Sky News goes deeper into the scandal of Victoria’s signing up the Belt and Road Initiative


Victoria follows in the footsteps of the ‘Turnbull govt’s Belt and Road betrayal’

Sky News host Alan Jones said the “scandal” of the Victorian Belt and Road agreement with China, has been somewhat overshadowed by the realisation the Turnbull Government signed a similar deal with China in September 2017.

Andrews has given China ‘a propaganda victory’

Federal Labor has disavowed the Andrews government’s “very bad move” to sign up to China’s contentious infrastructure program, the Belt and Road Initiative, according to The Australian’s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan.

Victoria is turning itself into a Chinese ‘economic colony’

Sky News host Peta Credlin says Victoria has thumbed “its nose at Canberra and curried favour with the communist superpower” after agreeing to China’s Belt and Road Initiative. According to Section 51 of the Australian Constitution the federal government has power over “external affairs” while also power over “trade and commerce with other countries”.

China will ‘divide Australia and rule’

Victoria not seeking the advice of the federal government before signing a memorandum of understanding with the China on Belt and Roads “plays into the Communist Party’s hands” as it likes to “divide and rule” according to former foreign affairs minister Alexander Downer.

Victoria’s Belt and Road consultant has ‘strong ties to powerful Chinese communists’

The Chinese-Australia influencer whose company helped the Victorian government sign up to the Belt and Road Initiative was hired “without any tender process” and without any public disclosure according to the Australian’s Rachel Baxendale.

Jean Dong, who has lived in Australia for close to 15 years, is the director of ‘Australia China Belt and Road Initiative’ a company paid more than $35,000 to consult the Victorian government on its deal with China. Ms Dong has hired key former politicians including former trade minister Andrew Robb, and former finance minister Lindsay Tanner, but without any financial compensation according to Ms Baxendale.

Belt and Roads has ‘damaged Victoria’s reputation’

Executive Director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute Peter Jennings says the idea democratic government “keep secrets about the deals they cut with the Chinese Communist Party” is astounding.

Source: Sky News
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