Steven Bannon and Miles Kwok, a dialogue on Terry Gou’s presidential bid – Part 2

Steve Bannon and Miles Kwok.

Steven Bannon: Miles, why is Taiwan such a big focus for the CCP? Why is it so important, given its size, for Asia? Why the election has got so much attention and now get into the world’s attention?

Miles Kwok: Behind China are Russia and North Korea, not a threat to the CCP. What the CCP cares is its front, left and right. The CCP has complete control over the South China Sea in the past few years, including the Philippines and the surrounding sea areas, no problems there in the south. For CCP’s strategic chained islands, the first chain and second chain are now totally torn open.

In the Indo-Pacific region, the only strategic channel for resources through Malacca Strait is the so-called One Belt One Road. 86% of resources along this supply chain connect to the Middle East, Africa, Russia, Pakistan, and the western mountains. The One Belt One Road has linked these places together. The CCP wants to enter the Middle East and Africa from there. Their strategy is totally successful.

Next, the whole of the East China Sea and Taiwan Strait make up the most important part of its waterways for submarines and the military, and in its wrestling with Japan. Taiwan is the hand around the neck of the CCP regime; it must take over Taiwan in order to control Asia militarily. When it takes over Taiwan, it tells Asia that it has controlled the area because Taiwan’s economy, technology, population and geographical location tells its importance.

When the CCP controls Taiwan, Japan is then kicked out of Asia. By controlling Asia and the resources through Malacca Strait, the CCP can block Japan’s resource strategy. By then, no one in Asia is able to challenge the CCP. Basically it has been successful in its first step to take over the whole world.

Steven Bannon: Do you think the control of Taiwan basically-essentially gives China ahead of hedge powers in East Asia, in the part of West Pacific, then they can push forward for hedging to the rest of the world for domination after that? (Yes! – Miles)

Can the CCP continue to allow places like Taiwan and Hong Kong to continue to thrive without their dragged control? – because as an example not just to the world but to the Chinese people in the mainland of how successful with very limited resources – Taiwan and Hong Kong basically have very limited natural resources – If you give Chinese people freedom of thought, of speech, of religion, you give them capitalism, the Chinese people would thrive like no people on earth. Is that the example success of Taiwan and Hong Kong a problem for the CCP?

Miles Kwok: The history of Taiwan and Hong Kong has proved that the people there have no problem at all as a human race; they can have the rule of law, freedom and democracy. Without the CCP, they used to live in prosperity and happiness. On the contrary, the rule by the CCP in Hong Kong and Taiwan will bring about human disasters. The expansion of the CCP is the expansion of a dictatorship. The CCP wants to challenge the free and democratic system of America and the west. It wants to lead the world with its autocratic system. That’s contradictory to the direction of both Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The people of Taiwan and Hong Kong have only two choices: first, back to 100 years before as slaves; second, back to 30 years before with freedom and democracy.

Terry Gou is a commercial theft. He helped the CCP steal the technology of Apple, help Huawei steal the technology from the west. I have evidence to prove this. Terry Gou! You can challenge my claim if you dare to! Now he is going to steal the future of the Taiwanese people and sell out the interests of the United States. Mr. Bannon, you westerners should know about this.

Steven Bannon: The control of Foxconn, because he’s built Foxconn, we can later talk about how he’s built it. He’s built Foxconn, one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world, over a hundred billion dollars in revenue, making all the iPhones for Apple. And he is a very hand-on man, a man of details – people in the west tell he is very engaged in the daily operations of this massive empire of Foxconn. Can he even or is it practical for him to run for president of Taiwan -giving the fact that he actually needs to turn it over the control of Foxconn to his managers because it doesn’t seem he would give the CEO or chairman the status?

Miles Kwok: As far as I know, Mr. Terry Gou is not a crazy man in management, he is a crazy man in controlling everything. He and Jack Ma are among the best Chinese businessmen, but his success has not come from his wisdom but his mental illness. He plays with politics of the mainland pretty well, same as Jack Ma who is mostly a liar. Terry is successful because of his ability in controlling others and playing politics.

Although he is running for presidency, he won’t give up the control of his business. At the same time, he wants to sell Taiwan to the CCP. He hopes to make a deal with CCP through this presidential election. He used to make deals with movie stars, with the CCP, with other Taiwan presidents. He wants to find a balance here. It is impossible for him to achieve that. The result is to sacrifice the interests of 23 million Taiwanese people.

From the day Terry Gou announced his bid for presidency, his life career is over. He will not come to any good results in his climbing. He would only get worse and worse. His enterprise will get worse, his reputation will get worse, and his health will get worse. He will end up in total failure for his collusion with the CCP. We can just wait and see!

