Spread the truth, the world is standing firm with Hong Kong.


Dear friends! Today is September 5, and Wengui is sending greetings of peace to you from my hotel room next to the White House in Washington.

This is not a live broadcast but a recorded video; I am going to have dinner here with some friends. My gratitude goes to the many friends who sent me messages yesterday, 90% of them caring for Hong Kong. But I am sorry that I can’t respond one by one.

Still, the most important thing for you is to spread the truth about Hong Kong. As long as you feel safe and convenient, tell your friends about what’s happening in Hong Kong.

Two days ago, Carrie Lam made her appearance in a press conference and announced her decision to withdraw the controversial Extradition Bill. This is the result of continuous protests of Hong Kongers and the growing support from the international communities. If she did not fear public opinion and international pressure, she would not have been out for the decision and further explanation that she had no tricks to fool people around. But her performance is nothing but another trick to fool the Hong Kongers around.

Last night, many American and European friends said to me that Hong Kongers are all clear-minded with their eyes open wide. They praised the Hong Kongers of their high quality and morality.

The peaceful and humane protests by Hong Kongers have shocked the world so that people around the globe have begun to look differently at their old-fashioned views about Asians and especially Hong Kongers as a human race.

This pro-democracy movement also gives people the chance to tell the differences between Hong Kong and mainland China, and to see through the struggle between the democratic system of Hong Kong and the evil Communist system of mainland China. Hong Kong has stood out as a best democratic model in Asia in the confrontation of capitalism with communism.

This movement also tells the difference between a society with religious beliefs and the other without religious beliefs, a society with the rule of law and the other without the rule of law, a society with an open internet and the other without an open internet, a civilized society and a barbarian society.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has many tricks to fool people around and deceive the world. For over 70 years, they have been very successful to outwit the world with their tricks.

This time in Hong Kong, many of their crimes have been revealed, many of their despicable acts have been condemned, and their ugly faces have been exposed fully in front of the world audiences.

Therefore, Hong Kong is the truth to eliminate the CCP’s deception; Hong Kong is the goodness to win over the evil of the CCP; Hong Kong is the beauty to shine over the ugliness of the CCP.

Dear friends! Next, you will see how the whole world is standing up in firm support of the Hong Kong people. You will see unprecedented actions taken by the Australian government; Australia will have a special task group to investigate into the wrongdoings of the Chinese Communist regime in the country. The Canadian government is going to do the same to set up a special task group to investigate CCP’s BGY schemes in the country and how CCP’s representatives have threatened Hong Kong supporters in its territory. Europe has already expressed their firm stance with Hong Kong. They would act further to seek official ties with Taiwan and Dalai Lama of Tibet if the CCP dares to militarily crackdown the young protesters in Hong Kong. They would further recognize the legitimacy of an interim government to be established outside China.

Just opposite my hotel window, about 100 meters from here, the person sitting right now in the White House – President Donald Trump – He is not happy these two days. He said that his disputes with China are not just about trade. Trump is also playing Taiji with Communist China and he is very good at that now.

CCP has many tricks but Donald Trump also has many tactics. The U.S. and the west wouldn’t be fooled around by the CCP any longer. In Washington, there is a consensus that the Chinese Communist Party is the biggest threat to humanity. No one would deny this. Otherwise, he is out of the game.

Dear warrior friends! We are creating history. We are at the greatest era of history. To our warrior friends and courageous Hong Kongers, we would never give them up or let them down. And we shall never forget them!

Don’t criticize our friends! Don’t play with empty talks! Don’t be distracted by CCP’s propaganda!

Focus our attention on Hong Kong and spread the truth!

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translated by staff


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