Shame with Hong Kong’s political leaders, business leaders and the elites


Riot police have clashed with protesters in Hong Kong after over one million of people marched through the streets in a massive demonstration against a proposed extradition law.

Small groups of young protesters had planned to stay outside the government HQ until Wednesday, when the extradition bill is due to have its second reading, but police moved in on them after their permission to protest expired at midnight. Within minutes scenes of chaos unfolded as protesters fought with officers who were soon backed by riot police, according to the Guardian.

An hour or so later riot police moved into clear out the remaining protesters. There was little resistance after the earlier violence, although some pockets of people remained sitting.

Guo Wengui said in the live broadcast in New York that some of the policemen in police uniforms must be policemen from the mainland as the way they handled the protests was kind of well-trained in China. Intelligence has told that the CCP leadership has ordered army tanks to station along the northern border.

The handling of today’s incident has shown that the Chinese Communist Party is at the end of its tactics and tricks and they are not so strong when confronting the forces of justice and righteousness.

Guo said it is a disgrace and total shame for Hong Kong’s elite class that has not participated in the demonstrations. Under pressure of threats from the Communist Party of China, few or almost none political leaders, business leaders, religious leaders, movie stars, popular singers or other celebrities have walked out the street to show their support.

“The total disappearance of Hong Kong’s elites of the political, commercial and entertaining circles, the no attendance of the world’s mainstream media in live broadcast… the news of 7 million Hong Kong people is no important than a small piece of sex scandal of a small actress… everything seems so small in the face of the Communist Party of China. We are too naive when it comes to dealing with the CCP.” Guo said. “The truth is far away from us; God is far away from us; this is a deplorable world.”

These over one million protesters are what Mr. Steve Bannon call the little guys who have stood out to safeguard their basic rights and interests. This populist movement is unprecedented and historic. “Independence and freedom is going to be determined by people who are standing out with the elites who should also be standing out too. But they go down with Carrie Lam and have betrayed the young people in the streets.”

Bannon said, “This is working class of people in Hong Kong from Kowlong side into Central, over a million people, and they forced the western media to cover this event. Hong Kong people are known as not political. They are there to work, to make money, to make a living, to build a future; that’s why Hong Kong has been so successful… They are now forced into politics today because their basic freedom guaranteed under the handover in 1997 with the One Country Two System is under threats from the CCP.” was the only media in the world that has covered the whole process with a live broadcast for over 8 hours. It is a shame also for Chinese media overseas, especially in Taiwan and other South East Asian countries, who have buried their heads into the shells like turtles.

But it also shows the forces and strength of the Chinese Communist Party with its BGY schemes that have corrupted the whole world.

Bannon said, “This is the radical cadre of the CCP that have corrupted politicians and traders like Carrie Lam who are working with them, acting to suppress the Hong Kong people. The freedom of the Chinese people is the central issue of early 21st century. It’s in mainland China, but also you see it in Taiwan, Hong Kong. Now Hong Kong becomes the center of this.”

By Winnie Troppie


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