Steven Bannon and Miles Kwok meet again to talk about the Committee on the Present Danger and Sino-US trade talks


After separation for about a month, Steven Bannon and Miles Kwok sat together again early today to clarify things about the Committee on the Present Danger: China (CPD) and share their views on the on-going China US trade talks.

While Steven Bannon tells about the history and role of the CPD in bringing down the former Soviet Union, Miles Kwok stresses that the CPD must make clear never to target China or the Chinese people in its new mission against the Communist regime.

Mr. Bannon explained that the CPD is an independent, private, and non-profit organization with nothing to do in their relations with the US government. Although it does make recommendations to the government and the president, it acts on its own terms to fight communism by educating the public to be aware of the present danger and threats posed by the Communist Party of China (CCP). He said as he is currently liable for many obligations with the Rule of Law Fund, he will only take up more responsibilities later in the CPD.

Mr. Bannon said the principal focus is to let the world know that they have a group of radicals running the CCP right now which is suppressing and enslaving the Chinese people. The main purpose of the Committee is to let the world know and hopefully take action to really stop the radical CCP from further suppressing the Chinese people and causing much suffering throughout the world.

Miles said, “We solemnly and officially declare that we shall never cooperate with any organization or share intelligence with them if they act against China or the Chinese people. The aim of the CPD is to demolish the evil group of the CCP and bring the state traitors to justice. We are not going to do any harm to the ordinary Chinese people.”

Steven Bannon agreed with Miles that the common Chinese people are hard working and kind-hearted people; they are the victims of CCP persecution. China and its common people shall never become our enemies, he said, the present danger of world is a small radical group of the corrupt CCP leadership, numbering less than one thousand individuals.

“One of the central things for the Committee on the Present Danger about China is to have sophisticated individuals who are able to lead teams that will do a very detailed analysis of not just the radical CCP group that has controlled the assets in China, but also actually who is working with them throughout the world,” said Bannon.

Miles said that in the last week or so, he has met with five important financiers, also key members of the CPD in California and other states, and at least four of them have made it clear to Miles Kwok that they share Miles’ views in fighting the communist dictatorship and would propose changing the Constitution of the CPD.

Miles said that God has given us the best opportunity in history to bring down communism. “Besides the efforts of Steven Bannon and these world-class financiers, we have President Donald Trump and his aides like Vice President Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Robert Lighthizer, and Peter Navarro who are all tough in dealing with communist China,” Miles said. During his trip to California, Miles said he had the impression that most people there who used to criticize Donald Trump and Steven Bannon are now expressing their greatest support in a 180 degree change. “These are facts, not just blows, ” Miles added.

Referring to the China US trade talk in Washington and Vice Premier Liu He’s meeting with Donald Trump in the oval office earlier this week, both Steven Bannon and Miles Kwok laughed that both sides were playing games and that was only a piece of joke.

In the past month or so, Steven Bannon has been busy spreading his messages in Japan and Europe, particularly in Vatican and Italy where the CCP signed the secret deals. He has talked to local politicians and a wider audience in the religious and cultural circles, winning a lot of support for the Rule of Law Fund.

By Winnie Troppie


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