Stop playing games with the murderous dictatorship in China, says Bannon


Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon spoke out against the Chinese Communist government in an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Here’s the main content:

Bannon: Well, they better get it, because he put a shot across their bow when he talked about FARA, and he said, hey, not only — he used the word — remember, this is a very smart guy.

He used collaborator and appeasement, OK, collaboration and appeasement. Those words were specifically chosen by Attorney General Barr to put corporate America on notice. Then he talked about FARA. He talked about you guys being lobbyists and actually being unregistered foreign agents.

So this is something that he really threw down on. And I have got to tell you, it was a magnificent speech.

The other ones of the NSA director, of the FBI director, of Pompeo also have to be reviewed in an entire context of where President Trump is taking this, really, I think, as a war leader, on economic and information war.

What we have to do today is then stop playing games with the CCP. Stop being a supplicant about this virus. We have to tell them, I believe, you turn over every piece of information, you open up the P4 lab, you let Americans and other scientists from around the world go in there and interview everybody, get every document, or we’re going to cut you off.

We’re going to cut you off from the U.S. dollar. We’re going to sanction your banks.

Bartiromo: Wow.

Bannon: And we’re going to sanction the highest members of the Chinese Communist Party, Wang Qishan and Xi.

It’s time for — President Trump has got a great saying: no games. It’s time to stop playing games with this murderous dictatorship.

Bartiromo: Yes.

Bannon: They lied. The American people have died. Their own people have suffered immensely.

Bartiromo: Wow.

Bannon: The Communist Party — people — the Chinese Communist people — the people there are innocent victims of this dictatorship.

Source: Fox News


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