Shanghai police chief under investigation


Shanghai’s police chief has been placed under investigation for corruption amid a major purge targeting disloyalty in China’s massive security apparatus.

Gong Daoan, Shanghai’s police chief and deputy mayor since 2017, is suspected of “serious violations of discipline and the law” and has been placed under investigation, according to a brief notice by the Central Committee of Discipline Inspection, the party’s top anti-graft watchdog.

On the surface, Gong is under disciplinary and supervisory investigation, but the reasons behind his detention should be shocking and may be linked to a coup attempt with the military.

If we look at Gong’s resume, he came from the grassroots of Hunan province and graduated from Hubei Provincial Police School. He had low-level academic qualifications as a high-ranking CCP official. His main experience was with criminal investigation. It is said Gong was highly appreciated by Zhou Yongkang and later promoted by Meng Jianzhu, both being Secretary of the Political and Legal Commission. All of them were loyal servants of Jiang Zemin’s family.

Miles Guo said last week a small scale political riot occurred in Shanghai targeting President Xi Jinping but failed. No doubt Gong was involved in the coup attempt.

Two hours after Gong was arrested, the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress was convened and Chen Tong was “elected” as deputy mayor and police chief to take Gong’s position. Instantly the  Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Committee announced that it resolutely supports the decision of the Central government to take down Gong.

The new police chief Chen Tong has come from the cultural sector from Shanxi province, with work relationship to Xi’s wife Peng Liyuan, a famous singer in the country.

This means in the wrestling within the Chinese Communist Party, President Xi has won another battle and taken control of Shanghai from the hands of Jiang Zemin’s family.

By Winnie Troppie


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