Steve Bannon: more people will be out to tell about CCP’s cover-up


Jesse Watters: Breaking news in China’s coronavirus cover-up. Here is former Trump White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, host of the podcast War Room Pandemic.

Hi, Steve, what are your sources telling you about Chinese covering up the virus?

Steve Bannon: We know we started to have doctors, actually people associated with the Hong Kong lab, and people associated with Wuhan, people associated with the entire biochemical and bioweapons defense industry, that start to defect, start to get information out.

There’s a massive whistle-blower campaign in China right now. People have to understand that Chinese people are the victims of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They have been the victims of the CCP virus, and they are starting to tell the story.

Fox News broke an incredible story, I think, yesterday with Dr. Yan, who is the first of many that are gonna come out; some of them are already out in Europe, UK and other places. You’re gonna see now the intelligence agencies , the FBI, others, start to put this together of what the real source of this virus was. How culpable the CCP is about this virus, particularly what they visited on their people,  and what they visited on the people of the US.

The Chinese Communist Party lied; 130,000 Americans died.

We have an economic inferno in our country, an economic inferno around the world. We’ve blown up the balance sheet of the federal reserve; and everybody else is trying to bridge this in a smart way. That is all the responsibility of the Chinese Communist Party. They have to be held accountable.

I think you’re going to see a lot more Dr. Yans start to come forward and I think she’s got a lot more to say.

Jesse Watters: So the factions are gonna blow the lid off this thing. And the President needs to be much more aggressive in the way he confronts the Communist Chinese because they need to pay a price. Americans need to see them paying a price and they need to feel it, because that’s going to unite the country around a common goal.

So, what did you think about my analysis about the stakes in the election in terms of the economic policy merging that with the foreign policy and then defining Joe Biden as the bumbling buffoon that he is?

Steve Bannon: That’s playbook right there. Look! the tell was the other day when Joe Biden who’s the senator from Washington Delaware.

Remember, he represents all the global corporations; he’s been the biggest globalist in the Senate for 40 years. He pushed WTO for the Chinese. He pushed Most Favored Nations (MFN); he pushed NAFTA.

Chuck Todd said yesterday in an interview that it is kind of stunning to see Joe Biden trying to recreate himself as an economic populist and an economic nationalist. The reason is that’s where the country is.

Donald Trump is a populist; he is an economic nationalist. He’s the first president to confront China. But there’s so much more to do.

Right now in Hong Kong, President Trump ought to drop the hammer. That is Czechoslovakia in 1938. President Trump ought to cut them off in the US dollar; he ought to sanction Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, Bank of China, SDIC, Ping’an Group; he then ought to sanction individuals – Wang Qishan. I think he ought to sanction President Xi.

President Trump ought to throw down…look! The CCP, they did this because he had built a striver’s economy and wasn’t gonna be pushed around. The CCP coming out of that weapon’s lab and hiding that; we now know and Dr. Yan gives you a detailed analysis of how the Beijing CDC knew this back in late December 2019, early January 2020.

What she told Fox the other day is explosive. Every paper in the world has picked it up. I think you are just at the top of the first thing with her.

And there are many more like her. They are going to start coming forward.

Rember, people in China are decent, hard-working folks. They understand the brutality of the CCP. They understand that they are bad guys of a totalitarian dictatorship. And you are going to see many more things coming.

But I think you’ve liad out the playbook. What I would tell the President is ACTION, ACTION, ACTION! You are the protagonist in this drama. Drive the ACTION.

All Joe Biden can do is…Joe Biden is going to recreate himself in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin. Those are your voters, Mr. President. Just drop the hammer, more executive orders, and Buy American and Hire American.

Notes taken by staff from Steve Bannon’s interview with Jesse Watters of Fox News


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