Sky News has a series of broadcasts questioning Victoria’s signing the B&R deal


In less than 24 hours, Sky News Australia has a series of interview videos out on Youtube, bringing up the question of Victoria State’s secret agreement with the Communist government of China to join the Belt and Road Initiative while ignoring the security threats to Australia and beyond.

We have listed all of them as follows:

Victoria went ‘behind Commonwealth’s back’ on China

Andrews ‘refusing to answer’ security questions over China investment deal

Pompeo warns Australia over Belt and Road deal

Pompeo warns of ‘disconnect’ over Victoria’s Belt and Road deal

Pompeo was ‘right’ to criticise Victoria for its Belt and Roads Initiative

China warns ‘the US will not come to Australia’s rescue’ during attack on Mike Pompeo

Victorians voters ‘had no say’ in Belt and Road Initiative

Federal government needs to ‘interfere’ with Victoria’s China relationship: Hanson

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