce, no additional tariffs” and “with 90 days delay.”

All Chinese newspapers followed up with their reports citing Zhou Xin’s article.

Please remember, when we look at the propaganda campaign of CCP, we shall look at the first gunshot, and who has fired this first shot. And then you look at the overseas Chinese media – who is the first one to follow with similar or same reports, including social media.

It’s like giving the dog a bone – Just see who are the dogs to rush for the bone; pigs won’t join the competition.

CCP has their dogs or spies hidden in the White House, I am sure to say that. Who are throwing the bones?- people within the White House. Dogs like Zhou Xin from South China Morning Post and other overseas Chinese media are rushing for the bones. I am 100 percent sure.

The result is that what the US side has announced after the meeting is totally different from what the Chinese side has announced. According to US personnel attending the dinner meeting, there was nothing like “with applause heard in the room”.

During the meeting, the US side was supposed to outline its plan in front of the Chinese delegation. But the Chinese side took the lead to speak out their questions (conditions) and answers. Those US officials were astonished to learn that question one, question two, question three – the Chinese side had already known what cards the US delegation was going to play.

That dinner meeting lasted for about 50 minutes, during which there were two interruptions. The Chinese know that “to know one’s own strength and the enemy’s is the sure way to victory”. The 90 days delay was set by President Xi who presented a final report on US citizens detained in China, US companies in China and official notices related to their technology transfer, problem of their earnings moving out of China, and other concerns on vehicles, soybean and beef, and fentanyl. The Chinese side has not missed a single thing. The US delegation was speechless.

What was the story, friends? Look at Zhou Xin’s reports. Peter Navarro is a US high ranking official. Zhou Xin knows every movement of his – he is not going for the summit; before his departure for the summit; he is ready for the summit; he is ready to be on the same flight with Donald Trump—everything! And Zhou Xin knows the results before the dinner starts!

Do you think there are still any more secrets behind the G20 meetings? Now the question is: who is the person behind these stories? – who has been kept quiet behind the scene? – Who is hidden in the White House?

And please don’t forget the money! – Money in China’s stock markets, money in Europe’s stock markets, money in the US stock markets!

Twenty hours before the summit, some of my private funds managers all had their cell phones turned off. Two or three days before the summit, they moved about in secrecy, refusing to tell me their whereabouts.

I knew that they are going to do bad things. For a whole week, one of the fund managers only answered my messages, but never answered my phone calls. With information, do you think they would just stay home and rest?

With reports by CCP controlled media, China stocks and Hong Kong stocks all responded with heights, including Wall Street. But take a look, who are the buyers and who are the sellers? Billions has been made by a few. A US journalist once said these words, “If you keep a close eye on these very few CCP individuals, you are a master of Chinese politics. They are Jiang Zhicheng, grandson of former President Jiang Zemin, several families in Hong Kong who have good relationship with Wang Qishan, Zhu Yunlai, son of former premier Zhu Rongji, and others in relation to Xi Jinping, Meng Jianzhu and other standing members of the CCP”. They are the only winners, together with a few Wall Street bankers or three families the most, whom I am not going to name here. The total amount they have made during this round shall not be less than one trillion US dollars.

Any CIA or FBI investigator shall look into these facts and the reasoning behind these happenings. Without looking into these, no people in the US government shall have a correct understanding of what’s going on under the table during the G20 meetings.

Before G20, during the thanksgiving holidays, US officials in Washington mostly went home for rest, after meetings with Donald Trump. But a few people or funds directors (white people, not Chinese) sent by CCP were very active in Washington meeting US officials, except Peter Navarro. You can check their whereabouts on those days. These people decide the fate of the officials.

Whatever happens in 90 days, they will be sure winners, making lots of money.

CCP’s strategy was successful. The Chinese side knows fully well every movement of the Trump’s administration. They have planned everything for Donald Trump and would pay any price to interference with Trump’s administration, including midterm elections.

Beyond G20, there is a war within the White House, in Washington, between the Democrats and Republics, the Senate and the House. Every place above, there is the BGY influence by China’s CCP. And they are the winners, including their western supporters.

Once again, the CCP shows to the world that it is successful with its media propaganda.

Within China, whether economically, politically, culturally, or morally, the whole country has been kidnapped by a few families of the CCP. The money these families have made during the G20 has nothing to do with ordinary Chinese people.

G20 shows that those Chinese traitors are not only capable of controlling the whole China; they are capable of directing the western civilizations. The west is part of their plan.

By Miles Kwok and staff writer


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