Stand up firm for Donald Trump against the forces of evil


The US midterm elections are all about Donald Trump, the man who’s not on the ballot. A majority of those surveyed (by USA Today) say Trump will have “a lot” of influence on their congressional vote on November 6th but he still has to fight hard to keep himself in the White House.

Freedom and democracy comes at a high price and Trump’s biggest rival is not yet from home, but from communist China and its global influence to challenge US dominance.

When Donald Trump says of China’s interference in US midterm elections, the threat is true as CCP’s BGY has been widespread and successful in all spheres of life, not just in the US, but across the globe.

Donald Trump on Wednesday said that his administration has taken the toughest ever action to crack down on China’s “abusive” trade practices.

“We’ve taken the toughest ever action to crack down on China’s abusive trade practices,” Trump told his cheering supporters at an election rally in Wisconsin.

Although Trump is scheduled to meet his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the G-20 Summit in Argentina on November 30, his administration won’t participate in trade talks with China until Beijing makes huge concessions, White House officials said.

The New York Times reports on 24th, “When President Trump calls old friends on one of his iPhones to gossip, gripe or solicit their latest take on how he is doing, American intelligence reports indicate that Chinese spies are often listening — and putting to use invaluable insights into how to best work the president and affect administration policy, current and former American officials said.”

Trump tweeted afterwards, “The so-called experts on Trump over at the New York Times wrote a long and boring article on my cellphone usage that is so incorrect I do not have time here to correct it. I only use Government Phones, and have only one seldom used government cell phone. Story is soooo wrong!”

Although Donald Trump denies unsecured phone calls to friends outside of the White House and calls the New York Times report “fake news”, Beijing does have the ability and intention to influence even the top officials in his administration.

“In what amounts to a marriage of lobbying and espionage, the Chinese have pieced together a list of the people with whom Mr. Trump regularly speaks in hopes of using them to influence the president,” the New York Times has cited the sayings of related officials.

It reports that “among those on the list are Stephen A. Schwarzman, the Blackstone Group chief executive who has endowed a master’s program at Tsinghua University in Beijing, and Steve Wynn, the former Las Vegas casino magnate who used to own a lucrative property in Macau.”

“A very big part of the Anger we see today in our society is caused by the purposely false and inaccurate reporting of the Mainstream Media that I refer to as Fake News. It has gotten so bad and hateful that it is beyond description. Mainstream Media must clean up its act, FAST!” Trump tweeted.

In a democracy, Donald Trump has no right to shut down the New York Times like the Communist Party of China who can authorize all the media in the country to have the Party as their surname.

China Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters yesterday that the journalists behind the report in the New York Times “are sparing no efforts to win the Academy Award for best screenplay.”

“I suggest they replace their iPhone with Huawei ones if they are really concerned about security issues,” says Ms Hua jokingly.

According to USA today, President Donald Trump is increasingly seizing on the caravan as an issue in the midterm elections, hoping the images of migrants walking through Mexico will energize GOP voters in battleground states and potentially tip the balance in the fight for control of Congress.

“As we speak, the Democrat Party is openly encouraging caravan after caravan of illegal aliens to violate our laws and break into our country,” Trump said at a rally Wednesday in Wisconsin, echoing a line he has used in recent days.

Trump tweeted again, “To those in the Caravan, turnaround, we are not letting people into the United States illegally. Go back to your Country and if you want, apply for citizenship like millions of others are doing!” and “We are a great Sovereign Nation. We have Strong Borders and will never accept people coming into our Country illegally!”

President Donald Trump on Thursday again blamed the news media for the division and anger in the United States, as authorities discovered more pipe bombs intended for the president’s political rivals.

I here cite a voice from David A Love with Aljazeera in the Middle East. “Donald Trump, the American president, has fomented violence against liberal opponents and critics who disagree with his policies, and so-called “fake news” media organizations he regards as the “enemy of the people.” With pipe bombs mailed to some of the political targets he has singled out for retribution – several high-profile Democratic Party politicians, including two former US presidents, a liberal billionaire philanthropist and a major news organization – Trump is the most prominent inciter of violence and facilitator of right-wing American domestic terrorism.”

This is a difficult world. As the author continues, “Trump’s posture as a leader working to bring the country together — saying on Wednesday that any attempted terrorist act “against any American is an attack on every American”— was brief”.

Brief but firm and tough!

During his UN General Assembly speech last month, Donald Trump has labeled socialism and communism as his biggest enemy, adding that he is firm in safeguarding individual dignity and human rights.

Although more and more westerners have come to differentiate China from its Communist regime, few have become aware of the threat communism has posed to humanity. In addition to the CCP leaders in Beijing challenging America’s universal values of freedom and democracy, Vladimir Putin declared that US global dominance is coming to an end.

In Europe, putting aside France and UK who have surrendered to Beijing’s economic allures, Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, last week delivered a blistering critique of US president Donald Trump’s “America First” trade vision of a world in which there were only winners and losers.

In the religious field, Vatican and the Pope, not worthy of its mission as God’s messengers, have kept a blind eye on Beijing’s persecution on churches and temples.

In Asia, as the Prime Minister of Japan heads to Beijing for a summit with Chinese President Xi this week, Shinzo Abe faces a tough balancing act as his officials are expected to sign a raft of deals with Beijing, while at the same time working together with the US to maintain a “free, open, and prosperous” regional order in the Indo-Pacific.

Australia has too much reliance on exports to China and its government has been an appeaser to Beijing for too many years. According to Australia News Corporation, China has a concerning plan to infiltrate and interfere with Australia at the highest levels.

Duncan Lewis, the Director-General of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), told a Senate estimates hearing on Monday that he was concerned about escalating activities.

“Hostile intelligence poses a real and potential existential threat to Australian security and sovereignty,” Mr Lewis said, “The harm from this threat may not manifest for many years, even decades, after the activities occur. We are concerned about threats from wherever they emanate.”

Sydney Morning Herald reports Thursday that Australia had walked away from plans for a free trade agreement with Taiwan after China warned any deal would hurt relations between Beijing and Canberra.

Situation in New Zealand could be similar. “If New Zealand wants to retain its international reputation, it must be brave and take genuine steps to nip the Chinese government’s soft power campaign in the bud”, warns Peter McKenzie recently in his writing.

While Malaysia has felt the pain from Najib’s collaboration with Communist China and now stood up against Chinese economic invasion in the country, other nations like India, Indonesia, Vietnam Thailand, and the Philippines are watching closely on developments in the South China Sea and sure mainland of China.

Will the Republicans win the midterm elections? Will the US send its aircraft carriers to defend the island of Taiwan next month? Will Donald Trump prevail in his full-blown war against socialism and communism?

To beat the mighty evils, the world needs a more powerful fighter. We firmly stand by his side and support Donald Trump in his efforts to stay in power and lead the Americans and maybe Chinese to a brighter future, if not the whole humanity.

By Cloudy Seagail


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