Steven Bannon: Why is that ? We are talking about how he actually has built his business in mainland China with the Taiwan banks and in coordination with the Chinese government. But Terry Gou did say he was inspired to do this, Miles, because in his dream the sea Goddess Mazu came to him and said that he should do that for the youth, for the economy, for cross-strait peace, that it was his time to run.

In today’s world, when you have figures like President Xi, Wang Qishan, Xi Jinping, Erdogan in Turkey, Mohammed Al Nahyan in UAE, LCC in Egypt, Salvini in Italy, Orban in Hungry, Putin in Russia, Trump in the United States of America, Bolsonaro in Brazil, people like Pope Francis -it seems like in world history these big personalities are now coming to the forth front from business or other areas to run governments and be major players on the world stage. And I think in September what you were saying was that Terry Gou was a personality like this in an era when Donald Trump’s been raised up in taking actual powers in politics. The way the media works, the way people’s attention works, the internet works, that the Terry Gou’s coming forward – Terry Gou said that he was inspired by a vision-the goddess Mazu came to him in a vision, told him for the good of the youth, for the good of the economy, for the good of what he calls a cross-channel peace and harmony; that now it’s time for him to leave business behind and actually seek the presidency of Taiwan for the good of the nation.

Miles Kwok: I think Mr. Bannon is also one of the greatest politicians of our time. Today’s strong men like Putin, Wang Qishan and Xi Jinping, in my view, are the results of history. This world now has two and a half systems. Two is normal: politics of the strong men and politics of the literate to run a country. Hitler, Stalin and The First Emperor of China were all strong men. But the best time for humanity is the time of George Washington and the time of Constitutional Great Britain. They have brought us a civilized world.

The composition of the literate, the intellectuals and the military may produce two different results: one is to run a country with joint wisdom; another is to run a country with a dictatorship by a strong man. I said two and a half, the half for businessmen to run a country. Past constitutional democracy or constitutional monarchy is no longer important. The key is dictatorship by a single man or letting everybody have a say. Today China’s CCP is challenging the world with a dictatorship.

Besides the traditional democracy and dictatorship, we now have the businessmen joining politics – I said it two and a half. In my opinion, a government run by businessmen is a crisis for humanity. I think the only correct choice for humanity is the rule of law, the rule by Constitution, and the rule of democracy. You can go low or high for democracy, but not for the law. Dictatorship must be eliminated.

Steven Bannon: That form of governance which I call state capitalism is strict control by government and big business getting together. And you see that in China today. What we are trying to do is hopefully to stop them from happening. It’s happening in the United States; it’s happening in Europe and all over the world, with big government ruling in corruption.

Let’s take Terry Gou’s example. No doubt, he is one of the world’s greatest examples of a CEO manufacturing business. He’s taking something from very small – I heard from 75 thousand dollars to a company of over 160 billion dollars of revenue, with plants all over the world, massive manufacturing in China, one of the most sophisticated, smart and cutting-edge companies in the world. Terry Gou has, in modern advanced capitalism, proved that – he did not even go to Harvard Business School to get that. He did it on his own, to become one of the greatest manufacturing companies.

However, how did he actually build his business? Is this an example of state capitalism – using Taiwan banks to fund manufacturing growth in mainland China in collusion with the CCP?

Miles Kwok: I think things can be more serious than Mr. Bannon has thought. Terry Gou and Jack Ma have shown the worst part as well as the best part of their personalities as Asians. In my view, they are both high level political liars. Without political maneuver, they wouldn’t have succeeded in Taiwan or the mainland. Terry Gou once said, “Can democracy give you bread or GDP?” His wealth was built on the hardship of common people. He is a theft stealing US technologies.

CCP did the same to steal the wealth of America and of the Chinese people. Jack Ma did the same to steal the future of many young Chinese. They stole Amazon’s technology in the name of saving the world. In CCP’s system, liars and thefts work together. That is a tragedy. In the western world, most people build their wealth through following the law as well as hard work. But both Terry Gou and Jack Ma have accumulated their wealth by being liars and thefts. Now they have a great influence in the world and no one seems to stop them from that.

Steven Bannon: It’s been reported widely that Terry Gou met with President Xi not too long ago and actually talked about politics. To take it to a deeper level, can you explain the “Two-gun” strategy we talk about? Why President Xi met with Terry Gou to talk about Taiwan politics? Why would that happen? Why President Xi took time to meet one of the world’s top entrepreneurs who is running one of the world’s biggest technology manufacturing companies?

