Steven Bannon and Miles Kwok, a dialogue on Terry Gou’s presidential bid

Giant Foxconn founder Terry Gou

Miles Kwok: We are quite familiar with the CCP’s Red Army movie “Double-gun Granny Fighter”. To win any battle, CCP has always prepared “Two Guns” in their plans. The same strategy with the presidential election in Taiwan.

Terry Gou is at the center of Taiwanese interests, its politics and society, its relations with China and the US in the trade deal; he is the most important businessman linking the three sides closely. He also has close relations with Huawei and ZTE that are under US sanctions economically and technologically. He is a participator in the stealing of property rights. He plays a key role in the disputes between China and the US in respect of technology and property rights protection in the trade talks.

Every one knows that Terry Gou has significant influence in Taiwan. He also has strong influence in the area of technology in China, the US and the rest of the world.

Now he has made a decision to run for Taiwan’s presidency. This is a historic and revolutionary event in Taiwan. We can say that he will direct the future of Taiwan and his presidency will have a profound impact on the well-being of 23 million Taiwanese people.

Today I would like to talk about this issue together with Mr. Steve Bannon. First, let’s watch a short video. On September 5 of 2018, I said that the next president of Taiwan is Terry Gou. Many things I have said about Taiwan prove to be true now.

Miles said in the video, “What did Mr. Ke Wenze promise during his campaign? He has never fulfilled his promises during the campaign. At that time, his top priority was to eliminate Ma Yong-jeou, and yet he did not do that. Then he tried to do the Domed Stadium project, and he was not successful. Not only that, he tried to collude with the state-owned enterprises. He is becoming more and more ambitious. He wants to run for Taiwan presidency. I am perfectly sure he has no chance. The next Taiwan president will be Terry Gou. Mr. Ke! You have won some support from the mainland, as they think you might be elected. But, remember! You are only a pawn for them. Don’t you ever dare to hurt Taiwanese people? Don’t you ever dare to sell out Taiwan!”

Steve Bannon: First, I would like to thank everybody to join us on Easter Saturday in New York City, in this news studio. It is good to be indoors than outdoors. One thing people should know before we go into the detail of Taiwan, I want to talk about the video we just saw. It’s one of the reasons I have really enjoyed meeting Miles and working with him over the last year or so.

Those who have been watching this from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, you have to understand one thing: This week the announcement that Terry Gou, chairman and CEO of Foxconn, was inspired to run for president of Taiwan, caught the attention of the whole western world. It’s a big shock. It’s been a huge news story like a fire storm coming out, a complete shock to all the geniuses in the foreign policy of establishments in Washington DC., in New York, in London, throughout Europe, even in Japan, some part of Australia. The whole west is completely in shock that Terry Gou is going to run for president of Taiwan.

It soon came out there is a huge story here. Miles reminded me last September when I was very focused on the 2018 midterm elections, which was so important for President Trump, we discussed with the House of Representatives over that issue. Miles reminded me in one of his broadcasts he actually went through this and said this is going to happen.

This is why whenever I was doing with the Rule of Law Fund, whenever I was with the Committee of the Present Danger of China, I have arranged my schedule so that I can be up with Miles Kwok in the Saturday broadcast.

What Miles has been able to provide to westerners is not like Henry Kissinger or some professor or one of the American or British people talking about China. For the first time in the west, we have an individual who really understands what the game is at a very deep level – understands what’s going on and can explain that. I think leaving even Taiwan aside, that broadcast of last September is so important that you see Miles has such an impact on the west, and why so many people are not just watching this broadcast that he said something the western people are picking up in the talk. He has a very sophistical and deep understanding of what’s going on not just in China, but the rest of Asia. That’s the first time we have that. We have many westerners that are trying to explain that to us, people like Dr. Kissinger – very smart people who have lived in China but they are Americans or British or European. This is the first time we have somebody who six months ago sat there and said “Hey! This is actually what’s going to happen.” It’s very refreshing. That has let so many big changes happen so far. I think it’s going to have a huge impact on the future.

People who are watching this broadcast in mainland China tonight, the patriots in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, also understand that many westerners watch this broadcast we put onto Guo,media. Miles! Tell us how did you know back in September -this has caught the attention of all the geniuses in the United State, the State Department, the Defense Department, and in London, in Europe and all the newspapers, the Times in London, the Financial Times -they are shocked that Terry Gou was inspired by the sea Goddess to come forward for his country, for Taiwanese people. What was it about the situation in Taiwan, what was it about the situation in Asia, with the CCP and Terry Gou -can you kind of unpack that? What has brought you to say that at the time?

