Steven Bannon updates on Rule of Law Fund to help Chinese against the CCP


Earlier today, Steven Bannon sits with Miles Kwok at his penthouse in New York to talk about the Rule of Law Foundation and updates of its operation throughout the world. The following is an abstract of Mr. Bannon’s remarks:

I spent this morning…I had a number of meetings with some of the powerful lawyers in New York City, talking about the Rule of Law Fund, talking about what we are going to accomplish, and talking about how we are going to use the Rule of Law to bring freedom to China and the Chinese people.

The reception among the legal community here is pretty amazing. People are very excited about what we are doing. They love the concept that China needs some sets of rules or law, that everyone should be judged equally.

Remember, law is blind; it doesn’t matter who you are, wealthy person or poor person. Justice is blind. I think, my meaning today is the same as what Miles has pledged, which is terrific.

The only way in which CCP can withstand the rule of law is to make up lies. When you have the law, everybody is treated fairly.

I think one of the reasons that the Chinese people have been so successful in places like Hong Kong which has British common law, or the United States in the west …When the Chinese come here, they flourish or they are exceptional, because they are hard working, smart and they create the opportunities… because you have a system built on the rule of law.

I think that’s why the CCP, in the suppression of the Chinese people, understands that if they have the rule of law, you are going to have the flourishing of the little guy, which is kind of the global thing I have been working on. If you have the set of rules for the little guy, all hundred names throughout the world, he’s going to bye bye the old and flourish, particularly in China.

Some of the things Miles has the time to talk about … I am not going into too much detail here. Obviously in the Rule of Law Fund or Rule of Law Foundation, a couple of things we focus on are clearly continuing the investigations, like to bring up the corruption, the graft, and the CCP’s stealing of resources from the Chinese people; and senior members of the CCP using that for their personal wealth, whether it’s here in the west by the real estate or to steal the money from the Chinese people and put it here.

The other is to work with different nations throughout the world so that we can have some sort of system; that for whistle blowers, people that have exposed the ills in Chinese society, there is some place hopefully that we can work with…(by granting) people special visas or passports or whatever, so that people can actually go to other countries.

So that’s one of the things we are going to work on; they will take a while but we are very engaged in that. Both the investigations and to figure out how we actually protect those individuals and their families that come forward for our help with this whole concept with the rule of law; or breaking of the law among certain members of radical cadrys of the CCP.

So we had a busy Saturday, a busy week. We are off and running … the rule of law fund, I’ve got a bunch of meetings all over the country and the world in the next couple of weeks, and I think we can be …(not clear)

Just to let everybody know, whether you are in mainland China or in cities throughout the world, the one aspect that I have found most interesting about this is that your story and the story of the oppression of the Chinese people is now, I can feel it, being started to be understood.

(Though all the media is not covering it as much as they should, the world is getting out, like I said I had two to three meetings this morning already with law firms, and prominent people in the legal community in New York City, in Manhattan. You can tell, your story and the oppression, the audience, what you are living right now is getting to be a focus of people throughout the world.

I can tell you what the meetings I have got set up with different people in different countries. This story is getting out, is getting out everyday, is getting out that the oppression of decent, innocent people, hard working people in China is now (known).

Now all the lies the CCP has been telling, all the misinterpretations of the CCP has been doing, I think, are now starting to come forward. And people realized there is a major problem in China and that has to be dealt with.

Central to this, as Miles has said, from day one we started working together, the only way to bring back freedom to China and the Chinese people is through the Chinese people. It’s not Miles Guo, or Steven Bannon, or others, and or other Chinese living in the west, that are going to bring down this radical cadrys of the CCP. The freedom of the Chinese people is in the hands of the Chinese people.

I think the more the truth gets out, to the rest of the world, it can come to their systems of how they get their freedom.

I think the key parts as Miles has told, one part is investigations, another part is media to expose the investigations whether that’s HNA or all the other situations we have with people either being put in prison, committing suicide or been murdered, or missing. To do the investigations, so that we have the facts.. the truth. Then is to … working with the media or our own media to expose the truth and get it out to a broader audience.

I think the third, part of it is working with legal systems throughout the world to make sure people are brought to justice. I think the third part of that is some sort of either network of working with other countries that can actually … for whistle blowers, and those people that have exposed this sort of corruption, and people that have been forced into prison, people that are being oppressed, that there will be so sort of system, hopefully with other governments, there will be some sort of policy to allow people to actually live in those countries, not just as political asylum seekers or having protection, that people can actually get passports.

That’s going to take obviously a lot of work and we are dedicated to doing this.

By Steven Bannon
Edited by staff


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