Shame again of China’s dirty diplomacy at the United Nations Security Council Meeting


Beijing’s communist regime has once again stand by the side of the evil when its special envoy to the United Nations speaks in support for the corrupt and autocratic Maduro government of Venezuela.

Ma Zhaoxu, China’s permanent representative to the United Nations, takes the side of a dictatorship at a United Nations Security Council emergency meeting on the situation in Venezuela yesterday.

Ma said, “China always opposes interference in other countries’ internal affairs and opposes foreign interference in Venezuela’s affairs.” The Chinese CCP government has played around the term of “non-interference in each other’s internal affairs” for 70 years while doing lots of evil to the Chinese people. Its diplomacy is both hypocritical and cynical, regardless for justice or righteousness.

The CCP is like a violent husband beating his wife to death within closed doors, claiming that “the situation in Venezuela belongs to the domestic affairs of that country,” as Ambassador Ma has said, “it does not constitute a threat to international peace and security and it is not on the agenda of the Security Council.”

Ma Zhaoxu remarked, “We call upon all relevant parties to respect the choice of the Venezuelan people….maintaining stability and development in Venezuela serves the interests of all relevant parties… we hope all parties can contribute more to Venezuela’s stability.”

Anyone with common sense would agree that the Venezuela people must choose freedom and democracy instead of totalitarianism. When the highly corrupt Maduro government is causing disasters to its people, with many children starving to death, the cold-hearted CCP government is still calling for stability with Maduro instead of well-being with the Venezuela people. The CCP government and its officials do not have a heart for the interests of the Venezuela people in humanitarian crisis.

“We hope that the international community can jointly create favorable conditions for that,” Ma said. But please tell, Ambassador Ma, has the Chinese CCP government ever created any “favorable conditions” for Venezuela? The CCP officials are always speaking honey, but with a vicious heart.

The Chinese ambassador told the Security Council that China has been “following closely the current situation in Venezuela” and calls upon all relevant parties in Venezuela “to stay rational, keep calm, and bear in mind the fundamental interests of the country and its people to seek a political solution to the issues through peaceful dialogue within the framework of the Venezuelan Constitution.”

China also has a Constitution, but the CCP government has been the reckless abuser of its own Constitution.

So it is ridiculously funny for a CCP official like Ma Zhaoxu to talk about Constitution, and the Venezuela Constitution, and the UN Charter.

“China maintains that all countries should abide by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, especially the norms governing international relations and the principles of international law such as no interference in each other’s internal affairs, mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity and refrain from threatening to use force,” Ma said.

Since its joining the United Nations in 1972 and later became a member of the UN Human Rights Council, the CCP government has the greatest human rights violations of all time. It upholds the UN Charter only for its own interests, never for international justice and righteousness.

In 70 years, the CCP regime has not only become the enemy of its own people, it has also posed the greatest threats to world order of peace and stability. It is a total shame for Ma Zhaoxu to say that “China supports the efforts made by the Venezuelan government to uphold national sovereignty, independence and stability.”

Earlier CCP Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said exactly the same words “China supports efforts made by the Venezuelan government to protect the country’s sovereignty, independence and stability,” as she told a regular briefing in Beijing. These CCP officials never have their own individual thinking or idea; they repeat and repeat from the same book of communist doctrines.

Hua Chunying said, “I want to emphasize that outside sanctions or interference usually make the situation more complicated and are not helpful to resolving the actual problems.” She stressed the importance of avoiding violent confrontations in the country.

We know that President Xi Jinping has recently lent over $50 billion to the corrupt Maduro government of Venezuela through oil-for-loan agreements, trying to secure energy supplies for China’s fast-growing economy.

In case of any confrontation, this $50 billion loan will soon be gone with the wind.

As we see into the hearts of CCP officials, they only care about the safety of their own money; they would never have a heart for the good of the Venezuela people.

by Cloudy Seagail


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