Miles Kwok: About the politics of Taiwan, neither me nor Steve Bannon has a better understanding than the Taiwanese people themselves. As Terry Gou has been invested in the mainland for a long time and maintained contacts with many of my friends, some of his love partners are also my good friends, many of his business partners are my friends, particularly I personally had lots of business contacts with Terry Gou, I was able to make those judgments.

Let me tell you two stories to justify my judgment on his presidential bid for 2020.

When I met with a top CCP leader years ago, he suddenly asked me to leave, saying he was going to meet an important guest. Soon I came to know the guest was Terry Gou. An insider told me that there had been many meetings like this, and Terry Gou was the person CCP has chosen and nurtured to become Taiwan’s next president.

Another story, when Terry Gou’s factory in Shenzen was in great trouble having some employees committing suicide by jumping off the buildings, Terry and the CCP decided to move his factory to Zhengzhou City, Henan province. In a short time of just months, a huge operation to move the facilities and equipment to a place near the old airport was completed. Zhengzhou City was my base where I started my real estate business many years ago.

My friend Yue Wenhai and the Party Secretary of Henan province directed the process and the People’s Liberation Army took part in the transportation and setting up of the new plant in Zhengzhou. A special work team from intelligence department of the CCP Central Committee and the Public Security Ministry was supervising the process. This was a special treatment that no other businessmen would have. Terry had the support of the military, the intelligence, the police, and the local government to set up his new factory in Zhengzhou that employs 300 to 400 thousand people.

That scale of work was completed in just a few months; that was a miracle in this world. There is only one power that has made that happen. That’s the political power from the top CCP leadership.

Another story, one of Terry Gou’s girl friends was a movie star from Hong Kong, also one of my good friends – she told me things about Terry’s thoughts and his connection with CCP officials, and his ambition for Taiwan presidency. She said Terry was very sure about this.

Later some CCP leaders told me that they have several other candidates besides Terry Gou. These candidates will join hands to challenge the Democratic Progressive Party. CCP wants to take over Taiwan by way of elections. Taking over Taiwan means taking over Asia; Taking over Asia is a sure step to control the rest of the world.

Steven Bannon: We are getting closer to the importance of Taiwan in the whole story. Almost two years before the election, in September 2018, Miles Kwok said about Terry Gou’s running for presidency. That’s almost time of the US presidential elections. Please keep in mind that the Taiwan presidential elections will take place in January of 2020, which is really just a few weeks before the elections in Iowa, New Hampshire, California, and South Carolina. The entire intensity of the coming presidential race – all racks up in the talks later about the Mueller Report. Remember the election in Taiwan will happen in January of 2020!

Brexit happened in June, Trump’s presidential election in November, the coming election cycle – the Taiwan election will essentially be like the voting in England. It will be a precursor because one of the central issues in this 2020 campaigns will be the west engagement with the CCP, and what the CCP is doing to enslave the Chinese people. This will be a central issue of the American campaigns. The election of the president of Taiwan will literally happen at the very beginning of the entire process to select the democratic candidates. This will be a huge event that will happen in 2020.

So Miles, back in September, 18 months before the election, what caused you to make this prediction?

Miles Kwok: It’s long story, but I’d like to keep it short. I shall just tell you briefly. You see there is one fundamental mistake with both the politicians in Taiwan and the politicians in the west who have looked at the CCP from their own angers.

When I look at the CCP leaders, I only have to look at two things: their women and their money. That is enough to find out what CCP is actually doing daily.

Taiwanese and American people have thought too high about the CCP leaders. They actually have no secrets to hide; their intelligence is not that sophisticated. When I have certain connections with their insiders, I will learn about their movements easily. Take the case of Terry Gou as an example. I used to ask a CCP leader about his ideas on Ke Wenze’s taking part in the presidential elections. He said, “There would be no chance for Ke Wenze; he will not be in the race. Our big boss already has the arrangement.” He told about Donald Trump in America – the businessman running for presidency, and creating a similar story in Taiwan – Terry Gou, a businessman for presidency.

Judged by these connections, my intelligence and understanding from Terry’s girl friends, I came to the conclusion that Terry Gou would be the choice. And I knew that Ke Wenze, Han Guoyu, and Lai Qingde will also come out for the race. Zhu Lilun has no connection with the CCP. Han Guoyu was one of CCP’s two guns. But the final choice must be Terry Gou. This is their Double-gun strategy.

This is the best way to learn about the CCP: connections, intelligence and an understanding of its vile nature. The two key things are women and money.

Everything is just beginning.

To be continued…

By Steven Bannon and Miles Kwok
Edited and translated by staff writer


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