Sexual Yoga is popular among members of the Chinese Communist Party leadership- Part One


Dear warrior friends, today is December 14, and I am having a live broadcast here in New York. For friends in China or other parts of Asia which is night time, I suggest you leave for sleep as I am telling about ghost stories, a version of the Painted Skin from “Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio” that might frighten you.

To make the haunted scenes less frightening, I am wearing white instead of black so that we shall have more fun than fear during my talk. And if you can turn on your lights, please do, as you may be screaming with my description of the stories.

I am not going to show any photos, videos, images or secret evidence today. I do not have a theme for today, just random talks.

I really don’t know how to start here. Too many things have happened in the past two weeks, but I am not able to tell you all although they may help you a lot in your lives.

Anyone who had experienced what I have gone through must have been mentally collapsing or disordered. Even my family members or colleagues who are working here in the same building with me have no idea what I went through these weeks.

For instance, you may have heard about the Strange Stales from a Chinese Studio, or you may have watched the film Painted Skin with Zhou Xun as the heroine. I am not saying that Zhou Xun is the best actress, but the speech from her mouth towards the end of the film was enlightening.

She acted both as a ghost with painted human skin and a human painted as a ghost. The ghost says, “It is good to be human. The worldly place is warm but the human’s hearts are cold-blooded. A ghost is lonely, but she still has love.”

We live in this world as human beings, but many human beings are better than ghosts. If you tear off their masks, their savage faces are terrifying. This is what we can see from the characters such as Wang Qishan, Chen Feng, Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun and other CCP leaders. When their real faces are exposed, they are more terrifying than the ghosts in the film – Painted Skin.

The murder of Wang Jian, as planned by Wang Qishan, was so frightening that it was out of our human imagination. Days ago when I showed Lude some of the scene images of Wang Jian’s death, he was shocked with screaming.

I have spent over a year to collect the evidence. Besides investigations costing me millions of dollars, many warrior friends have risked their lives for those images. Our first team sent for investigation in France was made disappeared for a year. The horror and cruelty behind these images were beyond our imagination. Just think: when you see your beloved girlfriend turn into a ghost with her beautiful face torn off, do you still want to kiss her?

For anyone else in the world to obtain such evidence related to Wang Jian’s death, it is absolutely impossible. Nearly all related images, documents, and videos seem to be of non-existence in this world; they were secretly kept in the hands of just two to three individuals. We have spent so much time and money to obtain the information as proof to the CCP’s evils and crimes.

We don’t want anyone to take this as a drama, a movie or an entertaining program. Some of the information has been kept by me for some time, but much is new evidence I only obtained recently. There was some sort of trade in order to acquire the information and I have paid a huge price for it. The same, I was amazed at the facts.

I was not amazed by the shocking images of Wang Jian’s death, but by the stories behind his murder. Not a single part of Sherlock Holmes’s novels could be more terrifying or sophisticated than these stories.

These stories relate to real personalities from all countries in the world, from heads of states down to grassroots citizens. They relate to trillions of dollars in wealth and all circles of government departments, and in the greatest depth and length.

The murder of Wang Jian was not a simple accident. Even the color of his underwear was carefully chosen for his death for superstitious reasons.

When all major pieces of evidence were gathered and matched with each other, the truth began to shock me and I was shaking. When I shared my findings 48 hours ago with a security official of Hainan province, he was also shocked with screaming. “Could this be true?” he wandered, truly frightened.

He said he had heard of similar cases but could not believe them to be true. “I did not expect them to be such evils, “he added.

Dear warrior friends, if you were shown those videos or images of their evil doings, you would find no human language to describe their brutality and cruelty: totally non-existence of humanity!

Years ago, massacres in Cambodia and Indonesia caused millions of deaths. China’s Cultural Revolution also resulted in the casualty of tens of millions, and human flesh was cooked for food. Massacres in Xinjiang and Tibet also caused thousands of deaths. But when I looked at the murder of Wang Jian and the torture after his death, I could not control myself from mentally collapse as the brutality was 100 times more than the above massacres.

My only words to say to my warrior friends here are: if you are still alive, value your life and be grateful to all who have given you life! All wealth and fame must be gained at a price. All is empty, and only emptiness itself is not empty.

When I go on to describe the Chinese Communist Party and its leaders, everything with them is fake; only the word FAKE is real.

The fake government of China was even able to make the French government into a FAKE government that looks real.

Within 24 hours after Wang Jian’s death, one of his arms was cut open; his front – the belly and chest were also cut open; the skin of his head was cut open; his heart, spleen, liver, kidney, intestines and other interior parts were taken out. Most of his interior organs had turned dark blue, the color of jade only after 24 hours.

Forensic reports by both Chinese and French medical doctors told that no evidence proved anything wrong with his body. Legal departments of both Chinese and French government also reported no suspicion of Wang Jian’s death. Both governments have become totally FAKE!!!

What’s more terrifying is that Wang Jian’s family members, his wife, son and brother who were present when Wang Jian’s body was opened all agreed that there was nothing wrong with the dead body. What kind of power behind had forced them to tell lies as such?

On the same day of Wang Jian’s death, Caixin Global by Hu Shuli reported that Wang Jian had died of foot pain after an accidental fall from a wall while taking photos. How could the news media controlled by Wang Qishan have released such a news report with a judgment of his death being an accident with 24 hours while the French police have just joined the investigation?

Again, on the same day of his death, security officers from China arrived at the scene in France. In three days, a statement by China’s State Security Commission confirmed the death being an accident. Local French police and legal departments were requested to hand over all the files and evidence related to Wang Jian’s death to the Chinese government within a time period of 2 days.

Former Interpol President Meng Hongwei moved his office to the scene of Wang Jian’s death. He was overlooking the whole process. We can say that Interpol was only an office controlled by Wang Qishan. And again, Meng Jianzhu, Secretary of former Political and Legal Commission, said that the death of Wang Jian had saved the CCP from lots of problems and potential dangers in the western world.

From the evidence we have collected, we can come to the conclusion that this is a state-level political and economic murder planned by the CCP leadership.

Ironically, when Wang Jian had his head and body cut open in France, Chen Feng, his business partner and co-founder of HNA Group, was watching the insane process while sitting in a sofa seat at his residence in Hainan Island.

Chen Feng, then stretching his legs for a rest, just finished his sexual yoga with a beautiful girl next door. The little girl was a movie star in her teenage. And Chen Feng has the habit to take and keep pictures of his sexual pleasure with girls.

As president of HNA Group and Hainan Airlines, Chen Feng has slept with nearly all beautiful air attendants of the Airliner and he has taken advantage of the sexual yoga practice of Tibetan Buddhism to have sex with other teenagers.

With Wang Qishan as the godfather, sexual yoga is very popular among most members of the CCP leadership. Wang Qishan, while having sexual yoga himself with countless girls, uses recorded videos of the religious practice as a way to threaten and control high ranking CCP officials.

Many Wall Street financiers must have the honor of the same privilege offered as a gift by Wang Qishan.

This is not a news report here. I am exposing the truth of the crimes within the CCP leadership.

(To be continued …)

by Guo Wengui
Translated by staff
Editorial Note: Horrifying description has been omitted for ease of public reading.


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