Miles Kwok: The two-gun strategy in China is to support Terry Gou and Han Guoyu to deal with Lai Qingde. Both Zhu Lilun and Tsai Ing-wen are going downside. Either Terry Gou or Han Guoyu must win, no possibility for others. When the CCP sees a disadvantage, it can shoot out arrows from behind. With two guns, one must win. The CCP must be successful in the coming Taiwan elections.

This is why President Xi has met with Terry Gou in Beijing. CCP has a smart strategy. First it applied its BGY scheme, then gave Terry the market, tax-free, a plant built by a national force. Then it made good use of Terry’s scandals: the suicides of many of his employees, the sex scandals with his female workers, etc. When they are sure Terry is under complete control, President Xi came out to meet Terry, telling him to run for presidency for the CCP.

Now Terry Gou is the greatest criminal in stealing US technology, and I often tie him to Jack Ma who promised Donald Trump one million jobs for American people. Terry said he is to invest 10 billion dollars in the US; have you seen the money? These two are CCP’s super liars, super thefts and super players in politics. That’s why Xi JInping met with Terry Gou and Jack Ma went to Davos; they are the double guns of the CCP.

Steven Bannon: But do you think just giving the timing – the CCP might get into concern that the Mayor of Gaoxiong Han Guoyu may not be able to win, and Terry Gou -the primaries for the Kuomintang is in June, very late entry into the campaign. Remember President Trump has been working for a number of years before he came in June 2015 into the primary season. That was really a beginning of it. At that time, people said Trump has no chance, he is a joke, he is a clown, and I said Trump will be president of the United States. Terry Gou is very late, just a month or two before the primaries, has he ever talked about this really seriously – you pointed it out but many people didn’t even take that up a point back in September 2018.

Do you think there is a concern that Han Guoyu who has close relationships in China, and who is talking about reunification – not a hardliner for independence of the Taiwanese people? Do you think the CCP gets nervous that they want not a one-gun but a two-gun solution?

Miles Kwok: Mr. Bannon is right to say that. My intelligence tells me that CCP officials in their reports about Han Guoyu told that Han is a good candidate, but he is immorally corrupt, somewhat like Miles Kwok, with low level education, that he will not be able to hold the situation.

The CCP has decided on their choice of Terry Gou when he was still in hesitation. CCP knows Terry Gou is good at politics besides his connections in three areas. First, his connections in the US, China and Taiwan. Second, his political and business connections in Taiwan. Third, he is the only person in the mainland that the CCP needs to communicate with its workers in the production industry.

Years ago, the CCP leadership already made this decision. Besides, Terry Gou has maintained a good relationship with Wang Qishan, Xi Jinping and most importantly Jiang Zemin. They have interests exchanges. He is the definite choice for the good of China’s strategies, industry policies as well as the interests of both the CCP new leaders and old leaders.

When Terry Gou was in hesitation, President Xi talked to him in Beijing, asking him to come out for presidency and expressing his full support in any difficulties. This private talk lasted for over two hours after which Terry Gou made his own decision. Han Guoyu or Terry Gou, the double guns of the CCP and maybe another flying dagger from behind. This is the nature of the mafia-like CCP.

My intelligence in Beijing has told me the details of these meetings. But the Americans have no idea. The US claims to be Taiwan’s best friend but even Mr. Bannon knew nothing about what’s happening under the water. I told Mr. Bannon yesterday that Terry Gou will be the one; Lai Qingde and other have no chance. And only America can change that.

Steven Bannon: Taiwan has only 25 to 30 million people, relatively small in the world stage. But that election next January 20th -how important is that election for Asia, for the Chinese people in the mainland, for the Taiwanese people, and for the American people?

Miles Kwok: Whether CCP can kick the Americans out of Asia, whether the world can see China rule over Asia, whether a dictatorship can control the world, this is a symbolic event which will have a profound impact on the world’s future and politics.

Steven Bannon: What Miles said in September has proved itself after eight months. Let’s see this primary in June if Terry Gou will stand out – my idea is Terry Gou must not give up his control of Foxconn. I just don’t see technically people in Taiwan can have someone run who is not going to tell he is separating himself from his business. Put it in a blind trust that he has no control of that. The probability that will happen is ZERO.

This is an individual that has built one of the greatest manufacturing powers in the world from literally nothing. He said he is stepping down or stepping back as Chairman, CEO, an investor – four weeks when he is turning it over to the testimony, the probability is NONE.

Miles Kwok: Terry Gou’s life and business are over the moment he announced his presidential bid. At the time when he cooperated with the CCP, he has been infected with HIV diseases. Now it breaks out. Who is going to pay the price? The Taiwanese people!

Do you know what do I love myself the most? I have slept with the CCP for 29 years, but I did not have a sexual intercourse with the CCP. Thank God!

By Steven Bannon and Miles Kwok
Edited and translated by staff writer


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