South Putuo Conspiracy, a Kleptocracy Plan to kidnap 1.4 billion Chinese and beyond

Mount Putuo in eastern China.

Mount Putuo is an island in Zhejiang province that derives its name from a sacred Buddhist mountain at the center of the island.

Located on this small island in the East China Sea, this mountain is one of the four Buddhist shrines in the country, which features many temples and nunneries.

Before 2010, there was an abbot in yellow kasaya called Jieren (meaning “persistence in precepts” ) in the main shrine – Chan Temple of Universal Salvation where former Chinese President Jiang Zemin often paid his respect.

As president Jiang often came here for a visit, he gradually formed a forum here summoning key CCP members and other social dignitaries for consultation.

According to Miles Kwok in his whistle blow on September the first, before the 18th CCP Congress, Jiang Zemin and his son Jiang Mianheng summoned Meng Jianzhu, then Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, and others for a secret meeting at the temple. At this meeting they discussed and planned a series of political conspiracies: the assassination of Ling Gu, son of the chief of the CCP General Office, a financial plan, and a plan to control the new president Xi Jinping.

Related remarks of Miles Kwok in his whistle blow are translated as follows:

Where did this meeting take place? The south of Mount Putuo. In the end, the South Putuo Conspiracy has three plans. First, Meng Jianzhu and Sun Lijun (vice minister of Public Security Ministry), together with two others, shall carry out a disruptive Plan. The target was Ling Gu, son of Ling Jihua, who never drank alcohol. They followed him along for some days, and finally took the easiest way to create a traffic accident for his death.

When President Hu Jintao was on a state visit to the United States, Jiang Zemin summoned all the members and standing members of the Politburo for a meeting, with a decision that no Politburo members were to receive President Hu when his plane arrived in Beijing Airport. When President Hu was back in Zhongnanhai (the imperial residence of CCP leaders), he was called immediately for an urgent meeting at West Mountain, where Jiang Zemin, former Premier Zhu Rongji and other Politburo standing members were all present. There they made an official decision to arrest and investigate Ling Jihua. Later they criticized Vice-president Li Yuanchao’s virtual voting. These are the fundamental reasons why they completely reshuffle the 18th Congress leadership.

Their second plan is financial control. Secretaries of Wang Qishan and Zhu Rongji were ordered to formulate a series of measures to take full control of the country’s finance. That was to make sure China’s finance and intelligence shall be under the absolute control of Jiang Zemin and Meng Jianzhu. With that, they also reshuffle the Police, the Procuratorate, and the Supreme Court.

According to the plan, when Meng Jianzhu retired, the Minister of Public Security shall succeed him to hold the post as Secretary of Political and Legal Committee. When Xi Jinping was to be chosen as the Party’s General Secretary and new president, Meng shall remain has a supervisor, hence the name State Supervisor Meng.

Several secretaries of Meng Jianzhu were also promoted to important positions, to ensure national law enforcement would be under complete control by Meng. Wang Qishan was made a Politburo standing member in charge of finance and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection. Those who had acted against Jiang Zemin and Zhu Rongji were eliminated.

According to this plan, in case the newly elected President Xi Jinping acted against them, he shall be dethroned immediately by financial means. Because a serious financial turbulence must result in the resignation of the President or General Secretary.

Zeng Qinhong, chief of the Organization Department of CCP’s Central Committee, appointed Guo Shengkun as Minister of Public Security, when Jiang Zemin appointed Meng Jianzhu as the Secretary of Political and Legal Committee. They have full control over the military too, by appointing Fan Changlong, Xu Qiliang and Fang Fenghui to the top military positions, while pushing Hu Jintao’s people out of the leadership.

Xi Jinping is only a puppet. With conditions, Jiang Zemin enthroned Xi Jinping.

After the assassination of Ling Gu, other related people are Jiang’s minor targets only.

His next plan is how to control President Xi. I am not going into detail today. But, Xi’s wife Peng Liyuan has a younger brother Peng Lei. You can go and look into his profile. Peng Lei, please be aware – who is monitoring your whereabouts? – who has inserted a monitoring device into your vehicle so that the Beijing Traffic Authorities and Police are mapping all your movements. They shall never try to destroy the evidence (as I have obtained it). Let your sister find out what has been done with the backdoor to your electric mapping device.

When President Xi visits Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, the special zone as they call it, see what special arrangements have been made for him? President Xi, ask your secretary Li Zhanshu or Ding Xuxiang to check that out please. Anything about your health conditions, medical history, shall be 100% transmitted to Jiang Mianheng in Shanghai. Go and check that out too! Don’t believe me, but verify. Meng Jianzhu and Sun Lijun are taking the order to do so.

All the important decisions made by President Xi, all his plans, his intentions to make any arrest, must be made known to Shanghai first hand, where Meng Jianzhu shall communicate with Wang Qishan for coordination. The final decision maker is Jiang Mianheng. On all important cases, records of evidence must have another copy to be kept in Shanghai or/and overseas. All cases or records related to President Xi, his family and friends are all kept in files by Shanghai.

Why? The purpose is to keep President under total control! And Xi knows that. He knows that Jiang and his family must try to control the 19th Congress, the Politburo and all the standing committee members. He knows who are the “black horses” within the 19th Congress.

If Xi refuses to cooperate with them, he will be in great danger! That’s it.

Today as hours ago when Miles Kwok saw a video about a vegetable farmer committing suicide in front of a group of policemen who were destroying her vegetable, he makes further comments as follows:

After watching this, I totally have no appetite for any meal. I feel sad – so sad -fxxcking furious-when I saw this old lady begging the police not to destroy her vegetable farm of a full year’s hard work.

Jiang Mianheng, Jiang Zhicheng, Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun – your mothers! They don’t need to grow vegetables. If your mothers grew vegetables inside the Ministry of Public Security, what would the policemen do for them? Stand guarding! -this vicious autocracy! -so vile! -out of everyone’s expectations! We are speechless! They ask us to call the CCP “Mother!” Oh, my god! My goodness! Look at this!

When your parents have a bad kidney, or a bad liver after drinking too much alcohol, you are organ-harvesting our brothers and sisters. And after the organ transplant, you eliminate them together with the doctor. But you won’t allow our old parents to grow a vegetable farm! This is your rule of law!

In any normal country, a government is elected by the voters. Tell me and tell the world – has any single Chinese the right to cast a vote? Who has made those laws? Those vicious laws persecute every single Chinese except CCP members. Who has given you the right to do so!?

All CCP members, I have a wake-up call here! Some day, your parents will become the ones to be persecuted! All the Qincheng prison designers and builders are now inside that prison! Who is going to be the next!

We are truly speechless!

Everything is just beginning

By Miles Kwok and Staff writer


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