Steve Bannon: two suggestions to China mainlanders


Steve Bannon: For everybody in mainland China, I would say you have to be very careful and you have to keep safe.

Remember the liberation of the Chinese people, we need a healthy robust Chinese people when the CCP collapses.

The CCP are devils. We know what they are going to do to the people who want their freedom.

So I think number one is you have many brave Chinese on the outside and many many people throughout the world who love the Chinese people and are prepared to assist. And we have the freedom here to do that.

Although many of the brave Chinese people overseas are under pressure because of their families in mainland China.

I think the number one thing that people in mainland China can do is join the Whistle-blowers Movement, is get information out through the firewall to the New Federal State of China and whistle-blowers, like what Miles Kwok has set up for the Whistle-blowers Movement, Rule of Law Society, Rule of Law Foundation and others.

As you have now seen they have been introduced to the people in the New Federal State of China. Get information out. The more the Whistle-blowers Movement is successful, the governments of the world are not going to sit there and count the CCP as a legitimate government.

So number one is to join the Whistle-blowers Movement, but do it below surface, so that you can not be attacked, you can not be put into prison, you can’t be beaten up, you can’t be tortured, and your property can’t be taken.

So number one: your safety, but join the Whistle-blowers Movement.

Number two is to do everything you possibly can to break the firewall and get as much information as possible coming from outside, from outside organizations like GNews, and GTV and other organizations. And particular know as much as you can about the New Federal State of China.

If you do that which is the base of making a dictatorship collapse, and people understand the enormous pressure, the enormous risks, enormous agony that you are under.

We appreciate that, but I know number one join the Whistle-blowers Movement and number two get as much information as you possibly can about what the New Federal State of China is, and how it’s growing, and how you can help it grow subterranean.

Notes taken by Followcn staff


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