Solution to Australian exports: stop the bully by taking down the CCP regime


China made the announcement that it was suspending imports from four Australian abattoirs. The move followed an anti-dumping investigation on Monday which could see $600 million worth of Australian barley hit with tariffs of up to 80 percent.

Related industries in Australia are worried that these actions would leave thousands of jobs under threat and hundreds of businesses broke.

Everyone could see that as a direct retaliation after Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other politicians called for an inquiry into the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Australian abattoirs were guilty of “repeated violations of inspection and quarantine requirements”, Zhao Lijian, the infamous spokesman for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has said.

The issue had nothing to do with China’s increasingly sour relationship with Australia, Zhao insisted, adding that the Chinese Government was merely “safeguarding the health and safety of Chinese consumers”.

Inexperienced Australian officials look mostly at a loss of no better solutions under the pressure of domestic industry associations who have lived a lot on exports to China.

The Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) issued a statement this morning, saying China was a valued export market for Australian beef.

“We have created strong commercial relationships, linkages and supply chains to supply Chinese consumers with high quality Australian product,” AMIC chief executive Patrick Hutchinson said.

Trade Minister Simon Birmingham has asked for a phone call from his Chinese counterpart, Zhong Shan, to resolve the situation as relations between the two countries sour.

Former foreign minister Julie Bishop said if the trade dispute was related to Australia’s calls for an inquiry and China was trying to “punish Australia with economic retaliation” then the government needed to decouple those issues. “If China does impose tariffs, then we should take it to the [World Trade Organisation],” she said.

Sky News Australia seems to smell the CCP virus when it carries this title in its latest broadcast: It is frightening how compromised our leaders are when it comes to communist China.

In China, CCP officials have never taken the WTO rules seriously. Even though there is a free trade agreement between China and Australia, China has never allowed a free trade while Australian businesses have to kowtow to CCP’s trade barriers like inspection and certification from the Chinese authorities.

Besides the employment with Inspection and Quarantine Authorities in China, I used to work for China Inspection and Certification Group in Australia for nearly ten years. On the surface, this is a privately owned company. In reality, this is a Chinese government office strictly controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. Every single word of this company website  was written by myself.

In the past eight years or so, I drafted or translated almost all the major business contracts with Australian companies, including all the mining giants and grain businesses; I also drafted most of the operational plans in related operations. I even gave a name to these business plans: “Assisting Australian exports to China”.

In early 2019, I also drafted the inspection and certification plan for Kilcoy, one of the major meat exporters in Australia, with a view to assisting their exports to China.

We had many methods (or tactics) to make the Australian businesses submissive and win their businesses. One of them is the so-called paperwork and administration issues to be addressed. In 2018, many containers of Australia meats were turned away because of a minor translation issue in the so-called Health Certificate. I personally had a meeting with Australian Meat Association in North Sydney to address the issue.

It is the same trick that a statement from trade minister Simon Birmingham said the Government was notified yesterday about the suspensions imposed by Chinese authorities relating to labeling and health certificate requirements.

For at least two decades, Australia’s Trade Ministry has been weak when it comes to dealing with its Chinese counterpart. Even today at a factual time of cold war, Simon Birmingham dismissed claims Australia and China are venturing into a trade war.

“Australia is not in any sort of war. Our intention’s to work as cooperatively as we can with our partners and across the world,” he said yesterday.

The CCP regime in Beijing has threatened that China could stop buying almost all imports from Australia if relations between the two countries continue to sour, according to the Global Times.

The world, especially Australians, should know that these CCP idiots are only hard with their words. They are never hard with their “guns” under their shorts.

When the US is leading the fight against the CCP regime, 99 percent of the Chinese population hope to see the dictatorship collapse and those CCP idiots brought to justice.

Many Australians are worried when representatives of the CCP threatened with these words, “Most of Australia’s exports are bulk commodities such as agricultural products, which are highly replaceable… China could easily find some alternatives.”

We truly see that one-third of Australia’s exports – including iron ore, gas, coal, and food – go to China, bringing in around $135billion per year. Thus, those CCP bastards seem to have the right to bully.

What about if Australians are going to work with a new government rather than the Communist dictatorship cored by Xi Jinping?

China’s ambassador to Australia, Cheng Jingye, has warned that Chinese consumers could choose to boycott Australian products such as beef and wine out of a patriotic sense of duty.

The Global Times opinion article said: “It now seems necessary to advise Chinese people and companies to watch out for potential risks when it comes to doing business with or studying in Australia.”

The Global Times is only the mouthpiece of the CCP. The world should now understand that the Chinese majority has the wisdom to make their choices without listening to CCP lies.

Most Chinese know fully that the days of the CCP regime are numbered. The world will soon see a new free and democratic China that honors World Trade Rules and western values.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is smart to join hands with US President Donald Trump to call for an independent inquiry into the origin of the virus that has caused so many deaths in the world.

Could it be a better solution for Australian exporters to cooperate with a new government after we work together to take down the Communist regime?

By Cloudy Seagail


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