Sexual Yoga is popular among members of the CCP leadership- Part Two


One week after Wang Jian’s death, his family members and most trusted people started the fight for his bequests, including his life insurance. His younger brother Wang Wei did nothing but tried to seize his assets. His most trusted brother-in-law was also busy collecting his wealth of precious articles.

Before Wang Jian’s death, his brother-in-law had been deeply involved in arrangements of his assets related to Macau tycoon Lyu Zhihe and many family members of the CCP leadership.

I don’t know why Wang Jian had left so much money to these people when possibly he had foreseen his death. Did he love them that much or want to give them troubles with the wealth?

I think the biggest problem for Wang Jian was not his faith in Buddhism, but his love for money and power. It was money and power that had brought about his disaster. Again, he left his money and power to his family members and most trusted friends, including this friend from Hainan province. In my opinion, these people will finally die of their love for money and power too.

Wang Jian’s death was only the first chapter of a bigger drama. Warrior friends, if you take a look at the messages in Wang Jian’s cell phone, you would be shocked by the number of people involved in his case. You will see his financial connections with so many of the shameless CCTV hosts and movie stars. You will be surprised that so many female stars, whom you adored before, had slept with CCP leaders to trade for money or an opportunity to play a role in a movie through the help of HNA Group. You will find out why some major movie production companies are collapsing now and be amazed by the fact that the whole of China’s movie sector and the so-called entertaining circles are controlled by this Hainan company.

HNA Group has prepared all the dirty beds for sexual yoga between CCP leaders and those young girls. All those girls were forced into crazy intercourse over and over again with CCP leaders before they were given the chance in the movie industry.

My goodness! In a country of 1.4 billion people, ordinary citizens would never have thought that their favorite movie stars or singers are actually all dirty playboys or playgirls. Females were played; males were played. It was too perfect to say that this country has been ruled by sex organs.

Dear warrior friends! You have learned that the market value of HNA Group grew by 200 thousand times in just one thousand days. Just think, 200 thousand times! When you think of this speed of growth, you won’t be surprised by those sex scandals or sexual yoga with those movie stars.

And imagine, within this 1000 days of 200 thousand times, how many CCP officials or politicians have taken part, and how many transactions have taken place? Ordinary people would have a headache to count from 1 to 200 thousand.

When I watched those videos of CCP leaders having sex with those young girls in their teen ages or early twenties, those little stars from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and places all over the world, I felt really sorry for them. Those CCP bastards, when they put their sex organs into the lower bodies of these girls, all they were thinking was how to frame others and get them into trouble.

Every human eats, drinks, sleeps and goes to the toilet. For ordinary people, their meals normally include rice, vegetable, and meat. But for CCP officials, their meals are selected delicacies from all over the world, including placenta, caviar, tiger penis, bull penis. Ordinary people drink water or a bit of alcohol. CCP officials drink La Romanee-Conti worth millions, human milk and the liquid from a virgin girl’s sex organ. After that, they may eat two dates warmed in the young girl’s vaginal for some time.

When we go to the toilet, we do normal things in the toilet. But for CCP officials, they go to the toilet to urinate into the mouth of a young girl or her vaginal. When we go to bed, each of us normally sleeps with his wife or girlfriend. But for CCP leaders, they sleep in beds made of pure gold with different women each and every day.

You may have read some novels of sex stories, but you would never have read about these descriptions. For Americans and Europeans, they would never believe that such things exist in this world.

Before my broadcast, I have warned myself not to go into too many details that might bring up their nerves. But facts are facts. I was only shocked to learn how they were planning every day to arrest or promote other lower-level officials.

In one room, one girl after another was given pain killers after the sexual yoga. That was a special kind of pain killer in little gourd-shaped bottles, specially made for the yoga training. In another room, after sex, Chen Feng was talking to some CCP leaders in Beijing for promotion or deposition of another official. In a matter of days, those promotions and depositions occurred.

