Steve Bannon: Joe Biden has to come forward about ties to China’s government


Former Trump White House chief strategist Steve Bannon says former Vice President Joe Biden needs to prove that he’s not been compromised by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Responding to reporter Trish Regan on Fox News earlier today, Steve Bannond said, “Let’s go to Joe Biden specifically. I think Joe Biden needs to prove to the American people two things: number one, he’s got to prove that he’s not compromised by the Communist Party of China….And number two, he said China is no strategic competitor. He’s got to convince the American people he’s serious about this.”

In 2013, Joe Biden’s son Hunter, totally unqualified, went on a trip to China with him. Later Bank of China, which unlike any central bank in the G20, reported to the government that they gave this kid one billion dollars. Mr. Bannon said, “He is totally unqualified to run a private equity fund or hedge fund. Bank of China gave him 1.5 billion dollars to invest in some kind of surveillance companies. Some of his companies oppressed the hard working Chinese people that have been enslaved by the Communist Party.”

Mr. Bannon charged, “Joe Biden is hiding from this; he would not come forward… We have to understand that Joe Biden and his family have not been compromised. This is why the thing has been going on for so long… He has to tell how much wealth his family has created out of this. Why he took a billion and a half dollars from an oppressive government, and what they did with it?”

While Biden said China is not a strategic competitor, Mr. Bannon disagreed. He said the Communist government is the strategic enemy the U.S. has ever had. This corrupt regime has posed an external danger to the United States, and everybody understands that.

Mr. Bannon told, “I have just come back from Berlin and Paris; the people of Europe understand this. This is not a game. And Joe Biden has blown it off…We have got to understand that Joe Biden walked the other way while all the jobs got shifted to China.”

As Joe Biden have announced his decision to run for the next presidency, people from both the Republic and Democratic parties will be out after him, questioning his collusion with the Communist dictatorship.

In recent days, China’s state-run media has launched a full-scale attack on Steve Bannon, calling Bannon and his gang the true enemies of the U.S. and CCTV even denounced, “Bannon is hurting America; he is the problem maker; he is the demon.”

In response to this, Mr. Bannon received another interview with Trish Regan while he was still in Paris at night.

Mr. Bannon replied, “I think it is interesting that CCTV, which is the BBC of China, and the Global Times attached to the People’s Daily, attacked me like that. This is the first time they are after a private U.S. citizen. It shows how nervous they are.”

Bannon said after 20 years of economic boom, the CCP government is in absolute shock when Donald Trump stood up against them, saying “hey! I am not going to sign a trade deal if we don’t have you committed to restructuring your economy to fit into the world’s economy. You have got to stop this economic war with forced technology transfer, IP theft, and subsidy to state-owned enterprises”.

In fact, Bannon says, the Wall Street financiers and big companies have all made tons of money shifting the high value-added jobs over to china. They benefited from access to the China’s market. It’s all about China’s cheap labor, deflation and over capacity. And we have allowed them to do that. These elites did fine, but the working class in the west, including Japan, Europe and the United States suffered, their wages down and employment taken away. And they have become the deplorable. It has almost destroyed the heart of this country.

Bannon said Trump’s administration has a clear vision as they are very clear about these. But When Trump stands up for this, he’s under supreme pressure from the Democratic party, Wall Street and the big companies.

Steve Bannon said China was not prepared to have Trump in office. They are not prepared to have a guy like Donald Trump saying “We are not doing this deal.”

Bannon said, “Over the weekend President Xi went to a rare earth producer in China, sending a signal to the United States that the economic war is going onto another level.”

Trump is doing a long game, he is bringing back the supply chain back to the west. This breaks the “Made in China 2025” which is the heart of all these things which would eventually give China the dominant position. The country of America is coming together because of Trump’s leadership, people from both parties.

Bannon stressed again, “This is not about the Chinese people. They are the ones that have been enslaved by the Communist Party. It is about the radical cadres of the CCP that has been doing this. I don’t think they’ve got the bullets in the chamber for the long game.”

China advocates globalism, but it is not a free market at all. Bannon said, “China is a totalitarian regime, a state capitalism with big government. You can’t get in there freely. There is no free trade there.”

By Winnie Troppie


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