Some of the most hypocritical and shameless intellectuals in China


Zhang Weiwei: The net assets of Chinas middle class are higher than those of the Americans

Zhang Weiwei is a professor of international relations at Fudan University. He claims to be the interpreter for Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping and have visited over 100 countries.

He falsely claimed himself to be professor of Geneva Diplomatic and Foreign Relations Institute.

In a TV series China Now (episode three): to understand China, don’t be “the Elephant and the Blind Man” in January 2019, Zhang Weiwei said Chinese should have self-confidence as “China’s system, ideology, road and culture are all superior than those of the western world”.

Zhang said, generally speaking, our social indexes are really good. Take the net assets of middle class in China, especially in developed cities, we have outpaced the United States. Our ordinary families have more wealth than the Americans.

Zhang claimed, “These figures are open to the public, but many scholars dare not use them. They dare not believe that Chinese live a wealthier life than the Americans. If you have lived in the United States, you would know this is a common judgement; many Chinese do live better than the Americans.”

Zhang Weiwei compared the government acceptance of Didi Car Hire in China and ban of Uber in Germany. With this, Zhang claims China has a better consultative democratic system than Germany.

Zhang said, “Didi does not have a representative member in the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party. But that doesn’t matter. As it reflects a new social necessity or new interest, the CCP must have this issue into its consideration. When the views of the people come, we have some special channels. We may have a suggestion put forth by the People’s Consultative Conference; we may carry out investigations into an article posted on the net or a certain topic that has attracted hot debates. This way, we can welcome Didi into the city government for a discussion, to learn about their requests, after which we may have another investigation. After several communications, we may find a way accepted by all parties, the traditional Taxi industry or Didi or the public. This is a successful case of democracy by the People Consultative Conference”.

Hu Angang: Chinese socialist system is superior to other systems

Hu Angang is a professor in the School of Public Policy & Management at Tsinghua University.

Hu is known in China for his strong support of socialism and the Chinese Communist Party. In July 2013 he wrote a controversial op-ed for the People’s Daily stating: “Compared with the civil society in the West, the people’s society is superior… it is a great made-in-China innovation in theory and practice.” He went on to say that “the people’s society is a socialist society under the leadership of the Communist Party.”

In a July 2011 article for the People’s Forum, Hu wrote that: “The CPC has always adhered to the mass line, rooting itself among the people in order to make democratic decisions. This is manifested in the superiority of the socialist policy-making system with Chinese characteristics. This policy-making system is based on the mass line of the Party, that is from the masses, to the masses and putting into practice what has been learned from practice.”

In an op-ed for the People’s Daily Hu wrote: “The Western corporate culture emphasizes individualism, while the State-owned enterprise culture focuses more on harmony and collectivism. A good business model not only creates material wealth, but also creates spiritual wealth. Chinese corporate culture reflects this spiritual wealth, which in turn is a form of internal and external soft power. China, being a huge economy, needs large, internationally competitive State-owned enterprises. This is the only way that China can ensure that its enterprises enjoy a strong position amid fierce international competition.”

Lin Yifu: Chinas development over 30 years is a miracle beyond the logic of any market economy

Yifu Lin is a Chinese economist,professor at Peking University.

Lin is a former Taiwanese military officer who defected to the PRC in 1979 to pursue his ambitions. Lin transferred from a soldier to an economist when he started studying economics at Peking University and later went on to pursue a Ph.D at the University of Chicago. After finishing his doctoral dissertation, he returned to Beijing and founded the China Center for Economic Research.

Lin said “China’s economy is a miracle” has been the consensus of the general majority. It tells the advantages of a market economy with Chinese characteristics.

Lin Yifu holds that in the coming 20 years, China still has the potential to achieve an annual growth rate of 8%. Whether he himself believes or not, he is only making the CCP leaders happy.

Media commentator Zhang Xiangqian said, “Corrupt CCP officials like Xu Caihou in the military cause financial loss to the country. After he was caught, his corrupt money was taken back. But in the case of Lin Yifu, his damages to China are ten thousand times greater than Xu Caihou. As adviser to the central government, he has put forward the worst ideas that have led China running fast on the wrong road, and in the wrong direction”.

Yu Dan: Turn all bad things into good ones with toxic chicken soup

Yu Dan is professor of media studies at China’s Beijing Normal University.

In late 2006, a series of her lectures entitled “Yu Dan’s Insights into the Analects” was broadcast for seven days on China Central Television (CCTV) as part of the Lecture Room program. The transcript, edited into a book, sold 10,000 copies within the first day of release. Within 40 days, sales exceeded 1.5 million.

In an interview with New York Times, Yu attributed the popularity of her work to the stresses of life in the fast-changing nation and to historical factors (paraphrased): “Traditional thought has been criticized for so many years that there is genuine interest in rediscovering it.”

Yu Dan said, “In order not to let the smog gets into your house, close the windows; not to let it get into your lungs, turn on the air purifier; when all these methods fail, use your own spiritual protection, and don’t let the smog get into your mind”.

Many serious Confucius scholars in the country have stood out to criticize Yu Dan for her mistaken interpretation of Confucius’ works. Most of them view her version of Confucianism as “toxic chicken soup”.

More people have criticized Yu Dan as she speaks in favor of the Communist Party of China and in brainwashing the ordinary people. TV Commentator Liang Hongda commented, “Yu Dan lives in the air. She is super-human. She is the daughter of a human and a beast”.

Yu Qiuyu: a criminal during the Cultural Revolution

Yu Qiuyu is a famous Chinese writer and scholar. He used to be vice president and dean of Shanghai Theatre Academy.

Yu is famous for his cultural essays-Cultural Sojourn. He was awarded the honorary title of “National Outstanding Contribution Expert” and “Shanghai Top Ten Higher Education Elites”.

Yu’s scholarship has been challenged for many historical and cultural mistakes in his essays. He was also accused of copying others’ works into his essays.

In 2009, Yu Qiuyu claimed he had donated money to three primary schools in Sichuan province. In June, the local Dujiangyan Education Bureau confirmed to the media that Yu had donated books instead of cash, 10,000 books to each school valued at 200 thousand yuan. Yu’s behavior has been widely criticized.

China media has reported that Yu Qiuyu was a member of the Cultural Revolution Writing Group headed by Zhang Chunqiao and Yao Wenyuan. Yu was an active Red Guard but he has intended to hide this part of his history as criminal during the Cultural Revolution. In 1999, Yu Jie, a young man from Peking University publicized an article “Yu Qiuyu, why don’t you repent?”

By Winnie Troppie


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