Spectacular pictures show China’s £1 billion virtual reality sci-fi theme park which lets tourists visit aliens, ride UFOs and fight dragons

The immersive experience VR park will be unveiled to the public in October and is situated in Guizhou province, Chin

Astonishing images of a ground-breaking virtual reality theme park due to complete in south-west China have been revealed.

Curious gamers will be able to travel to the future, battle with dragons, fly to space, or live alongside aliens through virtual experience.

One of the most impressive features is that the attraction will have a gigantic Transformer statue which measures 53 metres (174 feet) in height.

The Transformer statue is built by 750 tonnes of steel – the weight of two Boeing 747 planes – and cost a mega 100 million yuan (£11 million) to construct.

The theme park is called the ‘East Valley of Science and Fantasy’. Its first phase, called ‘Alien Base’, is scheduled to be complete in December.

The theme park attraction is part of a massive 1.3 square kilometres (320 acres), 10 billion yuan (£1 billion) project being developed by the Oriental Times Media Corp’s animation unit which is listed on the Shenzhen stock market.

However, the new venture will be devoted to virtual reality movie making, with a cutting-edge media research and development center.

A spokesman for the park reveled that VR helmets and other gadgets will be handed out to visitors to the theme park so they can ‘interact with the environment’.

The VR site will give players a more lifelike feeling than playing video games.

Additionally, the park will feature China’s first VR roller coaster and 13 pavilions showcasing different UFOs, which can help children explore outer space in a digitally immersive way.

Daily Mail


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