No wonder HNA Group is such a monster in Hainan province. He had the power to make Hainan a new special economic zone and the local real estate prices sky-high. He has made himself king of Hainan. Instead of calling Xi Jinping the President, they gave him a code number. Chen Feng considers himself to be the emperor of Hainan and he wants to turn the free trade zone into his own kingdom.

Hainan is truly the free island for Wang Qishan and other traitors. If they want the land price to go up, it goes up; if they want it to go down, it goes down. All bank presidents sent by the Central Government to Hainan have to listen to their orders. At the top, there is Wang Qishan and the Central Discipline Inspection Commission. Under Wang, there are Meng Jianzhu and Sun Lijun with the State Security Ministry and Police Ministry. They have more power in Hainan than those officials promoted by Xi Jinping.

If those officials dare to disobey, they would be taken to a side room where videos of their corruption or sex scandals are played. Sitting beside them will be officials from different departments of the Central Discipline Commission. If those bank officials dare to reject their loan applications of 10 billion or 100 billion, they will be warned with such threats as “Do you know who your boss is?” or “We will let you know that when we want you to be sent to Xinjiang or Inner Mongolia, no one can send you to Qincheng prison even with Xi Jinping’s order!” I know that many officials of the State Development Bank were arrested there.

When those bank officials dared to say no to loans, their lives would be under a death threat. At the time Chen Feng was practicing sexual yoga, he had the power to make the State Development Bank his personal wallet. Wang Jian also had the power to issue invoices so that dozens of their listed companies can play in the stock market.

Dear warrior friends! The mafia characters in the film “Godfather” look dwarfs compared to Chen Feng and the like. Go and check how many policemen at Sanya Police Burea were murdered by them. In one case of drug trafficking, all policemen at a local police station were killed by them but reports had told that they had committed suicide. Many people in Hainan were eliminated by them with no bodies found. But there were no reports about that. That is not just a group of demons or a drama like Painted Skin.

The CCP has turned China into hell. The enthronement and evils of Wang Qishan we have revealed were only the tip of the iceberg. When we start our chapters about Europe, the USA, Japan, Russia and the rest of the world, you will see his endless crimes.

Dear warrior friends! Can you imagine that just around my residence here at Central Park in New York, to the south, 70% of the world’s richest people live there? Above me is a billionaire from Australia, three floors under me another third richest man from Australia. Nearby are the world’s most famous brands, the richest man of Canada, etc. But do you know who is the richest among the world’s top 70%? Wang Qishan. Again, near my residence, there live Tian Guoli, Tian Huiyu, Chen Feng and his brother Chen Guoqing, Wang Jian, Sun Yao, Guan Jun, Liu Chengjie and other families of standing members of the CCP Central Committee.

Now I have come to understand further that I was absolutely right to call them a group of Kleptocracy. We would have looked down upon them if we just call them thieves. When I look around me, actually last night at about 1:00 am to 2:00 am, I stood by the window looking into the other side of the park, I thought of many things happening right then somewhere in these buildings. I thought of the never-ending stories of the CCP lobbyists and the money involved, how they colluded with US financiers to manipulate the stock market, to control the gold prices and oil prices.

If you are still focusing your talks on the Sino-US trade deal, you are actually out. OUT! You are old dated.

The US and Communist China must have a war. Yes, war! Either the CCP or the Chinese people will be eliminated. I am sure the CCP shall be eliminated, not just overthrown. It is only a matter of time.

To speak my mind, I truly hope that the CCP be overthrown by June 4th next year. More Chinese will stand up against the regime if the CCP continues its restlessness for another year. If the CCP is overthrown by June 4th, most Chinese would simply think it a surprise, a gift, or an accident. They would say, “Wengui is great. The Expose Revolution is great. And that’s it.” The CCP is doomed and it’s time for it to end. Most Chinese won’t be able to understand fully the evil nature of the CCP and its threats to the world.

Let its craziness go on for another year, and the whole world and 1.4 billion Chinese would see more clearly that the CCP is anti-human, it is a demon that must be eliminated, with its bones crunched into ash.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translated by staff


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