Smog returns to Beijing and CCP officials feels the cold as winter comes


Most urban districts of the Chinese capital and other parts of northern China have been hit by smog which sent the air pollution index to “hazardous” levels early this week.

It is the third day in a row that the region has been blanketed with smog, according to the Beijing Environmental Monitoring Centre.

“Today the whole country of China is dusty like the smog in Beijing. The face of every person looks misty, full of fear. I say everyone, including those working in the August First Building (office of the CCP military headquarters) and those in Zhongnanhai (the imperial residence and office of CCP top leaders) ”, says billionaire Miles Kwok yesterday during his meeting with US officials for Asia-Pacific affairs in Washington.

During the meeting, Miles tells the American officials, “Is this fear in their faces given by you, the Americans, or by Miles Kwok, by the UK, Japan, or Taiwan? No! It is the CCP system itself that has created this fear! Everyone in Beijing feels this fear. The expression in their eyes, the words from their mouth … you don’t see sincerity in their eyes; you don’t see honesty in their words. They speak carefully, with hesitations, and with resistance. This is the truth of Beijing.”

Miles said that all CCP officials in Beijing would like to move to the US. If you ask, “would you like to stay in Beijing today as a CCP official or move to live in the US as an ordinary retired person?” I would say 100 percent would choose to come to USA, says Miles.

So the war between Washington and Beijing would not be a war of weapons! It would be a war between two systems, ideological beliefs, religions, cultures, and lastly economies. In the area of economy, trade is only of minor importance.

President Donald Trump said Thursday that he spoke to Chinese President Xi Jinping amid concerns about escalating trade tensions between the world’s two largest economies, according to CNBC.

Trump tweeted, “Just had a long and very good conversation with President Xi Jinping of China. We talked about many subjects, with a heavy emphasis on Trade. Those discussions are moving along nicely with meetings being scheduled at the G-20 in Argentina. Also had good discussion on North Korea!”

Xi spoke with Trump at the U.S. president’s request, Chinese state media said in a readout of the call, according to NBC News. Xi said the U.S. and China should push for “mutually acceptable solutions” on economic and trade issues and added that he looks forward to meeting with Trump in Argentina.

The on-going US-China trade is just a matter of minor importance, Miles holds, although “The president has long pushed to crack down on what he calls Chinese trade abuses. He has used tariffs to try to bring Beijing to the negotiating table, describing any economic pain as a temporary necessity to secure a better deal.”

“Would the trade war stop after the US midterm elections when Donald Trump and Xi Jinping reach kind of a deal at the G-20? ”asked some of Miles’ friends.

Miles Kwok gives an example.

“The US is chasing a robber and finally gives up after having one of his boots taken off. This boot is the deal. But don’t worry! I believe Donald Trump, the US government and people, as well as audience like you, would not be stupid as such. The trade war is not something that can be resolved with a single deal. Chinese currency RMB is now challenging the US dollar, for one thing. Secondly, the CCP has challenged the US culture and belief,” says Miles.

Miles tells his audience that many American friends he met yesterday care about Taiwan, worrying what the US would react when the mainland attacks Taiwan? They also care about Hong Kong’s financial affairs, the future of Hong Kong dollar, the exchange rate with RMB, etc, whether the CCP would leverage its devaluation of the yuan to minimize the effects with the trade war.

The western financiers are worried about the safety of their investment in Hong Kong as the territory has become a “Mafia society” with no rule of law under the CCP, according to Miles.

“The world is changing, the Americans are changing; they now have a completely different view about China. To me and my investment funds in Hong Kong, it is disastrous with the seizure of my assets by Hong Kong government in collaboration with the CCP. But to the world and humanity, this is totally good news, as more people will see clearly how reckless the CCP is with its so-called ‘rule of law’. This is a gift from heavens as the world will see through the facts of what is happening in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the mainland,” Miles continues.

“But please don’t stop the trade war! Don’t take off its boot and stop there. In the area of economy, the most important is finance. If you Americans do not set the financial affairs right, if the US dollar is in trouble, the Americans will go hungry, millions of swimming pools will dry up without water, oil prices will go sky high so that you cannot afford driving your car, your country houses will become your nightmares,” Miles tells his American friends who have applauded.

“About 35% of agricultural products in mid-western states of America are exported to China. CCP can buy your goods, but as a tool, it can also choose not to buy your goods. The only and best choice is to have a new and friendly government in China, not the CCP that would use its markets to threaten the American farmers. With this in mind, more American farmers in these mid-western states must choose to vote for the Republicans in the mid-term elections.”

Trump’s tweet comes just five days before Tuesday’s midterm elections. Numerous candidates across the nation — particularly those in areas that export agricultural products to China — have pushed for Trump to ease the trade tensions.

Few people could understand that Trump’s “friendly telephone talk” with Xi is only a gesture of his tactics to let the stock market look nicer ahead of the midterm elections.

So the key points here about the global anti-CCP alliance are firm: it’s anti-CCP, not anti-China or anti-Chinese; its actions start from the area of finance and acting against threats in Taiwan and Hong Kong, against CCP’s cultural aggression, against CCP’s persecution of religions and beliefs, and against CCP’s theft in intellectual property.

All now seem to make sense when we read the news story today, “The United States has charged companies in China and Taiwan and three individuals with stealing trade secrets from a US semi-conductor”.

Chinese government-controlled company Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit has been charged with stealing trade secrets from Micron in the US, the Justice Department said Thursday as it outlined an initiative focused on what officials said was the growing threat of Chinese economic espionage, according to Followcn report.

By Cloudy Seagail
Translation by Staff editor


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